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Brawn Takes a Man





The first time we met was at a bar.  I was looking particularly hot that night – having taken extra time to choose my clothes, style my hair, and get a pre-club beer buzz going.  I walked into the place feeling confident, happy, and definitely horny.  Soon, I was cemented in a group of four potential suitors – all of them friends and all of them content to try and win me as their prize.  I wasn’t even paying attention to anything else happening in the place, because trying to decide which hottie in the group would be in my bed that night was too much fun.  I wasn’t having to pay for any drinks and the flirting was getting pretty intense.  That’s when this tall, well-built guy with a shaved head stepped into the middle of our group, bent down to kiss me on the lips and then looked every other guy in the eyes before speaking.


“He’s taken, fellas.”


And like ants speedily scattering away after a spritz of insecticide, the group dispersed to other parts of the bar – clearly giving up the competition since there was a new player.  A large new player that obviously went ‘all in’ from the get go and had the kind of poker hand that was going to win the entire pot.  I looked up at his scruffy smiling face – he hadn’t moved back when the group disappeared.  He remained close to me – his barreled chest poking out at me like muscle in 3D. 


“That took some balls,” I said, smiling.


“I’ve got big ones,” he replied, handing me a beer – even though I had been drinking a vodka tonic.


“They’re not the only thing big on you,” I replied – making him raise one eyebrow and break into a lopsided sexy grin.


“I figure it’s best to go in strong – you know shock and awe, or something like that.”


“I doubt you could do anything other than going in strong . . . from the looks of you.”


“I like gyms.”


“They clearly like you, too.”


“Working out is a confidence builder.”


“I would then say you’re probably cocky as hell – from the looks of you.”


“I can hold my own.”


“I’d rather you held mine.”


It was time for both of us to sip some beer.  I took advantage of the moment to stare at his thick neck – muscled in a way that said everything below it was thick, hard, and bulging, too.  It was unbelievable how a neck could give away so much information.  The scruffy jawline screamed masculinity the same way powerlifters grunt loudly when lifting tremendous weight.  There was nothing pretty-boy-ish about this man – he was handsome because of his size, his confident attitude, and because his brutish face matched the rest of him so perfectly.  His arms, alone, gave off a powerful vibe of ‘I usually get what I want.’


“I’m getting a neck cramp from having to tilt back to see all of the mountain,” I said and he took a couple of small steps back.




“Much.  I can take in the whole thing, now.”


“I like it when you say you can take the whole thing,” he said, sounding cute and nasty at the same time.


“What’s the mountain’s name.”




“How perfectly appropriate.  Clearly, you decided your body needed to match its moniker.” 


“Something like that.  What’s the mountain climber’s name?”




“Cute name for a cute guy.”


“Something like that.”


“I’m sorry that I scared away your boyfriends,” he said, taking another sip of his beer.


“No, you’re not,” I replied.


“No, I’m not.  You’re right.”


“Besides,” I added, “you’re so big it’s like I’m still talking four guys, anyway.”


“Is my size intimidating?” Brawn asked.


“No, your size is stimulating,” I answered.  “Big things don’t scare me.  They turn me on.”


“My motto is there’s no reason to be big unless it turns someone on.  I lift to impress.”


“I’m impressed.”


“What do you do, mountain climbing Quinn?”


“You mean besides big men?  I’m an architect.  And what does the mountain do?”


“You mean besides small guys?  I’m a fireman.”


“Holy crap – you’re like trying to wrap up every man’s fantasies all in one package, aren’t you?  I bet you have a dog.”


“Two golden retrievers – Paris and Zane.”


“Named for Bob Paris and Frank Zane, I’m sure.”


“No one I’ve met has ever figured that out before.”


“Maybe you’ve never met a guy so into symmetry before.  The male physique is something I like to admire.  I design big buildings – so, it’s only natural, I guess, that I’d like guys that design big bodies.


“Could I have another kiss,” Brawn asked.


“I’d rather you not ask – just take one when you want to.”


The mountain moved closer – making me tilt my head back.  His muscled neck brought his face to me.  His scruff rubbed against my cheek and chin as he pressed his lips powerfully into mine.  I brought a hand up to his hard pectoral and pushed lightly against what felt like stone.  My forefinger found his nipple – easily – and made it turn hard in response to my pinching.  He pulled his head back and retreated a little.  My hand dropped back to my side. 


