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Don't Make Him Mad



“Man, everyone seems to always forget you’ve changed.”


“I know.”


“They still think you’re this skinny-assed stick with the strength of a dweeb.”


“It’s hard even for me to remember sometimes.”


“I don’t see how you could forget, you sent two co-workers to the hospital today.”


“Well, they made me angry.”


“I would have never guessed! Was that the reason you smashed their bodies against the wall with the copier until bones were broken?  The big machine is now about two feet thinner and not worth shit.  Don’t worry, we needed a new one anyway.”


“Those two guys deserved it!”


“You’ll get no argument from me or from anyone else about that.  I can’t believe how fortunate it was you walked in when you did.  It’s hard to understand why they would attack Elizabeth in the back room and think they could get away with it.  The police aren’t even pressing charges against you since those jerks were caught in the act.  What happened to the big guy’s face, anyway?”


“It kind of got slammed into the wall.”


“What?  How did that happen?”


“Well, I basically just picked him up by the back of his neck, carried him over to the wall and made the plaster stop his head from moving.  That’s when the other guy hit me in the back with the folding machine.  He just picked up the big thing and threw it at me.  I guess it shocked the hell out of him when I didn’t even budge a little and the damn thing caved in on itself like it had hit concrete.  I just turned around, walked over, and grabbed his neck in the V of my hand, easily lifted his body in the air, and then tossed him over by the other guy.  Seeing both of them trying to stand gave me the idea about the copier so I bent down and lifted the entire thing to chest level and pinned both of them against the wall.  It was wild watching their eyes bug out as I applied so much pressure that ribs finally started cracking.”


“Just like that you lifted our big copier?”


“Yeah.  With only one hand, too.”


“That is fucking unbelievable, dude.  Hey, I bet Elizabeth would give you a great fuck for saving her – you should get some of that nice body before her gratitude wears off.”


“Man, stop it.  The woman was just attacked by two guys.  I’m not going to do anything.  She’s not even my type.  You’re disgusting, dude.”


I reached out and gave my coworker, Roger, a friendly slap on the back – or what I thought was just a light tap.  My hand connected with him and the super force caused his body to go flying into the air, over the conference table, and the guy ended up doing a flip onto the floor on the other side.  It happened so quickly that neither of us could have prevented it.  I was horrified at my mistake and went running around the table.


“Roger, I’m so sorry, man. Are you okay?  I didn’t mean for that to happen.”


“Yeah, I’m fine.  I know you didn’t mean it, Dalton.  You really haven’t gotten used to your new strength, have you?”


“Naw, man, it’s still so bizarre to have to think about doing things gently or reacting a little more softly.  Just last week I was at the back of the elevator and the doors opened to my floor, no one was moving and everyone seemed to be on their phone or not paying attention when I said, “Excuse me.”  I kind of pushed the crowd forward thinking I could make my way through, but I ended up sending four guys flying into the hallway.  It was just a little shove, but it was enough to send a quartet of big men soaring through the air.”


“I think I know exactly how they felt.”


“I’m really sorry, Roger.”


“No, that’s fine, Dalt-man. I love being thrown across tables.”


“Well, I didn’t exactly throw you across the table…”


“That’s what it felt like, dude – so that’s how I’ll describe it.”


Roger was standing again and straightening his disheveled suit jacket and adjusting his tie.  My coworker was a handsome guy of about thirty-three years old – the type of office friend you’d get a drink with, but someone you didn’t really hang out with all the time.  We were both attorneys at a big firm downtown and it was Friday afternoon.  Earlier that day I had walked in on two burley security guards employed by our office tower basically trying to rape one of our secretaries.  It had been a surprise to all of us when I entered the workroom, looking for rubber bands.  The two dudes made me really angry when they immediately shouted for me to get the fuck out of the room.  I saw a petrified look on Elizabeth’s face and noticed that her dress was torn at the top. I asked her if everything was okay. One of the guards snarled that everything was fine and then added if I left at that moment I wouldn’t get hurt. That had only pissed me off more. I asked Elizabeth again if she was okay and that’s when the guy standing closest to me hauled off and hit me in the stomach.  I was pretty shocked by the fact that I barely felt the impact and I knew he had used all of his strength.  It was pretty clear the two guys assumed I was still the dweeb I had always been, but the first clue of a change should have been my size.  I loved seeing the man’s face go white with pain and shock. He turned to his partner for help and that’s when I picked him up easily by the back of his neck.  


“I still can’t get over the indentions in the wall back in the workroom where you basically created a mold of those guys’ bodies in the plaster.  Shit, it’s a good thing the wall gave a little or you would have done a lot more damage to their puny bodies.  You’re a true hero, Dalton.”


“You think so?  I’m not sure about that.  I just reacted like any one would – and, besides, those guys ticked me off.”


