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Magazine Article Interview

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Magazine Article Interview


“I have one final question.” I said pausing and not knowing if I should ask the question. The interview was scheduled to take ten minutes but we had been speaking for almost an hour. He smiled as if to say this is the tenth final question.


“We’ve talked about the food and the supplements and diets. We’ve discussed the gym hours involved and the pain as well as the gratification of winning major contests. I was wondering if you had to do it all again what you would change.”


Rick looked at me and pondered his answer.


“Knowing what I know now I would have started younger and sought out better trainers.” I was about to open my mouth and thank him for the time and the candid answers he gave me when he continued. “I would have gone to California to the Mecca of bodybuilding to learn from the best of the best.” Again he paused but he had a faraway look in his eyes so I waited. “I would have fucked more and I would have taken a lover. I would have never allowed a naked picture of me to be published even if they were only ass shots. And lastly I would have kept my private life more private, built a compound where I could have mentored young bodybuilders that had that fire in their gut to be great; to become Mr. Olympia.”


“Would you mentor someone like me?” I asked. He slowly shook his head no and I was a bit hurt. I had a decent physique but nothing like his. He turned off the tape recorder.



He looked around, flexed, and leaned closer.


“I would have taken you as my lover. I would have fucked you mercilessly and expected you to do the same to me,” he whispered. “My physique would have been bigger and better. You would have been my motivation.”


“Is it too late for that to happen?” I said softly. His face lit up.


“Look at the time! This interview has screwed up my whole workout!” he said in full voice and then he laughed. “Why don’t we finish this interview over dinner?” he said as he stood. He waited for me to stand. “Your place or mine,” he quietly added as he shook my hand. I almost came in my briefs. "Since I need a change of clothes let's make it my place," he said as we exited the gym.

I blindly followed him home.

"I always shower when I get home," he smiled. "Care to wash my body?"

"Wash your back?" I mumbled. My cock was rock hard watching him get naked. "What are you doing?" I said as he lifted my golf shirt.

"Don't you shower naked?" he smiled.

I soaped his entire physique and then he took over and washed my body. It was the most sensual thing that ever happened to me but that was before he led me to bed where he slowly and gently began to relieve me of my virginity.

I was so turned on when he bent over and turned down the bed I ran my hand up his back. He turned and then we were chest to chest kissing. He laid me gently on his pillow. I was ready and willing for what was about to happen next. I moaned in ecstasy when he lowered his body on top of mine. I keep saying this but this was the greatest experience I ever had. 


He took me in his arms and smothered me with his soft kisses. He suggested we start with frottage to explore and before long I was moaning in pleasure. He allowed me to run my hands over his body and he called that muscle worship. Slowly he taught me how to have sex with a man. He started fingering me and spreading lube around my pucker. His finger fucking surprised me at first but felt really good after a while. He took more K-Y and lubed my asshole. He rolled on top of me and told me it would hurt at first but he would go slowly. I felt his huge rod enter my virgin hole as he pumped me slowly and he was right it hurt like hell at first but soon it felt exquisite.


As time went on he began pumping me faster and faster. I screamed in pleasure as he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into his cock harder. The bed shook as he fucked me and I heard the sound of his balls slapping my ass as the headboard banged against the wall. He was making me moan in ecstasy. I just relaxed and let him fuck me wildly. I grunted in pleasure as he fucked me and jerked me off. 


He finally stopped and I thought I could feel him shoot his cum into my body. He grunted and fell down on my back before he thrust his cock into me a few more times. We lay there panting and kissing. He led me back to his shower and later that night I fell asleep in his arms.


The interview was promoted on line but it never made it to the printed magazine. He was true to his word and he took me as his lover. He always says I am his motivation but a body like his is my goal. Today he is leaner and buff as a stallion but he doesn’t allow pictures unless he is fully clothed. He no longer showers or changes at the gym and I insist on stripping him naked for his shower here at home.


I often think of how lucky I was to be assigned the interview. My life would have been so mundane and boring…


I could smell his gym musk as he entered the kitchen. He always hugs me from behind and kisses my neck. Supper is prepped to be finished in just minutes when we get ready to eat. I tap his arms and he loosens so I can face him for a proper kiss. His stink gets on me but it doesn’t matter because in seconds we'll be naked in the shower. I ran my hands under his shirt and I could feel him tremble.


“I need you to fuck me,” he whispered and I knew supper would be delayed for a couple hours from now.

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