“When did you get so big?”


“I was bullied in junior high because I took ballet, so I decided to start working out while I continued dance lessons.  I got big quickly – my dancer’s body just kind of turned into . . . well, something bigger.”


“I’d say.  I’m pretty sure you don’t get bullied now.”


“No, I don’t, but I still get teased a lot because my love for ballet has never gone away.  Season tickets and some of the best seats in the theatre.  You should come with me sometime.”


“Is that an invitation.”


“No, it’s an order,” Brawn answered.


“Man, I love it when you’re butch.”


“Do you like to be dominated.”


“It depends.  I like to wrestle – to make a guy work for my affections.  Being subdued can be very empowering.  A bully doesn’t turn me on, though.  Cockiness can be very sexy, but meanness is definitely a turn-off.”


“As I said earlier – muscles are definitely a confidence booster.  They help me to bust through doors as a fireman and, in the same way, they help me go for things I like . . . things that interest me.”


“And they help chase off the competition without even doing anything.”


“I blame tight t-shirts for that,” Brawn said, flexing his arms ever so slightly, just to make my gaze shift to there.  “Guys like you make being big worth it.  If I know someone cute is watching me I usually have a much better workout.  I work extra hard just to impress him.  I owe most of my size to the lustful looks of numerous men.”


“I’d certainly like to continue that trend and help you get even bigger.  The thought of you growing turns me on.”


“Something’s growing bigger with everything you say,” Brawn replied – that nasty sweet boy coming out again. 


“Ah, the mountain likes to hear me talk about his body.”


“What can I say?  I’m vain.  I got big to please others, but I like to hear about how much all of this pleases someone.  Is that weird?”


“Not to me.  I consider all of this a lovely exciting cycle.  You turn me on and then I turn you on and it keeps on going until there’s a big finish – only to start all over again after a brief rest.  It’s like a lovely banter between two handsome dudes.”


“I do like to banter.  And you banter like a pro, Quinn.”


“Bantering is not the only thing I am good at, Mr. Mountain.”


It was time for more sips of beer.  We were like two giant waves bashing against the shore and then retreating back out into the ocean to gain even more power for the next time.  Brawn tightened his right biceps and looked down at it, knowing my gaze would follow.  We both stared as he turned his wrist and tightened his fist to make the arm muscle bulge and almost sparkle.  A vein covered the large intoxicating split peak and I found myself licking my lips.  Brawn dropped his arm and returned his gaze to me.  I continued to look at his arm – even un-flexed.


“When I lift I get so turned on.  It’s always been that way.  I pump my arms hard and big doing some curls and another part of my body responds in the same way.”


“Pumping harder and bigger.”


“Yeah.  I just love how the weights make my muscles work so much.  I love feeling my body strain so that I know it’s growing.  I love the idea of wearing it down to build it up.  Muscle building can be a difficult thing – it’s not just about going around and lifting heavy things.”


“Although that helps.”


“Of course, but you – being an architect – should realize that most of your success comes from good planning, thinking ahead, and making sure you keep dedicated.  And then I’m like an architect going to the worksite quite often to check on the progress.  I like to make sure I do a thorough evaluation of my growth as often as I can.  Measuring is often part of that check-in, as well.”


“I’m awfully good at measuring.”


“That’s what I was hoping,” Brawn said, with a bigger smile than before.


“Tell me what else you like about the gym, my big mountain.”


“Finding myself suddenly drenched in sweat and red-faced from an intense set of repetitions calls for a quick glance in the mirror.  The way my body glistens to highlight all of the big tight mounds and deep valley-like indentions makes me slide into some pose before I even realize what I’m doing.  I just need to see myself flexing.  I need to catch someone glancing at me as I flex.  The pungent musk of my big, worn-out body only makes me more excited and I start to think about servicing myself or finding a service provider as quickly as possible so I don’t lose any of my tremendous pump or horniness.  Then, I realize I’m only halfway through my workout and that only turns me on more.  I keep looking at myself in the mirror trying to imagine – in detail – how another dude sees me.  Thinking about what would turn him on.  Pretending I’m seeing myself for the first time and noticing what turns me on.”