“Remind me to never make you mad.  Hey, you want go get a celebratory drink at Fin McCool’s?”


“Sure, that sounds good. Just let me go turn off my computer and get my stuff.”


In basically less than half an hour we were standing in the middle of the crowded Irish pub that seemed to be the favorite place of everyone at our firm.  Our ties were undone, our jackets were off, and we were each on our second Guinness.  Since I had grown so much it was the only beer that seemed to help me get even a slight buzz.


“What are you going to do with the week off and the big bonus the partners gave you for saving Elizabeth.”


“Oh, I don’t think I’ll really take that, you know.  I don’t have any place I want to go.  I’ll probably just put the money in my savings.”


“What?  No, dude!  You’ve got to celebrate.  You need to go out and get wild.  I mean you fucking smashed two guys almost to a pulp!  It was awesome!”


“They merely suffered a few cracked ribs, Roger – that’s all.  Don’t make this all overly dramatic.”


“Okay, give me this – you could have smashed their bodies a lot more if you had wanted to.  You also could have flattened that big copier quite a bit more.  Am I right?”


“Okay, okay, I’ll give you that.  Yes, I could have compacted both the machine and the guys some more – but I didn’t.”


“And that’s what makes it even more fucking awesome!  Okay, I’ve got it, Dalton.  And wait before you say no - until you’ve heard my entire plan.  I think you’re going to like it.  You, my friend, have got to go to Vegas.  It’s the perfect place to celebrate.”


“I don’t know, Roger, I’m not really the Vegas type and it’s not a city that’s fun when you’re solo.”


“That’s just it, my big friend.  I’m going to take the week off and go with you.  If there is anyone that can show you a good time in Vegasville, man, it’s your friend, Roger.  We’ll blow that big wad of cash you got on a suite and do everything and everyone we can. It’s a perfect plan, Dalton.  Come on, live a little – what do you have to lose?”


“Well, my bonus for one thing.”


“We can win the money back at the tables.”


“I’m not really a gambler. I usually only go to Vegas to see shows.”


“Well, we can do that, too.”


“I must admit, it sounds a little tempting.  I haven’t taken a real vacation for about two years.”


“I promise to make all the arrangements.”


“Okay, Roger, I’m all in. Let’s do it.”




Roger was so excited that he accidentally flung his arms up in a victory stance – causing some of his beer to leave the mug and go flying onto the shoulder of the guy behind him. The dude turned out to be a big oaf who was holding court with four women.  He immediately went into rage mode and decided he needed to show off for the women by putting Roger in his place.  He set his drink down on the bar and walked over to my coworker, grabbing the front of his shirt and coat with one hand.  It was clear the dude wanted to intimidate Roger by acting like he was pissed as hell.


“You should be a little more careful how you wave your arms, punk.”


“I’m sorry, it was an accident.”


“Yeah?  I think I’ll accidentally wave my fist into your face, asshole.”


It was clear the guy was cocking his arm back to send his clenched hand into Roger’s chin.  I moved into action casually, not wanting to draw attention, but I knew from the heat rising from my chest and across my face that I wanted to teach the guy a lesson – a lesson about being a little more forgiving. I grabbed the biceps of the arm he was going to launch towards my friend.  I loved how my big hand could reach around his puny bulge so easily.  I immediately clenched down with a large amount of my strength.  The jerk cried out in great pain and this made me smile.  I loved how the bones, sinew, and cartilage in his arm moved around to try to absorb the pressure from my powerful grasp.  I knew if I squeezed hard, his biceps would lose and I would easily destroy everything that helped his limb function.  It was a new and exciting awareness that I could – without any problem – smash a guy’s biceps until it popped, even causing bone to shatter. My groin started to pulse with pleasure and my cock stiffened slightly as I contemplated applying more pressure. I, however, choose to lessen my grip. I merely wanted to cause pain, not deform the guy for life.  I lifted my arm up and down a few times, laughing internally as I watched the dufus go up on his toes and then back down – like he was a puppet and I was his master. I wanted him to immediately realize I was now totally in charge of the situation.  I also wanted him to fully comprehend my power.  Because of the pain I easily inflicted, the surprised guy let go of Roger’s jacket and shirt.  


“My friend said he was sorry, dude.”


“You’re hurting my arm!”


“And I’m only using a fraction of my total strength.  Should I squeeze harder?”




“Then tell my friend, Roger, that you accept his apology and then ask for forgiveness for messing up his shirt and jacket.”


“Roger, I’m really sorry man and I completely understand about the accident.  No hard feelings, okay?”


