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He Was Shirtless and Looking Hot

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Portrait picture taken of me in December of 2018 for a Christmas present at the request of my mom

He Was Shirtless and Looking Hot

Starting my second job after college put my whole life in flux. At 28 I was good looking, fit, still single, and available. There were a million things to do and I kept telling myself that I had to join a health club. Not only was my muscle tone fading I needed to take all my frustrations out on something. If I didn’t do it lifting, then I might start taking my aggressions out on people.


Moving to a new city was like starting all over again. I had to find the cleaners, the grocery stores, the GNC, and all the places we take for granted when we live in the same place for years.

Finding and furnishing an apartment was my first priority. I rented out of the city so taking the commuter train took almost two hours from my front door to the office. That meant that half my day was spent for work related activities. Four hours of that was wasted time riding a train, time I could spend in a gym, time I could run errands, time I could use to party so it only took a few weeks to absolutely hate that commute. I had just signed the lease so I was obligated to the torture for a year.

I knew I wanted out of the suburban life so I began looking for a residence in the city. I was up front with the agent regarding my timeline and he made several suggestions one of which was buying an apartment in a high rise building scheduled to be finished just before my lease expired. I was not impressed with the raw industrial look of the sample apartment. I looked at everything from single family homes to small apartment buildings for the next several months.

Three months later I took a chance and put an offer in on a building close to downtown where I worked. The commute would be cut to twenty minutes at most. The neighborhood was in transition because an on ramp to the expressway was scheduled for closure so the elevated roadway could be widened. There were other ramps on larger streets nearby so it wasn’t a big deal except for people who lived in the area. They hated the ramp because of the traffic jams it caused throughout the whole neighborhood. The traffic was so bad they feared for children going to school in the morning.

When the ramp was built, some longtime locals moved out and building values fell. Drugs and gangs moved in which made more people leave. The parks and the wide median fell into disrepair and were eventually clear cut. A local neighborhood group fought the widening of the street leading to the ramp and won in court because of some archaic charter declaring that the median remain green space in perpetuity. Take away the green space and the land would revert to the family that donated it when the wide four lane street was built. The judge said the paved area may also revert to the family as well. The city engineers decided to close the ramp and improve the other ramps nearby.

The offer I made for the property I wanted was accepted and I became a homeowner. The trouble was the rental units in the front building had all been gutted and now they needed to be put back together. The back building where I planned to live had been renovated for office space so all closets had been removed from the bedrooms upstairs. The good news was there were three huge bathrooms and the bad news was the bathrooms needed to be returned to residential configurations. Homes normally don’t have three urinals and three toilet stalls. All in all there were ten toilets in the three bathrooms.

I assumed that I could live in the space while things were being fixed-boy was I wrong.

Nearer to the expressway there was an old neighborhood shopping district where there once was a dry goods store, grocery store, drug store, a boarding house, movie theater, butcher shop, etc. In the 1950’s the boarding house and movie theater had been converted to a gentleman’s club which was a euphemism for a whorehouse, bordello, or brothel but it was closed down in 1968 because of the prostitution. The gays took it over and turned it into a bath house. It was on the brink of being closed again but the owners invested in gym equipment and turned it into a health club to avoid a forced closing. As a result the mainly gay clientele welcomed the straight members who gave the club some respectability. It was open 24 hrs, had pristine equipment and was cheaper than any other health club in town. For me you could not beat the proximity, the hours, or the price so I joined.

What I didn’t know was that the club also had about thirty rooms with beds and tiny bathrooms which you could rent for an additional 20 dollars a night if you were a member. I understand that some rooms were rented more than once per night. The rooms were a throwback from the boarding house days. When the Madam took over she added stacks of bathrooms to the back of the building so the John could shower before going home to his wife.

When the work started on my residence the plumber ripped out all three bathrooms and the carpenters ripped out the kitchen. Closets were being built and electricians were updating the wiring. I couldn’t live with the construction dirt and noise going on or the lack of facilities so I rented a room at the club by the week. All my furniture went into storage and my clothes were in the room I rented. At first it was a little weird being around so many openly gay guys. No matter what it was called it was still a gay bath house. A body would brush up against me in the locker room or the sauna, but nobody forced anything. The gym showers were communal, and often guys would be showering immediately after having sex with each other unless they had one of the rented rooms. One thing I have to say about the gays, they used the gym and watched their waistline.

It was strange to see so many cocks of different shapes and sizes. At first I thought that most of these guys had bigger cocks, but then I realized that many guys were wearing cock rings to stay permanently semi-hard. I found myself looking more and more at the meat between their legs, especially the uncut guys. For some reason I was curious about how they escaped the knife.

One time in the sauna I witnessed an Asian stud and a black bodybuilder meet and slowly slide into a position with the Asian guy sucking cock. Their position blocked my exit, but I wasn’t going anywhere because I was fascinated by the sight of this seven inch uncut cock disappearing into the guy’s mouth. The slurping sounds, the moans and the groans were highlighted by the look of sheer contentment on the face of both guys. After about five minutes the black guy put his hands on the back of the other guys head and began to thrust vigorously. The bodybuilder groaned and shot a load of cum. Squishing and slurping sounds filled the air and so did the fresh scent of semen.