“What does turn you on?”


“The ridges that pop up all around my mid-section when I flex my biceps.  The way my abs look so strong.  How my lats flare out in support of my big arms and shoulders.  My biceps peaking with a hardness that can stop people in their tracks.  The way my forearms blast out with thick veins.  You know, stuff like that.”


“If you’re trying to get me hard, you’ve succeeded.”


“I thought it only fair, since I’m already there, myself.  What turns you on, Quinn – specifically?”


“Big strong nipples poking out in a way that makes a t-shirt look fragile.  Shirtsleeves that are clearly worn out from trying to stay tight around arms that keep growing.  Bull necks that have more muscle than my entire body.  A guy watching himself flex.  Rubbing my fully clothed crotch against some guy’s strong bumpy abs until I bust a big one.  Shaved heads that make a guy’s ears stick out a little.  Fists big enough you’d know they’d cause a big hole wherever they punched.  Licking deep muscled pits after a bodybuilder has been working out for hours.  Saving my ass for so long that a big man finally begs for it like he was asking for water after being in the desert for days.  Edging a mountain for so long that his balls are blue and aching so much he can’t walk right.  Kissing plump muscled lips surrounded by stubble hard enough to be considered sand paper.  Finding a huge guy that knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to show it.  I guess nothing too specific, huh?”


Clearly, I had made Brawn even more excited than he had been before, which was my intention.  He leaned in to kiss me again – this time not wasting time to ask.  He then pulled back and slowly brought his right arm up into a flex – making the split biceps bulge thick and powerful.  He looked at his own arm, again, knowing I’d be watching him admiring his big gun.  He knew just how to wreck my world.


“Yeah, so fucking huge,” Brawn growled as he twisted his forearm and made the biceps dance.


“Aw, dude, you’re wrecking me, here,” I moaned and, thankfully, the mountain dropped his arm.  “You can’t just up and do that any time you want.”


“Sure, I can.  It pleases the masses.”


“You could give a guy a heart attack!  By the way, those sleeves are about to give up.”


“I spend a lot of money on t-shirts.  They don’t seem to last that long.”


“Relentless growth can cause that.”


“It can cause a lot of things,” Brawn said.  “Wearing out men is another one of my specialties.  But, unlike a destroyed shirt, a guy can bounce back.”


“Your t-shirt does nothing to hide the fact that you have pits as deep as giant caves.  I’d like to be lost in those things for a few days.”


“With a little head crushing every now and then?”


“Now, you’re just being mean.  Teasing a guy when he in such a fragile state.”


“Quinn,” he said, suddenly turning serious, “please to god tell me you’re someone who’d sleep with a guy on the first date.”


“Oh, this is a date?”


“Hey, I’m the gladiator who just slew all of the competitors vying for the emperor’s affection to the joyous praise of the crowd.  That has to count as a date, doesn’t it?”


“Hold on, I’m too busy envisioning your body in a gladiator costume.”


“Ooooo, into role-playing, are we?”


“Yes, if it always includes you and your roles require you to wear as little clothing as possible.”


“Like a gladiator,” Brawn said.


“Like a gladiator.”


“Or Tarzan.”


“Oh, yes please.”


“Or the Hulk.”


“Oh my, yes.  Ripped clothes are the best.”


“Or a bodybuilder who’s just won first place in a contest and is still in his posers.”


“Mmmmm hmmmm!”


“Or a go-go dancer you’ve booked for a private dance.”


“It just keeps on getting better.”


“You still haven’t answered my question, Quinn.”


“Mr. Mountain, here’s the deal.  I don’t get hung up on labels.  I’m not a slut if I sleep with someone the same night I meet them.  I’m also not a prude or tease if I choose to wait.  I go with the moment.  I listen closely to what my head, heart, gut, and my crotch are telling me.  If all of them are in sync – I’ve learned they never lie.  I trust myself.  I also trust you.  If I want to let those big strong arms of yours guide me into this evening I’m pretty sure they’re going to do what’s best for both of us.  I’m pretty sure those monstrous shoulders of yours can handle any burden or labor that might come our way, as well, so I’m not too worried about what’s to come.  Let’s just let everything happen naturally.”


