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The Guest in Suite 1023





The Guest in Suite 1023


I was working in a hotel restaurant washing dishes. I hated the job but I liked the money. I was in my final semester of college taking a couple required courses and washing dishes at night. Fortunately the hotel had a great gym so I was also able to get in some serious gym time before I went to work every day. I considered having gym time to be the biggest perk of the job. The second big perk was a free meal now and then.


Before running the plates through the dishwasher I had been collecting the steak bones and meat scraps as I scraped the dishes. They let me do that because I was taking the bones to the animal shelter. What they didn’t know was I was making and freezing beef broth with the bones and scrap meat before it went to the shelter. It was free food in my freezer for the future.


So anyway it was late on Friday night and I was finished for the week. Monday was a holiday giving me a three day weekend. I changed into street clothes and was about to leave when the chef asked me to take an order of food up to suite1023. I rolled my eyes and pulled on a white kitchen jacket to cover the tank top I was wearing to go home. The bones were already in bags on ice and the ice chest was in my car so I didn’t have to return to the kitchen. I always did that before I changed so the scraps wouldn’t be dumped in the garbage.


“Look Tom, just roll the cart into the room and wait for him to sign before you leave. Don’t worry about collecting the cart. Tell them to leave the cart in the suite or in the hall and it will be picked up in the morning. You don’t have to come back to the kitchen, you can just go home,” the chef said as he handed me a master pass key card that would be active for the next fifteen minutes.


I gladly took the cart up because it was well known that the people in the big suites gave big tips, usually in cash. I knocked and waited before I used the key. The suite was darkened but the bathroom light was on. There was somebody in the shower. I stood near the bedroom door so I could call out to them that the food was here. After a while I began to think the occupant fell asleep in the shower so I peeked around the door in case they had fallen or were hurt. My jaw dropped when I saw the guy washing. His shoulders were three feet wide and his chest was massive. I could see the lines his abs made as well as a hard or semi-hard cock. I jerked my head back when the water went off. I ran out of the bedroom to the living room and took up a position by the cart where I could watch his reflection in the huge bathroom mirror from where I was standing.


He dried his body slowly and fondled his hard or semi-hard 10 inch uncut cock. He dropped the towel and began to flex for himself. In profile his cock looked even longer and thicker. After five minutes I opened the door to the hall and called out, “Room Service!” and closed the door. He grabbed the towel off the floor and I gasped seeing his ass spread and expose his pucker.


“I’ll be right out,” he replied. He had a slight accent but his deep voice was sexy as hell. I busied myself with the cart and when I looked up he was wrapped in the towel. Damn, he was tall and massively muscular.


“Oh, excuse me sir they said I was to bring the cart into the room. I could return or wait in the hall until you dress,” I offered. I realized that my eyes were roaming all over his physique and so did he.


“I have a favor to ask,” he smiled as he approached me. His massive hard pec touched my arm as he reached behind me for a bottle of lotion. “I need to be… moisturized,” he said looking at the name tag on my white coat. He looked up and smiled at me, grabbed my hand, and filled it with lotion. He brought my hand to his pecs and I almost shot cum in my briefs. That wasn’t bad enough; he grabbed my other hand and did the same thing. There was now enough lotion on his chest to massage into his entire torso.


“The food…” I muttered but he began to flex and pose. Muscles exploded into sharp definition as my hands went into auto-pilot. Wherever he flexed muscle, my hands spread the lotion. Then he lifted his knee and I gasped when the towel opened and he exposed his gigantic thigh as well as his cock. He grabbed my wrist and filled the palm of my hand before he brought it to his thick thigh. He used my hand to slowly stroke outside of his leg and then his inner thigh. The top of my hand ran into his cock and he hissed his approval. Pre-cum streaked my skin and my mouth watered wanting to taste his seed. Releasing my hand he turned his back to me and dropped the towel before his arms rose in a double biceps flex. I slathered lotion all over his delts and back.