The poor guy held by my big paw was sweating up a storm.  I could tell my grip was cutting off the circulation to the lower part of his arm.  I bet the guy could barely feel his fingers by this point.  I so wanted to squeeze the shit of his puny biceps, but deep down I knew better.  I thought about tossing him into a group of men standing a few feet away and watching him squirm through an apology with them.  I also contemplated lifting him by his arm over my head – to emphasize my power – but I decided to avoid too much attention.  There was already a small group of people watching our interaction. I decided to be nice and I let go of the guy’s arm – immediately giving him much needed relief from the pain. The stupid putz, however, had not learned anything.  He immediately turned to me and made the mistake of a lifetime.


“I’ll beat the living crap out of you, asshole.”


Without any other warning, the jerk threw a wild punch with his fully functioning arm.  His fist met my hard stomach and its forward trajectory was forced to stop completely.  I heard the poor guy gasp out loud and I knew a strong jolt of pain had shot up his arm when he struck my unyielding abdominal muscles.  The guy looked up at me and I was gave him a shocked face that mockingly asked, “What the hell just happened.”  I was really ready to toy with the dweeb now.  He had pissed me off and I wasn’t going to show any mercy.


“Give it another try, but use some more juice.  It must be like hitting armor.  Maybe if you hit me harder I might feel something.  I like making your fist stop so abruptly.”


The guy stupidly pulled back both of his arms and sent two balled-up hands flying into my stomach this time.   The way my muscles stopped his fists so suddenly was a big turn on.  My cock started moving closer and closer to full attention.  I loved watching his wrist, forearms, and elbows fold in on each other like an accordion because my tight, stone-like abs didn’t give at all.  I suddenly wanted the guy to keep punching me over and over, so I could continue to feel how his little-man pecks bounced off of my hardness so lightly – even though he was using all of his strength.  By this point the guy was really pissing me off – one, because he had obviously not honestly meant his apology to my friend, but mostly because he was stupid enough to think he could hurt me.  This guy needed to be taught a lesson and I knew it needed to involve a lot of pain, so he’d finally get the message.  The shit-for-brains obviously just wasn’t catching on to whom he was dealing with.  I stood there calmly as the guy threw three more double punches; clearly he was a slow learner.  I could see his fists were now red and already bruising – a fact that actually made my cock swell even more – my abs had damaged his hands and I hadn’t done anything more than stand there.  That’s when the little guy went truly bezerk and threw a punch to my face.  He only caught me on the jaw, because I was so much taller than him – clearly about eight inches higher than his five feet nine inches.  I could feel my face turning red with anger.  Roger, who had been watching everything with devout attention finally spoke.


“Hey stupid, now you’ve made my friend mad – and you should never make Dalton, here, mad.”


I placed one of my big hands on the dumb guy’s shoulder and immediately applied too much pressure. This time the muscle and bones didn’t adjust to my powerful grip fast enough and I heard something snap loudly. I was too angry to care, though. I heard the guy let out a muffled cry and his body tensed up hard.  I wasn’t going to give him time to let out a louder call for help.  I moved so quickly that I’m sure most people just saw a blur in the air as I brought my own fist swiftly up and sent it flying into the guy’s face, landing squarely on his chin and mouth.  I somehow knew just the right amount of force to use – preventing myself from making his entire face cave inward.  I felt a couple of teeth dislodge and I watched the guy instantly go unconscious.  It was awesome to feel his chin shift from the force of my punch.  I knew the guy was going to need a lot of oral surgery to put his jaw back in place, but that would remind him to be a little nicer when people did things by accident.  I brought my fist back to my side quickly, putting it back in place before the guy’s head fell forward an his chin hit his chest.  I held his entire body upright with my big hand still attached to his shoulder.  It looked like we were both still talking, but the guy was in some penitential stance. This was the kind of response I had been looking for from the beginning of our little altercation, but the imbecile just hadn’t caught on.  I spoke to him as if he were still alert and listening.   


“Yeah, little buddy, I can tell you are now sorry for what you did – both to Roger and to me.  It’s pretty clear you’ve maybe just had too much to drink.  What’s that? You think you should sit down? Yeah, I think so, too.  That’s a good idea.  My hard-as-hell stomach just wore you out didn’t it?  Here, let me help you.”


I could see drops of blood appearing on his shirt, falling down from his busted mouth.  I turned his body with my hand to make it look like he was apologizing to Roger.  I used my forefinger to make his head shake back and forth in what looked like a shameful nod.  I then walked over to a corner of the room – basically carrying the guy’s knocked-out body with me, but making it look like he was just a little too drunk to move on his own.  I grabbed a hat off a rack as I went by and after placing the guy down on a bench and leaning him against the wall I placed the hat over his face so it looked like he had just passed out, also covering the blood at the same time.  It was clear the guy was still breathing and I knew he was going to be out for a long time.  I got the attention of a waiter and told him that my friend was really gone and needed to sleep it off for a while before driving home.  I then asked the staff member to check on the guy at closing time if he wasn’t awake, even though I knew he was going to be out for about twenty-four hours.  It was clear the bar staff would look at his info later on and send him home with a cab or the police.  When I got back to the place where I had been standing before I found Roger chatting with the four women who had been with the attacker earlier.  