“The word labor reminds me of another role play I forgot.  Hercules.”


“Oh, my favorite.”


This time, to add more to his intentionally unrequested kiss, Brawn bent forward, wrapped his arm around my mid-section, and lifted me off the floor.  He then brought his lips to mine and brushed against them teasingly a few times, before attacking my mouth with his luscious, warm tongue.  Feet dangling in the air, sucking face hard, and my right hand exploring his massive pec and humongous arm – what more could a man ask for.  The huge Brawn, meanwhile, was kissing me in the same way his neck bulged – manly, aggressively, and powerfully.  I swear his lips, alone, would make you know you’re dealing with a guy that was monstrously muscled.  He kissed the same way a bulldozer would plow through a building and it was such a turn on.  Meanwhile, my fingers and palm confirmed that his biceps were bigger than my head.  Even if one of the things wasn’t flexed.  Men, in general turned me on and I rarely thought about bodybuilder-types differently than super smart men or hilariously funny men, but this guy . . . this mountain . . . did something to me that was almost magical or other-worldly.  Confidence oozed out of him as if it had been a cologne that he had bathed in.  His masculine aroma was enough to make me get a major stiffy.  As his tongue ravaged my mouth he growled softly, like a giant bear attacking honeycomb.  I was still off the ground, squeezed tightly by his one huge arm.  He finally pulled his head back and looked into my eyes.


“Damn, you’re so adorable.”


“Right back at you, Mr. Mountain, though you’re adorably huge, too.”


“I’m planning on making you wish I was a smaller and weaker man, later on.  That’s how much I’m intending to wear you out.”


“Or maybe I’ll be wishing you were bigger and stronger because I’ll wear you out, Brawn.”


“Damn, mister, I need to let you go around the bar and flirt with some more competitors that I can then slay.  I’m feeling particularly powerful right now.”


“Powerfully horny, right?”


“Well, yes, that too.”


“How often do you work out?”


“Three hundred and sixty-three days a year.  I take Christmas and my birthday off.”


“You feel like granite.”


“Part of me is harder than granite, right now.”


“My toes are going numb, Mr. Mountain.”


“Oh damn, my bad.  I forgot I had you in the air.  I wondered why I didn’t have to look down.”


He lessened the squeeze and let my body slide down his until my feet were on the ground.  It was an intentional move – to let me feel more of his body, especially the fully-loaded cannon at his crotch.  My face showed my approval and my pleasant surprise.


“Big men have their big toys,” Brawn said, smiling.


“I do like playing with big things,” I replied.  “Speaking of big things, how about taking off that puny threadbare shirt of yours and letting all those huge muscles come out to play.”


His face lit up like a Christmas tree.  It was like I had taken the leash off a big dog to let him run free at the ocean.  I’d never seen a man so eager to show off – specifically for me.  He pulled the bottom of his tight t-shit free from his jeans and then slowly peeled it upward over his humongous V-shaped torso.  It was like the curtain going up on the most lavish set design ever to hit a theatre.  It was like beholding the Northern Lights for the first time.  It was like Dorothy finally making it to Emerald City.  I gasped loudly when the shirt was completely off and his upper body popped out all over with the kind of muscles reserved for a very few percent of humans on this earth.  I realized the entire bar was staring, but he was only looking at me.  Watching my reaction.  I whistled loudly and smiled.


“That, my friend, is a mighty fine enormous body.”


“I’m so glad it pleases you,” Brawn said, taking advantage of the fact the bartender was staring and holding up two fingers to order another round. 


“Bet you five dollars these beers will be on the house,” I quickly said.


“Why’s that?” Brawn asked.


“Because you took your shirt off . . . because of all of that,” I said, motioning to his magnificent body.


“You’re on,” Brawn said, holding out his hand to shake.    