I knelt to get the back of his legs and calves but soon after he turned and he was stroking his nearly 8 inch long hard cock. His cock touched my lips and they opened automatically to engulf the head. My tongue danced as I sucked. His hands pulled off the white jacket and my shirt and then he made me stand. It was my turn to be massaged. Once the front of my torso was covered with oily lotion he moved behind me and began sensually massaging my back from my belt to my neck.


“You like the way this feels,” he rumbled in my ear. He was telling me not asking. I found myself rolling my neck and arching my back. “Fuck! Excellent physique you have,” he moaned. He grabbed my arms and I could feel his power. I had the feeling he could snap my bones in an instant if he had a mind. “You want more,” he told me. Again it was a statement of fact. His hands slid to my belt and he opened my pants. They fell around my ankles as his fingers plunged into my tight briefs. In an instant I was as naked.


His hard cock was in my ass crack as he fondled my balls and stroked my shaft. Our bodies moved and rubbed and undulated like lovers that couldn’t wait. I wanted his seed but not in my ass. He wanted more. He pulled me to the bed… maybe he lifted me. We rolled and he was on top of my naked body. He kissed aggressively and then there was something new… a new scent. Musk and lust surrounded me as he nuzzled into my neck kissing, licking, nipping, and whispering his needs and desires. His hard physique crushed me, massaged me, and telegraphed his unyielding desire.

He hugged me tighter and ran his hard dick along mine. The feelings made me gasp as the intensity began to rapidly build causing my whole body to stiffen. He slid his hard cock back along my cock in the other direction and I felt like I wanted to crawl into his skin. I thrust my cock forward to help intensify the pleasure churning in my balls. A gush of cum was about to begin to shoot from my churning balls when he stopped.

“Not yet, too soon,” he moaned. I suspected he stopped for himself and not for me. He was hugging me tightly and letting out a deep groans interspersed with little gasps. My hands stroked the rippling muscle of his amazing back and moved across the deep valley at his spine. He moved up dragging his cock against my abs. A hard nipple touched my lips and I flicked it with my tongue. He gasped.

“Fuck me,” he begged. He reached back and lifted my cock and his body all in one swift move and then he impaled himself on my shaft.

“Oooooh!” I moaned. My whole body trembled and I thought my cock would detonate but then he stopped. He knelt upright fully impaled and every muscle in his body stood out in incredible clarity.  It was as if he was becoming more buff and more defined by the minute. His cock jumped almost imperceptibly with each beat of his heart. His thighs flexed and although his knees didn’t move inwards, I felt my ribs being crushed by his flexing thighs. His hands covered my pecs and he leaned forward increasing the pressure on my ribs inhibiting my ability to breathe.

“This hasn’t happened for… for so long. Who sent you?” he asked with his eyes boring into mine.

“The… I…”

“What you want… It will happen but not immediately,” he said as his hands moved up to my traps. He kneaded the muscles like an over enthusiastic massage therapist and then his hands moved down my back to pull me closer until our lips touched. It was as if he hungered for what was about to happen. His kiss took my breath away and I melted. At the same time, that kiss was incredibly tender yet invasive and abusive. I was being crushed by his arms and at the same time being devoured by his lips. Engulfed, I was being engulfed! My cock, my lips, my tongue, and my entire being was being engulfed by this man. He was invading my being like a symbiont. Not a symbiont that consumes the host but as one that enhances the host in order that the symbiont might live and prosper. Prosper but not dominate or even influence.

“Oh fuck, I’ve needed this for so long,” he moaned breathlessly. “You can’t know what this means to me,” he said hugging me tightly.

“The chef sent me,” I managed to answer the irrelevant question he asked earlier.

“That is of no consequence,” he replied. Then it was as if the muscular ass was coming alive while stroking my cock. His tunnel surrounded my shaft like a glove made of the finest mink squeezing me tightly at the base and progressively stroking my tool rising toward the crown. The contractions of the fur glove changed intensity and it was like a feather touch jacking my meat. His body was not even moving yet I was on the receiving end of the most intense pleasure I ever felt. His entire tunnel was stimulating every inch of my cock at the same time driving me ever closer to climax.

