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Changes By Text- Part Three


Monday 12:32

Quentin- MAN!!!

Quentin- Thanks 4 the app

Will- Lol u r welcome

Will- Guess that means you used it

A picture of a tall well built very handsome man appears on my phone, his clothes look a little too small for him.

Quentin- Damn right I used it

Quentin- I have gym next period

Quentin- Gonna make Greg and his jock buds pay

Will- Good idea, just don’t kill them

Will- Could be traced back to the app

Will- Then they’ll change us back

Quentin- They????

Will- Yea parents, school, police

Will- They can believe you just grew into a beast and won’t look into it

Will- Unless your stupid and draw too much attention to yourself

Quentin- So I shouldn’t start wearing tanks to show off


Will- I want to show off so badly myself, but wait till college

Will- Its only a year away

Quentin- Ok, I need new clothes though

Will- Yea you look close to bursting out of that shirt

Quentin- And my briefs….

A picture of a pair of Superman briefs pulled thread bare by a very fat and long horse cock and a pair of hearty bull nuts pops up on my phone.

Will- Save it for the girls

Quentin- Ohhhhh I will

Quentin- Already getting ideas on how to fuck my neighbour

Will- Just remember don’t draw attention

Will- So no one married or in a relationship

Quentin- Yea yea, not till college

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