I was hard. I was a straight guy in a dark sauna full of gay men, and my dick was hard. I had not noticed at first, but several of the other men who were watching the live porn had started giving each other hand jobs thus the smell of semen. I was startled when my cock was engulfed by something wet and warm. I looked down to see the dim image of a rather muscular blond man sliding his mouth up and down on my prick. Then he took it all. No woman had ever taken more than half my cock and this guy swallowed it whole. It was too much, too fast. I was horrified by what was happening and angry with myself that I had let it go that far that long. I pulled away and headed for the shower. I told myself I left because I didn’t like being used but in truth maybe I liked it too much.

I was in the shower about 15 minutes. A couple of guys that reeked of sex came and went but I took little notice. When the shower next to me was turned on I almost jumped. There was a good old country farm boy standing next to me.

He slowly started to clean his cock, rolling the loose foreskin back, soaping it up, and then letting the water rush over it. I was in awe. I was still almost fully erect but he was soft. Our cocks were more than two feet apart but there was no mistaking that his soft meat dwarfed my hard 7 inch tool. Even flaccid it was several inches longer and way thicker than mine. He jacked the skin back and forth and turned around.

I had never been aroused by a cock before, but now all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and suck his monster cock. My head was spinning. I turned away to hide my erection. Suddenly I heard his water stop. He was drying himself and preparing to leave. I felt like I would never get a chance like this again so I turned off my shower so I could follow him. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out.

It was now or never. I acted instinctively and hurried out after him. I stood behind him as he opened his locker.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?”

He turned and looked me up and down.

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled. “I’m new in town.”

I moved here a year ago myself. You sure look familiar where did you go to college?”

“I’m from Iowa, went to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.”

“Isn’t that where the Pickers on TV are from?”

“No, Ames is in the middle of the state. The Pickers live on the east side of the state on the Mississippi River.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said. Jeez that was lame. I thought as I walked back to my room. About ten seconds later there was knock on the door. I thought about not answering because sometimes the gay guys take a chance when they see you go into a room. Sometimes I acted like I was in the bathroom and they would go away. He knocked again and I pulled the door open. It was the stud from the locker room. There he was shirtless and looking hot.



I invited him in and we introduced ourselves. I offered him a drink and he made himself a strong rum and coke.

“Well Luke, what do you do for fun in Ames Iowa?”

“I like to suck and I like to fuck,” he replied as he stood in front of me. By then I was sitting on the bed. I looked down and was confronted by his hardening cock only inches from my face. He had pulled his belt open and the jeans had fallen around his ankles. His boxers had been shoved down around his thighs. I had two choices; I could throw him out or take him up on his silent offer. I decided to give it a try and explore why I was so turned on in the sauna.

I took his soft cock in my hand and I heard a quick intake of breath. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out over his foreskin, then opened my lips around the giant head of his cock. The silky smoothness slid into my mouth filling it instantly. I tried to mimic what the Asian guy was doing in the sauna. Before I knew what hit me he was fully hard. His shaft was a foot long and thick like a porn star. Damn! I could only get a couple inches in my mouth. He stepped out of his clothes and pulled me to my feet.

“Tom, you should be naked too,” he said softly.

When I was stripped he sat down on the bed and I fell to my knees. I really went to work moving up and down then swirling my tongue inside his sheath and around the underside of his cock.

I did all the things that I had seen on line; all the things I wanted a woman to do to me. His ample pre-cum ran over my tongue lubricating the path into my throat. I sucked and licked as he put his hands on my head and forced my lips down until they touched his pubes.

“That’s good. That’s excellent,” he said.

He began to thrust faster and faster. Instinctively I knew he was close. I closed my lips around his cockhead as he fisted his shaft until his cum shot into my mouth. It filled my mouth and some ran out down his cock. I swallowed and choked as the thick tasty seed coated my throat. I was in heaven!

Luke hovered over me on the mattress before he leaned down to lick my heaving sweaty chest circling my nubs and nipping them with his teeth until my back arched. Once he knew my Achilles heal he went to town chewing, licking and sucking my tits as I increasingly bucked my hips.


His hands roamed my sweating muscular frame before heading south to force my legs apart. His fingers which seemed to be filled with lube started to circle my hungry rosebud until my hole was moist and ready, allowing his fingers to effortlessly slide in my tight ass. Luke finally abandoned his assault on my tortured bullets to come up for a kiss.


“What a great way to spend the afternoon. I’d love to fuck the hell out of a sexy muscle stud like you,” he muttered. And all I could do was moan in reply. “I really needed to cum. Now it’s your turn,” he whispered. He flipped me over and I felt a tongue licking and circling my pucker before he speared my sphincter with his probing tongue making me whimper. Before long he began coaching me and teaching me how to relax enough to let him in. Finally I felt the head of Luke’s tool pushing in and I eagerly welcomed the thick rod stretching my tunnel until he bottomed out with a groan of satisfaction.