His ass ring clamped around my cock and he lifted his body slightly pulling more than half my cock out of his ass. It was as if he was trying to pull my shaft out of my groin by the roots. It hurt so bad I thought my dick was going to break off. Again and again he painfully stretched my cock and then used that fur glove to ease the pain and bring me to the brink of orgasm. The torturous pleasure seemed to last for hours as I twisted and thrust my cock into his tunnel. My brain was in overload and flashes of lightning illuminated my brain. I was either going to cum or pass out when once again he stopped. My mouth was open and saliva was drooling down my chin and onto my chest. I was spent.

“I have only begun,” he whispered with a snicker. His kisses seemed to breathe new life into me and at the same time intensify my exhaustion.

“I don’t know if I can take any more,” I gasped.

“Wait until I take you to the stratosphere and beyond,” he smiled. “Perhaps to the edge of the universe,” he quipped.

“I’d die!” I replied breathlessly.

“We’ll soar!”

He edged me several more times and then my cum splattered inside his tunnel. My mind did soar! It was an orgasm there are no words to describe.


“Arrrghhhhhhhhh” he roared through clenched teeth as this overwhelmed muscle stud’s cock began to throb and empty his hot cum into my mouth.


More of my cum was pumping into his willing hole. It felt like my cock shot rope after rope of cum for over a minute. I never had multiple orgasms before and the fifth orgasm was on the way.


A sudden shockwave of sexually charged erotic bliss shook me to my toes. It was an orgasmic tremor that grew in strength shoving its way into my muscles and my cock until my balls tingled and my prick spewed again. It was as if a lightning bolt passed through the guest in room 1023 and into my body shoving itself deeply into my core to intensify my orgasm. Something had been released inside me that was like a feral beast or a powerful fire breathing dragon of unstoppable carnal bliss and somehow I was absorbing every ounce of whatever it was. It was as if my whole being swelled with animalistic lust.


Then as quickly as it had begun, it was over. Breathing hard and coated with each other’s creamy spunk he kissed me. We wrestled on the bed licking and trying to devour each other until exhaustion overwhelmed us and we slept with him spooning against my back. Hours later he led my naked body to the shower.


“I have only just begun,” he repeated with a snicker.


He was true to his word because that three day weekend I was repeatedly taken to ever higher sexual levels I had never experienced before.


Tuesday as I stood at the door getting ready to leave his room to go downstairs to work he looked deeply into my eyes after he kissed me.


“There is more,” he said softly. “You are only beginning to experience what I have in store for you,” he whispered in my ear.


That next week my car remained parked at the hotel all night long. When I went home after work it was to freeze the bones, pick up my mail, and get a change of clothes. Then as I was leaving for work after a second glorious weekend he held me and kissed me. There was pain in his eyes.


“You’re leaving,” I said as my forehead touched his. There was a slight nod that I felt more than saw.


“I cannot take you with me… I would if I could.”


“I’ll stay until you have to leave. To hell with work,” I snarled.


“You must go now,” he said as he tried to smile. “I… I’ve stayed too long. I should have been gone before you awoke. I wanted this one last goodbye.”


“Then stay,” I begged.


“It would be a lie if I said I would stay… there is a car waiting for me. My luggage is in that car.”


“Will I ever see you again?” I asked searching his eyes.


“Yes,” he said with a smile. I knew it wasn’t a lie. I held his face and kissed him like the first time he kissed me. He returned the kiss and then he staggered back. “I have taught you well,” he said trying to catch his breath. “You have work to do, and I have a plane to catch. So many things are about to change in your life,” he sighed as his eyes looked into my soul. “Now go,” he said swatting my ass. I opened the door and walked to the elevator. The elevator descended as I began having second thoughts. I reversed course and walked back to room 1023. The maid was about to enter the room to clean it and she looked at me funny.


“I was supposed to pick up a food cart and bring it back to the kitchen,” I explained. She let me in but the suite was empty. He was gone. “I guess they put the food cart in the hall and somebody already took it down,” I said to the maid. She nodded suspiciously.


