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The Best Man




The Best Man

Even though I never met Erik I reluctantly agreed to let Tom’s best man stay with me. The guy was in the Army and had little money for lodging. As I understood it he even hitched a ride on an airplane from where he was stationed to get to the wedding. This was a weekend trip and he would be leaving Sunday night to catch a ride back so he could report for duty Monday morning. Erik arrived with a gym bag and in the bag were several pair of underwear. He arrived in his uniform with nothing to change into.


I picked Erik up outside the base on Friday evening and we went directly to the tuxedo rental store to get him fitted. Seeing him shirtless to try on the tux shirt had my cock rock hard. He tried on several jackets to accommodate his wide shoulders and huge chest. The tailor had to drastically take in the jacket to fit his taper. From the Tux place we went directly to the rehearsal and the dinner.


Erik asked to borrow some sweats so he could run and I pointed him to the drawer to find something that fit him while I took a shower. I only had four hours sleep in the last twenty four so I was so exhausted I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went to bed and Erik went out for a run. I didn’t know where he got his energy. I went to bed knowing he had a key. 


That night I had the most erotic dreams of Erik. He got back and showered and then he got into bed with me. He demanded that I worship his muscles and suck his cock. He made me swallow his cum and then he painlessly fucked me and filled my ass with a couple loads of cum. He got up to get some water and then he made me suck more of his cum out of his cock.


I heard the door slam and I sat up in bed with a start. It was just before dawn and I remembered that Erik was here and wanted to go jogging. I checked the bed for evidence of wild man sex but there wasn’t any. The dreams seemed so real but the sheets were still clean. I felt a little sweaty so I started the shower but before I jumped in I went to start the coffee. I stopped dead in my tracks watching Erik stretch. He was wearing my thin flannel pajama bottoms as if they were a sweat pants and they hugged every inch of his ass and legs. I forgot that I was naked until I realized my cock was getting hard. Mortified, I retreated to the shower.


I was washing my hair when Erik stepped in behind me. I mean literally behind me. His arms came around me and his chest pressed into my back. Before I could rinse my head his cock had penetrated my ass and he was fucking me. Either his cock was long and narrow or my ass was stretched wide open because it didn’t hurt.


“Thank you for letting me fuck you so many times last night,” he said near my ear. “You have very tasty cum. I hope you enjoyed drinking mine as much as I enjoyed drinking yours.”


“Erik it is six in the morning!” I said struggling to pull away. He began to thrust which almost caused me to orgasm. “Erik…” I moaned as I pushed back into his thrusting cock.


“The wedding is at seven this evening so that gives me twelve hours of fuck time.” he growled. 


He had two or three orgasms in the shower before he dragged me back into bed. I didn’t have a sip of coffee until noon and that was only because we had to pick up the tuxedos. We had a big steak for lunch and then the two man afternoon orgy began. We showered and dressed arriving at the church at the designated time. At the reception we acted like two studs on the prowl for a mate but when the bride and groom left we went home together.


At the bridal party brunch the next day we looked exhausted and hung over but I assure you that it was caused by lack of sleep and not too much to drink at the reception. The happy couple was off to the airport for a Hawaiian honeymoon as Erik pulled me back into bed.


That night after supper he changed into his uniform and I drove him back to the main gate of the base to catch his 9pm flight. He asked me to pull into a Mc Donald’s parking lot where he kissed me passionately. The main gate was a mile away and he couldn’t kiss me goodbye in front of the sentry’s.


Erik said he would contact me but he never did. Strangely over the next year I began to acquire a physique like Erik’s but that was almost expected because I was hitting the gym hard. I can’t explain it but I now train with focused intensity and it’s as if my body is fulfilling a need to produce a perfectly proportional physique.


My libido has gone through the roof and I have no problems attracting studs. Once I get them in bed I can shoot full loads of cum ten times a night if I choose. I don’t know if Erik triggered something in me or if he infected me with some kind of experimental super soldier virus but I’m sure he did this to me; what else could it be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth but it sure would be nice to spend another wild weekend with Erik now that I can keep up with him.

Erik was truly the best man I ever met.

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