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Reborn On The 4th Of July

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As the anniversary of being reborn on the 4th of July approaches, I can’t help but reflect on what happened almost twenty years ago. Since then the fireworks to celebrate the holiday have taken on an additional significance. They remind me of the ecstasy and rapture I felt that day when all my dreams came true.


When I turned twenty one years old I had already been on my own for four years. I was orphaned at 14 and sent to my first foster home. The couple was older and had lost their only son in Iraq or Afghanistan, I can never remember which. They were grieving and so was I but I was grieving and pissed off at the world. Let me just say I wasn’t the most cooperative kid at the time.


Jack was a retired Army Colonel that got up before the sun to run ten miles which made me think he was mentally ill. I had trouble getting up fifteen minutes before the school bus arrived. Sometimes I slept on the way to school. Jack also had a private gym and his workshop in the barn on the property. They owned fifteen acres that was mostly wooded. The rest of the original farm had been turned into a subdivision so in a way it was an oasis in the middle of urban sprawl.


Jack began to recover from the death of their son faster than his wife and he started to encourage me to be more physical. He wanted me to jog with him and workout in his gym. He was convinced my grief would be shortened if I was more involved. I thought he was trying to recreate his son. The school year ended and all my excuses for not working out with Jack disappeared. I was going to bed earlier and getting my required ten hours sleep and I was eating like a horse. My voice was cracking and I had a growth spurt. Jack sat me down to explain that I was going through puberty. I knew what that meant from health class but I didn’t know it was happening to me. Jack said in addition to growing body hair and having body odor I would be attracted to girls. He mentioned that I would be getting more muscular and he invited me to work out with him and his friends.


One morning I woke up before dawn and I was starving. I was in the kitchen eating cereal when Jack came in and was about to go jogging. As always he invited me to join him but that day he went into the laundry room and brought out my gym clothes that Mary had laundered and put on a shelf. My tennis shoes were by the door. Jack was outside stretching when I came out dressed to run. Yeah he made me stretch too. He talked enthusiastically as he slowed down to run at my pace. In less than a mile I was walking. Jack ran ahead at his normal pace and then back to me so it was one mile and a half for me and three for Jack. I ran again but slower and Jack said it was perfect when I started to walk again. Now it was two and a half miles for me and five for Jack. Then at my mile two mark I stepped in a hole and sprained my ankle.


We had nothing to wrap my ankle but Jack had a cell phone so he called his wife but it went to voice mail so she was probably in the shower. I suggested that he go and get the truck but Jack explained that Marines never left a man behind. Jack was Army but his son had been a Marine. Jack had me stand and then he put me on his back and carried me almost a half mile back to the house.


That was the day that I decided to turn my life around. With my thighs on Jack’s hips and my chest against his back I realized just how muscular his physique really was. I didn’t tell Jack that I had been on the internet fantasizing about the bodybuilders who fucked sluts. Watching their muscles ripple as they pumped, I fantasized that was what I was going to look like one day. I loved how powerful the men looked as they fucked and wondered what it would be like to be under their bodies. I had watched their muscles rippling hour after hour but I had no idea what it took to build a body like that. Being on Jack’s back made me realize I had to learn from Jack because Jack was what I wanted to look like.


Mary must have gotten the message because she brought the truck and rescued both of us near the end of the driveway. They took me to the doctor for x-rays. Foster care had all kinds of concerns but Jack and I were obviously out jogging. There was still an investigation. Jack was pissed and I heard him tell Mary they could come get me if the ‘state’ thought I was being abused. That scared the hell out of me and I became super cooperative.


In my room I downloaded pictures of bodybuilders to a thumb drive that I always kept on my keys. I used a thumb drive at school so there was no question as to why I had it on my key ring. Jack was delighted that I wanted to come to his gym. I never realized there was that much muscle working out just steps away from my bedroom. They didn’t look as young as the guys on line but there was very little fat on their muscular bodies.  


I slowly learned the basics of weight training and quickly lost my inhibitions about showering with the guys. That helped at school too. Seeing jock cocks at school were nothing like showering at the gym at home with mature men. At home I often had to take a quick shower so I didn’t get a boner. Then I would strip down in my room and recall the muscular bodies as I stroked my cock.


I wasn’t unattractive growing up, but my idea of beauty was not only a handsome face but a good face with a big physique. Soon it took looking at the pictures of the pro bodybuilders while stroking my cock to insure an orgasm. At sixteen I still enjoyed watching bodybuilders having sex but I began to wonder if I wasn’t totally gay. Then after exploring the internet I found heterosexual sex sites. There weren’t as many muscular guys but I was turned on nonetheless. I decided I was bisexual.


I was a senior in high school and only months from graduation when all hell broke loose and my life was turned upside down. Jack was falsely accused of sexually harassing a woman. Foster care yanked me out of their house so fast I didn’t have time to pack anything. I was put with a family that used their kids as slave labor on the farm and I was lower than their kids. I slept in a migrant worker’s cabin with another boy named Thomas who was about fifteen or sixteen. The older boys in the family were sneaking out and fucking the kid once or twice a week. I beat the hell out of the sons when they expected to fuck both of us and the parents called the social worker and had me removed. The social worked didn’t believe me when I told her what happened, she believed the parents. Thomas ran away and I never saw him again.