Tears flowed in the elevator all the way to the kitchen. I changed and began with pots and pans. Nobody noticed my sadness. Everyone was too busy. I left for my class and returned for the supper dishes. I didn’t use the gym. Days later I took my final exams and although I did well my heart wasn’t in it.


On May 9th 2019 there was great joy at my graduation. Coming off stage I saw a big man standing at the back of the auditorium and I thought it was Ben. I continued walking instead of going back to my seat. It wasn’t Ben; it was a man holding a toddler on his shoulders. I used the rest room and returned to my seat. I looked at my diploma that said I was a Chemical Engineer.


After my family left I had a few days to clean out the apartment. It was already being shown to other students to rent for the next school year. As I packed the U-Haul trailer I was also filling the dumpster with stuff I didn’t want as well as the cheap furniture held together with duct tape. My new high paying job would begin after the 4th of July but I was moving to the small rural town instead of going home to my parent’s house. They had downsized and there was no room for me.


I tried to rent a farmhouse at the edge of town that was close to the plant where I would be working. The family didn’t want to rent, they wanted to sell the property to settle their father’s estate. I ended up buying the one hundred fifty five acre farm and renewed the lease with the neighboring farmer to grow crops on my land. The five acres around the house was mine to maintain.


I had a bed, my freezer, boxes of books, my laptop, my clothes, and dishes. Everything I owned fit in one corner of the huge kitchen with lots of room to spare. Buying that house was overkill. I could comfortably live downstairs and never use or even heat the upstairs. The house payments on the huge farmhouse were only a third of what I was paying for an efficiency apartment at college. Behind the house there was a hay barn, a truck garden, a chicken coop, and a farm equipment garage that had been converted to a gym. All the equipment was rusty and the benches were covered in a thick layer of dirt. Only one of the ten bays was used to store an old tractor with a bush hog attached and the rest was gym equipment.


 I had nearly six weeks to get my new home in order and do some serious weight lifting.


It had been less than a month since Ben abandoned me. I knew it wasn’t fair to use that word and it wasn’t true but I did feel abandoned. I spent my days cleaning and painting the house from top to bottom. The outside remained white but the inside the rooms were painted a soothing blue, tan, or green. I shopped for furniture and of course it had to be shipped in from elsewhere. The table in the kitchen could easily seat twenty but I needed chairs. It was a plank table four inches thick and almost impossible to move. Four feet wide it was cut from a single tree including the turned legs, each leg was ten inches in diameter. Cleaned of years of grime and wax it got a coat of clear polyurethane that sailors used on boat decks. It took a car jack and four furniture mover’s dollies to get it out of the way so the floor could be sanded and refinished.


Trees had been planted around the five acres as a wind break. It looked like new trees had been planted as the first trees matured and the windbreak had become a narrow mini forest that hid the house from the road and fields. As the weather warmed I lived in gym shorts and tennis shoes except when I went to town. While painting the house I often worked naked so I wouldn’t ruin clothes.


A month later furniture began arriving and I was pleased that I leaned heavily on Amish built end tables, chairs, rocking chairs, and bedroom furniture. Except for the modern sofa it had the farmhouse feel I was after. The only problem the house had was there was no AC so I learned to sweat and strategically place fans around the rooms. I had yet to see if the heating system worked. I had my suspicions that it was shot judging by the cords of firewood stacked outside the kitchen. That was an expense wasn’t looking forward to after regular paychecks started coming in.


June was coming to an end and I thought to make sure dress clothes were cleaned and pressed to make a good first impression but when I put on the shirt I couldn’t button it across my chest. Sure I had been working out for two months but the shirt had a gap four inches wide. In a panic I drove to the big city to find a big and tall men’s store. I had gone from a 1XT to a 4XT shirt size in less than sixty days. The guy in the store asked me how long I had been a bodybuilder. I didn’t think of myself as a bodybuilder but looking in the mirror I sure looked like one. I told him I started lifting weights in high school, which was true. What I didn’t tell him was I hardly ever worked out in college because I just didn’t have the time. In the last two months I only spent an hour a day in the home gym. Of course I was working my ass off doing renovations and cleaning up the farm but that wasn’t heavy labor.


