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I purchased a houseboy today. There’s my tag around his wrist. I was impressed by the tight muscularity on his small frame when I bid on him. Then the serious bidders were taken to a viewing room where he could be displayed naked. The price doubled eliminating all but the fools like me. Soon there were only two of us bidding and then the assistant of the Arab bidding against me showed pictures of what was being offered now and they rushed out of the room. With no further bids I won. He knelt at my feet and thanked me with tears in his eyes.


“The last thing I wanted to do was to live in the desert. How can I ever thank you!” he said as he ran his hands up my thirty six inch thighs. He licked his lips when he saw me getting hard.


He doesn’t know it but his duties will be to clean all twenty apartments in the building and service every one of the thirty bodybuilders living there. He stood and proudly displayed his eleven inch erection. Somehow I expect that he will relish every minute of every future orgy.


Now all that is left is to gather his things, take him to my rooms, to test drive his ass. There is a three day satisfaction guarantee and if we aren’t happy with him we can get our money back. The five members of our co-op waiting up in my rooms will be the ultimate judge of his qualifications. I’m sure he will pass with flying colors. You see I’m not one to waste an erection and we used this changing room for him to bend over and show me his gratitude.


I’ll let the others find out for themselves that he can fuck like a stallion too.


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