As anticipated, as soon as my skin touched his, a jolt of pleasure shot through my entire body.  It was partly because I was taking in one of the hottest looking mass of muscles I had ever beheld, but it was also because there was something phenomenal happening between us.  His nipples popped out quickly, signifying that his body felt the same kind of shock as mine had.  I saw little bumps ripple across his broad chest, which was also turning slightly red.  It was like we both had some kind of lustful fever hit our bodies as soon as our hands met.  I didn’t let go of his hand and, turning it slightly I brought it up to my face and kissed its back.  I saw his legs wobble a little.  He wasn’t the only gladiator who could slay the competitor.  I let go, but his hand did not drop.  The big mountain just stood there for a few seconds, trying to refrain from giving into urges that were strong enough to shake this powerful beast.  At that moment, the bartender held up two beers and Brawn forced his legs to work and went to get the drinks – reaching his big arms over the heads of the crowd before him.  I saw the guy behind the bar tell Brawn there was no charge and then he added that the big man taking off his shirt instantly increased the need for liquid refreshment in the entire establishment.  Even if my eyes had been closed I could have told you the giant mass had returned beside me – you just couldn’t not register something so big and so hot.  He handed me my beer and took in my victorious grin.


“I don’t feel too much like a winner,” I said, “I’m sure it happens a lot.  Especially if you’re shirtless.”


“A big boy never flexes and tells,” Brawn responded, clearly loving how I kept stealing glances at his now uncovered torso.


“I bet you never wear a shirt when you are at home, do you?”


“No since I was in high school – and that’s only because my parents made me.”


“God, your nipples are gorgeous.”


“And quite tasty, I’m told,” Brawn replied, reaching up to pinch one.  “They’re also pretty sensitive.  Just thought I’d let you know that . . . you know, for future reference.”


“Anything else I should know is super sensitive – you know, for future reference.”


“Well, I’ve been known to squeeze a guy too hard if he’s sucking on my earlobes.  My neck responds to kisses by sending messages to another part of my body telling it to explode.  And the insides of my thighs can become like a car compacter if provoked by a tongue.”


“Superman has his numerous kryptonite’s.”


“No, my kryptonite is my ass.  That’s why that specific part of me is only saved for special people.”


“I have memorized all of these for, you know, future reference.”


“And you, Mr. Quinn.  What should I be memorizing for you?”


“Well, I’m extremely versatile – loving to give and receive, equally.  Kisses at the small of my back will basically make me do whatever you ask.  I’m a big sucker for stubble, so feel free to ‘five o’clock shadow’ rub my entire body.  And, oddly enough, I like my balls to be manhandled.”


“I did not see that one coming.”


“I get that.  Most guys don’t.  And said guys are always amazed at how much power they can use on said balls.”


“Well, a lot of power is one thing I’ve got,” Brawn said, grinning like a proud schoolboy.


“Among many other humongous things, I might add.”


“Mind if I flex?”


“Who, here, would be able to stop you even if we wanted to,” I answered.


The mountain was showing off.  He was ready to seal the deal.  It wasn’t time to leave, but he wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting – completely.  He wanted to show me some of his best assets to help me make wise life decisions.  He also wanted to make the entire bar disappointed by the fact that he had chosen me over them.  He was also marking his territory – warning people to stay clear of me.  I was his.  I could tell he was very proud of his body – not in a cocky ‘take that, you wimps’ kind of way, though.  It was more about pride in his dedication, his accomplishments, and his sculpting.  Parts of him bulged that I didn’t even know could.  I swear I didn’t realize arms could be developed to the size and definition of what he now flexed in front of me.  Even without looking around I knew that almost all motion in the bar ceased for a moment.  All of us were gazing upon perfection.  It was like someone had had taken huge chunks of marble, embedded some thick veins on top of it, and then chipped and smoothed it into perfect, muscled, powerful-looking mounds.  His neck turned even thicker as he flexed his arms – sending me into a lustful frenzy.  His lats flared wide and beautiful, as if he were some kind of half-nude angel.  And so many sets of dense ridges sprung up around his stomach I immediately compared it to an intersection of numerous cobblestoned streets. 


“Perfection,” I said, trying to take in as much of his body as I possibly could before he stopped the flex.


“I’m glad you like it,” Brawn said, without lessening his tensed muscles at all. 


“At ease, Mr. Mountain, before you cause the patrons of this place to erupt into a spontaneous orgy – although, that might be fun.”


“It wouldn’t be fun if it meant I had to share you,” Brawn said, finally lowering his arms and giving my completely wrecked body some much-needed rest.


“Aw, you must be the nicest muscleman ever.  Why the flex, Mr. Brawn.”


“You know why,” he replied, grabbing his beer, which he had placed on a nearby table.