“Damn, you’d think you were a fucking virgin. Geezus you’re tight!” he said but that didn’t stop him from quickly building speed. “Damn Tom, I can’t hold it... Oh fuck!” he yelled as his cock swelled in my ass and a load of warm thick jizz fired like a cannon. The searing liquid pumped into my ass and once done he lowered his hard body onto my back and wrapped his arms around my chest. I hadn’t cum yet but I savored the feeling of the huge hard sweaty muscular man on my back. A minute later he rolled to his side taking my body with him.


“Tom,” he whispered. “Sorry…” his body trembled like he was having an orgasmic aftershock pumping more cum into my body. “I have been without for too long and I lost control…” I kissed his thick forearm and licked up some sweat. “You need more don’t you?” Luke chuckled when he saw me helplessly nod. I felt his cock slip out of my ass and I turned to face him. He turned to his back and I snuggled into the crook of his arm. His pecs were in my face and I couldn’t resist licking his body. I closed my eyes and slept.


As I slowly became aware I realized there was a body spooning behind me. I remembered having a couple of drinks to celebrate the end of another week. I remembered being in the sauna and watching the gay guys. I remembered my cock being attacked and then seeking refuge in the shower… oh shit… the hunk I hit on in the locker room. He came to my room. Fuck! I willingly had sex with a guy! I had sex with Luke and his arm is around me and this is not normal morning wood because I’m super hard and leaking pre-cum. His hard prick is in my ass crack and I’m so horny I want to cum. It’s the smell! Damn his body is so hard and muscular! His breath is so hot on my neck… he fucked my virgin ass but I’d let him do it again. Or would I? I shouldn’t want that but I almost feel like I need more… man sex.

“Luke?” I croaked.

“Mmmm! You’re awake. I’ve been savoring your body for an hour.” He inhaled deeply. “I’m so hard I could pound nails with this thing,” he said as he kissed my traps. He gently began to thrust his cock over my tender pucker. My cock pulsed out more pre-cum.

“What time is it?” I said. Jeez that was a dumb thing to ask, I thought. He is seducing me and I ask for the time. How sexy is that?

“Almost ten in the morning,” he replied hugging me closer. “We stink and we should shower together to get this day started.”

“My alarm didn’t go off. I’m late for work. I’ll have to call in…”

“Tom, it’s Saturday,” he chuckled.


“Luke,” I said as I turned to face him. “I’m not gay.”

“I know. I’m not gay either but another night like last night with you could turn me gay, although you would have to understand if I occasionally went out and fucked a beautiful woman.”

“I never… I’ve never had sex with a guy before. I have to take a piss.” I crawled over him to get out of bed. A moment later he stood next to me and his flow was as strong as mine.

“Would it be so bad to be a bisexual?” he asked.

I didn’t answer and instead I started the shower. He stepped in behind me and I turned to face him. “I might be jealous if you had sex with anybody else,” I admitted. He looked at me strangely and his fingers touched my face. There may have been a tear in his eye but it was hard to tell for sure in the shower. He touched his forehead to mine and then he hugged me. I was instantly hard again.

Luke came out of the bathroom drying his hair displaying his hard incredible stud body. Huge hard muscles yet lean and buff with amazing arms and pecs but when I looked down… crap. I had been royally fucked by that huge piece of meat last night and I couldn’t help staring at what was swinging between his muscular thighs. Soft, it was really long, but impossibly thick. It was was mind numbing. I focused on finding clothes to wear with my back to him so I would stop staring. He came up behind me and pressed his fresh clean body against my back.



“Do you know the first time I saw you, I thought you were really hot.”

“Last night?”

“No three months ago I came here for a job interview and saw you in the gym downstairs. I went out that night for supper and I remember seeing you in the restaurant wearing black jeans and a black tank with a partially open white shirt. It looked really hot on you and I thought you were the sexiest guy in the place. Then you disappeared. I wasn’t going to accept the job offer but then I convinced myself that I only had a chance with you if I was here in town.

“But we hadn’t even met.”

“Then last night I saw you go into the shower. I felt like I was stalking you but when I saw your hard cock I panicked and left. I knew it was going to work out when you came and talked to me. I followed you and the rest is history.”

It took a while but we became a couple and Luke moved in with me when the renovations to my residence were completed.

The real history is that many years have gone by and we are still together. Luke approved of my townhouse and had a major hand renovating the kitchen. It turns out he is an amateur chef that loves to have dinner parties.

Luke suggested we go high end on the apartments to attract executives since we were so close to downtown and it worked. At first we only had a 10% occupancy rate but word of mouth boosted us to 90% in just one year. My job was eventually phased out and I gladly took early retirement so we could travel. I can only imagine how empty life would have been without Luke. I tease him often with the line, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Yes sir, I think you do,” he now answers as he takes me in his arms.


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