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I was stranded on the Autobahn in a parking area. I was driving a rented car when one of the tires had a blowout at eighty miles per hour. Cars whizzed by as I limped the car into the parking area. A Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV stopped and the guy asked in German if I needed help. I gulped when I looked in the window because the guy was massive.


I didn’t speak German and he didn’t speak English. I have a translator app on my phone and spoke into it asking for a ride. He flexed his arm while looking at me like a piece of meat; he nodded, and said “Ja”.


I showed him a business card from the hotel where I was staying and he smiled. He looked over at me and flexed his arm again before focusing on the road. Instead of dropping me off in front of the hotel he parked in the hotel’s parking garage. I swiped my card key to enter the hotel and dropped it trying to put it back in my pocket. He picked it up


“In welchem Raum bist du,” he said. “Zimmernummer?” he said pointing at the card. “der raum, der plaz.”


“My room is 318,” I said after looking at my phone translator. He found the room and opened the door.


“Willst du mich einladen?” he asked. Will you invite me inside, I read on the translator. “Badezimmer, die Toilette. I didn’t need the translator to know he was asking to use the bathroom. He was probably was stopping to relieve himself in the parking area restrooms when he saw me.


I sat on the bed to call the rental car company. They spoke English and I was fine until they asked where the car was parked. He knelt on the bed behind me and took the phone. I understood Autobahn and assumed he was telling them the mile marker number or the closest exit. I moved to stand as he was talking and before I was on my feet he broke the connection and wrapped his arm around me to pull me back onto the bed. I jumped up when I realized he was naked. The man was a mountain of muscle.


“Hast du nicht nach einer mitfahrgelegenheit gefragt?” he spoke into my translator while stoking his hard cock. Did you not ask for a ride? It told me in English.


“That wasn’t what I meant. I meant a ride to the hotel,” I protested but he was already starting to undress me. When I shoved his hand away he grabbed my tee shirt and lifted me off my feet. My back was against the wall with my feet dangling and he was opening my belt. My shorts and sandals fell to the floor then he peeled off my bikini underwear exposing my hard cock. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air and landing on the bed. Then the only thing on my body was his massive physique.


“Du warst hart, seit du in meinem auto sitzt,” he smiled and rubbed my hard shaft. You was hard… in meinem auto sitzt. In my auto sit? So that is why he kept flexing; he thought I was asking for sex.


“No, no, you misunderstood,” I said pushing against his massive chest.


“Ja, Ja, sitzt. Setz dich auf meinen schaft. Reite mich!” Meinen schaft, meinen schaft. Reite mich; My shaft. Ride me. Holy shit he wanted to fuck me!


Dann werde ich oben sein und dich ficken… translated to: then I will be on top fucking you. He reached for a jar of petroleum jelly and coated his cock. “Reite mich,” he said as he turned to his back and held up his thick cock.


“Condom, rubber,” I said as he lifted me like a feather and made me straddle his abs. He rubbed his cock in my ass crack and then parked it at my hole.


“Fuck,” he said as he released my weight and his cock started to enter my ass. I wasn’t ready for this. It felt like he was going to rip me a new ass hole so I tried to reject his invasion by pushing his cock out like I was taking a crap. “Ja, Ja!” he yelled as more of his shaft slipped into my ass.


He held my hips until I slowly slid the rest of the way down the shaft. I shivered as his cock raked along my prostate. I knelt up again, until just the head was still inside my ass ring. He muttered as I rode him up and down a few more times, getting used to the new sensations. I was getting fucked. I was bottoming. It felt just... awesome.


“Oh fuck,” I moaned. My eyes rolled back in my head and I threw my head back. “Fuuuck.”


“You are like meinem hard cock, Ja?”


“Fuck yeah. Fuuuuuuuuck.”


He thrust up into me and I no longer had total control. I was so hot. I rose up until just the tip was still inside my tight wet hole. He started thrusting up and down, sliding in and out using long slow strokes at first, then faster and harder until I was begging for more.


“Ngnnn. Ahhhh. Fuuuuuuuck.” I put all my weight down on his hips and ground in circles, leaning forward so his dick could hit my prostate. I put my hands on his chest and began to flick his nipples with my thumbs. Each time he thrust upwards I gasped.


After a while my legs gave out, so I pulled off of him and rolled over onto my back. He took my hard cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down on it a few times, then lay the full length of his body down on top of mine and after a long passionate, kiss he rubbed his rough beard against my neck as he spoke in my ear. I had the feeling he was telling me what he was going to do next. He knelt between my knees and threw my legs up over his shoulders, grabbed his dick, and guided it to my wanting hole. Then he started to fuck me into oblivion again with the long, slow, steady strokes.


He paused and lowered the full weight of his sweat-slicked muscular body on mine. He pushed and bucked to get the full length of his shaft inside me as I wrapped my legs around the small of his back. He was muttering as I used my ass muscles to squeeze his cock. He would thrust several times and then rest as my hands roamed all over his physique. I had the feeling he loved having his muscles worshiped.


Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock again. I arched my back, giving him my ass. He pounded me faster and harder, his big rough hands began sliding up and down my sweaty torso like he was worshiping me. Several times he pulled out with a pop and slammed his cock back in to the hilt. Then in a final onslaught he began to thrust into me relentlessly.


“Fuck-ing taking meinem cum!” he yelled as he pulled my knees back and collapsed onto my back. “FUCK!" he roared and I felt his gigantic cock expand and then erupted with thick powerful jets of cum. He kept thrusting deep and holding there as wave upon wave of his hot seed was spewed in me. He would pull back so that only the head of his cock was in me and then thrust in hard to pack his cum deep inside my body. His lunges and grunts continued as his cock was convulsing uncontrollably and more and more of his load was emptied into me.


I awoke in the brightly sunlit hotel room. I had no idea what time it was. I was lying against a massive naked body with his big arm around my back holding me tight. My head was resting on that immense chest and my morning wood was poking into his muscular thigh. I ran my hand over his pecs, down his abs, and onto his hard cock. It felt like it was a foot long. His balls felt like plums in his low hanging ball sack.


I felt his arm flex against my back and he literally lifted me so we were face to face. His huge hand palmed the back of my head and he planted a kiss on my lips.


“Guten morgen,” he smiled. “I am hope you sleep vel.” I sat up and put both hands on his massive pecs and leaned forward to look in his eyes.


“You understand English,” I stated the obvious.


“But you sprekin nien German,” he smiled.


“And you took advantage of my naiveté,” I said twisting one nipple.


“Was ist naiveté?”


“Innocence, no experience, virgin,” I explained.


“Virgin yes but nein to innocence,” he chuckled. I twisted the other nipple and he moaned. His monster cock was leaking pre-cum against my balls. “You ass ist tighten fuck rount my cock. Ve fuck again, Ja?” I moved back and put my cock in his ass crack. He thought that was hilarious. “Nien I am no fucked. You ist fucked by me.”


I hopped off the bed and started the shower. He followed and put his arm around my shoulders as I pissed. His flow started and even that sounded more manly than mine. His musk was strong enough to get my cock stirring. We showered together, washed each other, dressed, and went to eat while the room was being cleaned.


Hans spent the next month with me showing me his country. He fucked me five or six times every night and again every morning. If it rained or the weather was bad we fucked even more. I sucked his cock during the day as we toured or while he was driving. His understanding of English was better than he let on to me. My German was improving enough to order a meal and generally understand a tour guide giving us local history. Hans made me speak German even though I made a lot of mistakes.


That last weekend in the Bavarian Alps something changed. I had the feeling he was up to something. Our lovemaking was more intense and more passionate. I dreaded returning to Alaska where my new job would consume all my time. I couldn’t imagine being without Hans.


My repeated fantasies and daydreams made Hans a knight in shining armor that would beg me to stay with him in Germany. He would reveal that he was Baron Von Heidelberger or something. He would tell me he was wealthy beyond belief and I could live with him forever. There was always a scenario that allowed us to be together but in truth he was between jobs just as I was. My credit cards were close to being maxed out but would be paid off in a couple months once paychecks started again. We pooled our money. He had the vehicle and I provided the fuel. We stayed at hostiles and in dirt cheap B&B’s. We slept under the stars. We ate at buffets. We picnicked. We fucked in the woods or after skinny dipping in a remote location.


All summer long I had been living in t-shirts and shorts but it was chilly high in the mountains so I needed a sweatshirt. The man in the shop led me to a pile of sweatshirts that would fit Hans. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Hans a sweatshirt too, I thought. The salesman handed me a shirt to try on. He insisted I try it on even though I said it was too big. Once in the changing room I found the shirt too small. I took a long hard look at myself in the three way mirrors. I stripped to my jock and ran my hands over my body. My physique was starting to look like Hans’ and at first I was shocked but then I was pleased. Hans said I was a sexy man and now I believed him. My hardening cock stretched the jock downwards just like his did.



I paid for the sweatshirts with a credit card that had a zero balance that I kept aside for moving expenses, deposits on utilities, rent for my new apartment, and living expenses until my first paycheck arrived. Back at the room I did a striptease for Hans and that turned into one of the most passionate nights we ever had. I fucked Hans for the first time that night and in the morning we drove to the airport in Munich so I could fly home.


Life in Alaska was torture without Hans but I threw myself into the new job to keep my mind off what I had lost. Working fourteen hour days kept me exhausted. Sleeping alone meant sleeping badly. My phone bills calling Hans were astronomical but that was the only thing that kept me sane. Then after the worst day of my career I returned home through the first snowstorm of the season which seemed more like a blizzard. I looked at my watch and realized it was hours after the time I was supposed to call Hans. As I stepped into the elevator I dialed my lover on my cell phone. The doors opened and a phone was ringing in the hallway.


“Guttentag,” the gigantic man standing in front of my door said into his cell phone.


He was here!


“I wast too alone vith out you,” he said when he saw me.


I ran to him with tears in my eyes and all was right with the world.




All Pictures Muscle Morphs by Hardtrainer01 

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