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Camo Hat by Sean Reid Scott

If you don't know who Sean Reid Scott is, can you really call yourself a muscle-literature fan?  He is a fantastic author who writes some of the best, realistic muscle worshipping stories you'll find.  You may have read some of his stories in the past without knowing it, as he has worked under a few different aliases, such as Derek Flex and another one he has used on Amazon that I can't look up because my computer is email is currently being stupid. 

Most of his stories involved a closeted man meeting the huge bodybuilder hunk of his dreams (and ours).  His stories are lighthearted, often romantic, sexy, and full of hyper descriptive muscle admiration.  

It was hard for me to choose one to post, so I started with this one:  Camo Hat.



Be sure to check all his stuff though.  He even has several books published on Amazon. 

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His stories are a delight to read over and oevr again.

My fave is teh Zeke Chronicles.

He now publishes his stories in amazon and just the other day  was asking if anyone had one of them

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I have them all, lol.   They are all good.  A couple of them are more focused on meeting and romance and less on muscle, but they are all superb.

My favorite of his published works is "Image in the Window."

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Nah sorry man.   I love his works so I wouldn't do that.  They aren't expensive, most of them I think are $2.99 or $3.99 and you can read them online after buying from Amazon.

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