When I got home there was a strange car parked at the house. License plates were local and I wondered if it wasn’t the HVAC guy here to give me an estimate. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw Ben sitting in the shade on the back porch.


“Howdy!” he said like a hick.


“Asshole,” I said as I threw my arms around him in a man hug. A quiet sob followed. “I thought I would never see you again,” I whispered.


“Yet, here I am,” he said as he held me an arm’s length away to inspect my body. “I am… we are going to fuck non-stop for the next week.”


I didn’t think he meant that literally but he proved me wrong. I often felt his cock in my ass as I slept. He fucked me in the shower, in the gym, in the barn, and in every room of the house. The orgasms far exceeded those I felt in Room 1023 at the hotel.


Then on the night of July 2nd we crawled into bed and Ben held me. Our lovemaking was unhurried, not the unbridled, wild, feral, and brutish sex we’d been having all week.


“What’s wrong? Has your fire gone out?” I asked as I stroked his pecs because that always made him attack my body with a vengeance. “I wore you out!” I teased.


“Hardly,” Ben laughed. He paused and chose his words very carefully. “My sex drive is unlimited and my ability to pleasure someone like you... someone like us… is inexhaustible.  In these two sessions we had we just touched the surface. I don’t know if you realize it but you’re growing stronger every minute of every day. Your body and your mind are changing. You are getting more and more powerful.”

I chuckled and flexed my arm.

“In time you will come to understand this gift we share,” he said softly. I looked into his eyes and I could almost see his muscular body glowing with sexual energy. I looked down at his hard throbbing cock and I straddled his hips. I reached back and stroked his thick meat and he groaned with absolute ecstasy.

“That feels so good,” he moaned. I fully intended to line his cock up with my ass and ride his cock. “Tom, I want you to suck my cock!” he ordered.


An overwhelming desire washed over me like a giant wave and I moved between Ben’s legs. I had an intense desire to suck Ben’s cock and drink his cum.  I inhaled and then swallowed the shaft entirely. I was licking and sucking the thick, hard meat like it was my first time and a feeling of satisfaction engulfed my being like a cloud. I have no idea how long I was sucking when a geyser of warm cream erupted and filled my mouth until my cheeks were budging. As I swallowed I moved my face towards his pubic bush and swallowed Ben’s tool. I could feel his cock swell before each geyser-like explosion of cum was pumped into my belly. Ben groaned from the intense pleasure as he moved his hips and fucked my throat. I could feel the warmth of his seed spreading throughout my whole being


“Fuck,” I gasped as I rolled my back.


“Are you ready to do that again?” Ben smiled as he stroked his cock.


“You couldn’t possibly…” I said but my words barely left my lips when Ben’s body began to tremble and his muscles began to swell just before a fresh eruption of cum shot six feet into the air and rained down on our naked bodies. He shot a second wad of cum that splattered everywhere. Then he shot a third thick load as powerful as the first.


“Wow,” I laughed. “I bet you can’t do that again.”


“Oh, fuck,” Ben moaned as he repeated the feat. I looked at him and was flabbergasted. “Should I do it again?” he asked.


“Only if my ass is parked on your cock,” I said with awe.


“Bring it!”


“I’m not sure my body could survive more sex with you tonight,” I teased. Ben lifted me and parked my ass on his big cock. Three times his cock exploded deep in my bowels and I had a corresponding orgasm each time he came. The third time he pointed my cock at my chest and after the cum hit my body it began to be instantly absorbed into my skin. I told myself it wasn’t sticking to my skin because I was so sweaty. Then I realized that I was super hot but not sweaty. The heat was inside me and when I looked at Ben there was a mental communication between us that gave me some shocking insight as to what was really happening. His cum was transforming my body and my body was going to be able to do the same thing to others once the process was complete. When would it be complete? That was something even Ben didn’t know.

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