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The Look

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The Look

He was just finishing up his routine when he got that look on his face. There was no doubt in my mind that he won his class and possibly the over-all depending on how fickle the judges were. That look! My knees buckled and I collapsed back into my seat while everyone around me continued to scream and cheer. My brain blocked out clamorous roar in the auditorium and I saw his face hovering above mine. 


Sweat covered our bodies and the smell of sex surrounded us like a cloud. My whole body trembled as my ass clenched and cum filled my briefs. I almost felt him thrusting and heard the rapid slap of skin on skin. My hands roamed over his insanely massive hard physique as I saw the expression on his face changing.


Then as his balls got ready to spew he held back the desire to explode and like a jet revving up its engines before takeoff he would slam into me harder and harder until ‘that look’ surged over his face. Many a time ‘that look’ triggered my orgasm just as it had seconds ago. With his eyes locked on mine his jaw would clench and his body would flex as he planted his seed deep inside of me blasting us both off into the stratosphere.


Then his face would soften and his massive body would collapse on top of mine as his kisses landed on my neck and his grunts of delight filled my ears. Words of love for my ears only and never spoken in public rolled off his lips as mini-orgasmic aftershocks added more of his seed to the flood each time my ass clenched around his shaft. Sometimes there would be a frightening roar as a second orgasm overwhelmed his body. I consider that second orgasm to be a gift but he often told me it was his lack of control. He would smile and tell me it was my fault. I’d smile back and tell him ‘I hope so’ and he would laugh.


“No lover but you has ever been able to make me have multiple orgasms or keep me so hard so long,” he told me. It was as if he took a little blue pill but I knew he didn’t. He hated taking any drugs even if he got the flu. Often he would roll to his back and take me with him. Then it was my turn to worship his physique or toy with him or kiss him or even just rest on his pecs listening to his heartbeat. We would shower and then he would snuggle against my back on the clean sheets and envelop me with his hand against my chest pulling me in until there was full body contact.


Yep that was my love posing on the stage and he was able to make me cum with a look. I’d say I was a pretty lucky guy.

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