“Probably, but I think I’d like to hear you say it, anyway.”


“I know you like me, Quinn.  You’ve made that clear – stealing glances, sexy kisses, lovely groping, and wonderful compliments – but I just wanted to make sure you understood that I really like you, too.  I wanted to show you what I bring to the table in these sexual negotiations.  I didn’t show all of my cards, what good poker player does that, but I did want to show you two of the best things I have to offer.”


“And biggest things, I might add.”


“And biggest . . . thank you for noticing.”


“Your arms block out most of the room when you flex, how could I not notice?”


He stepped in towards me and leaned down to kiss me, again.  This one was soft, slow, deliberately sexy, and more passionate than anything I had ever experienced before.  He brushed his gorgeous nose against mine a few times, and rested his forehead against my brow.  He was staring deeply into my eyes as if he were trying to hypnotize me, even though I was already his. 


“You make having big muscles worth it,” Brawn said softly, without separating his forehead from mine. 


“Well, they are pretty incredible, Mr. Mountain.  It’s kind of like having a not angry, not green, very intelligent Hulk kissing you.  Who wouldn’t love that?”


“Hulk horny!” the man grunted, all beastlike.


“Oh dear, does being turned on make my Hulk grow?”


“Hulk penis grows!” he said, causing us both to laugh and he pulled his head away from mine so we both could take a long ‘calm us down’ sip of beer.  “You know, of course, that not coming home with me is now not an option, unless you want to see me go crazy and destroy things.”


“Oooo, are you trying to get me to say no?  Seeing you destroy things might be fun.”


“Seriously, do I get to have you in my bed tonight?” Brawn asked, with a definite pleading look on his face.


“Wild horses, an army of men, and monster trucks couldn’t keep me away.”


“I’d take them all on and win, anyway.”


“Tis true, Mister Mountain.  Truer words have never been spoken.”


“Damn, you have made coming out tonight the wisest decision of my entire life.  I can’t imagine what life would have been like if I had missed this opportunity,” Brawn said as he gazed into my eyes. 


“I feel the same way.  And can I just add that you have the sexiest neck I have ever seen.  I cannot keep my eyes off of it.”


He flexed the thing and it thickened into something resembling a tree trunk.  His gold chain looked so flimsy and weak in comparison.  I imagined his neck snapping the thing easily.  I reached up and felt how solid and indestructible this part of his body felt.  He smiled at me.  I went up on my toes to kiss him – even as I continued to caress his hard-as-rock neck.


“Promise me you won’t put your shirt back on.  Riding the subway back to your place is going to be so much fun.”


“Look at you, wanting to show your Mr. Mountain off to everyone.  You know I’ll be more than happy to make that promise and keep it.  Hell, I’ll take off my jeans and head home with you in just my underwear if you want me to.”


“Oh no, let’s not get crazy.  We don’t need you turning on the world even more than you already do.”


“I only care about turning you on,” Brawn replied. 


“That, you do, Mr. Mountain, that you surely do.  Shall we go?”


“Shall I carry you?”


“No, I’m fine.  We’ll save pleasures like that for when we get to your place.”


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Recommended Comments

22 minutes ago, aitchbee said:

Most of this story is dialogue. Did you originally conceive it as a script?

No, it flowed just like it is now, as I wrote it.  

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LB, you're killing me here smalls.  You and  I need to rp.  Thanks man great storieS.

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57 minutes ago, dredlifter said:

You write the best dialogue.  I'm jealous of your dialogue writing skills.

Don't be. It just means I talk a lot.  

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On 9/18/2019 at 7:30 PM, londonboy said:

No, it flowed just like it is now, as I wrote it.  

I've had that happen sometimes when writing.  The words just come out and the story unspools on the page.

I love the insightful comments sprinkled throughout: 

-Being subdued can be very empowering.  A bully doesn’t turn me on, though.  Cockiness can be very sexy, but meanness is definitely a turn-off.”

-His face lit up like a Christmas tree.  It was like I had taken the leash off a big dog to let him run free at the ocean.

-It was like the curtain going up on the most lavish set design ever to hit a theatre.  It was like beholding the Northern Lights for the first time.  It was like Dorothy finally making it to Emerald City. 

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