“…yeah, my friend is big and very strong, but you girls don’t really want all those muscles do you. You’re really looking for a guy a little more your size, right – someone who won’t squash you like a grape if he rolls on top of you while your asleep.  Someone a little more like me, right?  All that size can get in the way when you’re trying to cuddle.”


For some reason it made me very happy that Roger was using me to flirt with some women – even to the point where I didn’t care about the things he was saying concerning my size. His words actually turned me on. I also knew deep down, without him even saying it, that my strength and my bigness impressed him very much.  His need for sex governed all of his actions and everything he said.  I realized he would use me in a second if it meant he could get in the sack with some hot chick.  I also liked it when Roger referred to me as his friend.  I had been a loner for most of my life and I liked the feeling of having a comrade . . . or maybe Roger was more like a sidekick.  I was surprised that Roger excused himself from the group of women as soon as he saw me return.


“Shit, Dalton, that was incredible.  I can’t believe how you so easily punched the lights out of that bully.  He never had a chance and he certainly had no idea about whom he was challenging.  I saw your face go red and I knew it was over.  You become a fucking fantastic muscle monster if someone makes you mad – and it’s awesome.  I swear I heard some bone in his shoulder crack when you grabbed him and I bet his face will be messed up for months.  Did you hear the cracking sound, too, Dalton?”


“Yeah, yeah I did.  I hope he’s okay.  I didn’t mean to hurt him too much, but he really made me angry.”


“I’m figuring out that’s when you’re at your best man, that’s when you’re at your fucking best! Listen, I’m so jacked up right now – after seeing you dispense with that guy in just seconds – I say we head to Vegas tonight.  There’s a flight in two hours and I’ve booked two tickets.”


“What?  When did you do that?”


“When you were dragging Bozo over to the corner.  Listen, we don’t need anything.  Let’s just go.  Man, I can’t wait to unleash you on sin city.  We are going to tear up the town – and I mean that literally.  You are going to help me get into the bed of every fucking gorgeous bombshell in Vegas – well, after you’ve chosen your pick of the litter.  I don’t want to make you angry.  You get first choice.”


“Roger, you’re not paying attention when I tell you things.  I’m not interested in the same things as you are.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. You’re looking for something wholesome and next-door cute.  We’ll find that for you, I promise.  Let’s just say fuck it and go.  We can buy anything we need when we get there.  I have a feeling if for some reason we can’t get something we need through regular means – your muscles and strength can get it for us in another way. If we can’t find a hotel room at the best place in the city I’ll just make the guy at reservations piss you off about something and we’ll have the best suite in mere minutes.  Damn, this is going to be the best trip ever.  Stick with me, kid, I’m going to help you finally fully grow into the body you’ve been blessed with.  I think you still don’t know your potential and your good buddy, Roger, is going to open your eyes to all of your abilities.  You and I can rule the world, man, trust me.”


His enthusiasm was infectious.  I was known for being a ‘play by the rules’ kind of guy and I even arranged my sock drawer by colors.  This guy’s love for what my power could potentially do was setting off a few warning bells in my head, but the pleasure it was causing in my crotch area and gut was way too overpowering.  I decided logic wasn’t going to rule my life for once.  I wanted to have the carefree attitude of my friend.  I knew, on some level, that I had capabilities most men fantasized about all of their lives.  I had compressed a copier with one hand, I had tossed guys around like they were small stuffed animals, and I had probably busted a bully’s shoulder with just a slight squeeze – and I knew this was just the beginning.  I wanted to tap into all of my potential and I knew Roger was the guy to help me.  Sure, he was selfish and only wanted to use me for a good time and the chance to have sex with as many pretty women as he could.  I knew that, but I also knew that he had this spur-of-the-moment mentality that I lacked and it was perfect for helping me get out of my same-old, same-old ways.  I had turned into a new man over the last year or so, but my mind and heart had not kept up with the growth of my body and my power.  I was still a shy dweeb inside.  Roger was the key to unlocking the beast I wanted to and knew I could be. He had me wrapped around his little finger.


“Let’s do it, Roger. I want you to help me unlock my potential . . . and I hope it makes you happy in the process, as well.  I’m on board.  Let’s head out right now.”


“Fucking yeah!  Trust me, Dalt-man, I have a feeling your body and strength are going to get me some pleasures I have only dreamed about. There are two things that people most admire in the world – financial power and physical power – and this week we have both.  I have a feeling I might end up having more fun than you!  Let’s go.  My car is at the office and it can stay there.  We’ll head to the airport in yours.  Ready for the time of your life, my big friend?”


“I’m ready, Roger.”

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Pushing all my buttons, man. Glad to see you writing so much again...

would love to chat or RP with you again, stud. Ciao!

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