I did finish high school but I lived with four different families in those last few months. Jack and Mary came to graduation but I was not allowed to be alone with them yet I was living in a house where the wife was trying to seduce me anytime the husband was gone and the social worker didn’t care if I was left alone with her. I told my social worker who was guarding me that I heard that Thomas was found dead with his throat cut and his blood was on her hands. It was all a lie but she broke down crying giving me a moment to pass a note to arrange a meet up with Jack and Mary.


My news was that I was going to join the military so I could pay for college. Jack was proud but Mary was a basket case thinking I would be killed like their son. That was four years ago and this is now. Jack and Mary died in a plane crash in Asia and they left the farm to me. I became a lab technician in the military and never left the country. I never went to war. I was assigned to a research lab and became a close personal friend of one of the doctors. We played sports together and worked out together. At work he was a boss and I was an employee. In our free time we were friends. I wanted it that way. I learned that from Jack.


I can’t tell you the branch of service I am in or where I am located or anything about the experiments because it is highly classified. What I can tell you is that the research began with lower animals and has progressed all the way up to humans. The first human volunteers came from terminal cancer patients.


The research told us we had to take a multi pronged approach to achieve the goal. In other words phase 5 alone would kill the lab rat but phase one through four would prepare the lab rat for the final phase and the animal would survive. In a way cancer patients were not good subjects for the trials because they were weakened from chemotherapy as well as the disease. Those that made it through phase 4 had an extended life expectancy and they were considered cured or in extended remission. I can reveal that if you made it to phase 4 you didn’t die of cancer.


Only about 5% made it to phase 4 which isn’t a very good cure rate but those experiments pointed the researchers in the right direction. They should have deduced the reason for the cure back when they were using rats but they didn’t because the rats were young and healthy. You see phase one through four slowly rebuilt (regenerated) the internal organs and the immune system. Autopsy showed organs too young and too healthy for the cancer patients but sometimes the regeneration caused organ failure. A critically damaged heart or other internal organs couldn’t handle the stress.


We suspected that there was a solution and that was to extend the treatments by giving additional lower dose treatments but then the cancer would kill them before the immune system could kill the cancer. Young healthy organs grew stronger and so did the immune system and the circulatory system. We learned that using the next set of volunteers. Military volunteers. A soldier was killed in an auto accident and an autopsy showed he was extremely super fit internally. His body was moving into phase 5 without the treatments for phase 5 being given. Think of the possibilities if every soldier was treated with phase one though four as part of basic training. Heath care costs alone would hover near zero.


My friend Dr. Henry and I decided to clandestinely insert ourselves into the volunteer group and we each had our reasons. Doc and his wife wanted to start a family and I wanted the kind of natural physique that the second group of volunteers was developing. That on top of my regular lifting habits, and I would eventually have the body of my dreams. There were also some side effects that Dr. Henry and I didn’t expect. The first was better skin tone and a more athletic look that fitness models have. You might call it a healthy glow.


This is me at phase 4



The second was our dicks began getting longer and our balls fuller. Cum production doubled and then tripled as did our libido. Staying power in bed was tenfold and we could have multiple times orgasms. I also had more stamina in the gym which meant longer and more productive workouts.


On the negative effects side of the coin there was more aggression. Some guys were becoming very alpha which isn’t bad if you want leaders but leaders also need followers. All chiefs and no Indians does not a good strike force make so putting all soldiers through our treatments as part of boot camp training seemed unlikely unless the process could be modified. The most negative factor as far as the military was concerned was the swing that turned a great deal of the straight studs to homosexual or bisexual activity. They may have had bisexual leanings like me but from personal experience I craved giving and receiving anal sex. Doc admitted that he also had anal sex with his wife.


Doc’s wife got pregnant almost immediately after our cum production increased. She had been unable to conceive for seven years. (It was his and not her fertility at issue until we volunteered.) They had fraternal twin boys. Years later Doc and his wife ended up with ten sons.


My time in the military was coming to an end and in their wisdom the military was shutting down our research even though it was suggested that the process could be part of officer training school. No human had gone through or been offered phase 5 modifications but I saw what it did to dogs and one bull calf.  We used a young Holstein Bull calf and as he grew he had the appearance of the Belgian Blue breed. In 12 months the bull weighed 1300 pounds. Holsteins that are raised for beef normally reach 1,400 lbs in about 18 months time.


The Belgian Blue is a breed of beef cattle that is extremely lean and hyper-sculpted with an ultra-muscular physique, termed “double-muscling.” That breed has an increased number of muscle fibers instead of the (normal) enlargement of individual muscle fibers that occurs in bodybuilders. The bull we used gained an increased ability to convert feed into lean muscle, which caused the animal to have a marbled fat content and increased tenderness. The process seemed to turn off the two copies of the myostatin gene. The active-myostatin gene acts as a “governor” on muscle growth; myostatin is a protein that instructs muscles to stop growing. In effect, when inactive it no longer prevents muscle development which is what allows for the hypertrophic condition sometimes referred to as “double muscling.”


We suspected but never proved that the immune system was very aggressive attacking viruses and disease. One of our volunteers only had unprotected sex and a lot of it with both sexes. He never caught an STD or AIDS or passed it along. Most military guys weren’t that stupid. Personally I think the guy was trying to get thrown out of the military.


So it was the beginning of July and I was out-processing but had not been reassigned to anything else while the paperwork cleared. For the last week I was going to work and most of the time I was the only one in the building. It was July 4th 2000 and I was invited to a barbeque at a friend’s house but Dr. Henry called me and told me they were coming to move the machine on Tuesday which was the 4th. I objected but Dr. Henry ordered me to be in the building.


All the research paperwork was in storage and the only thing left in the facility was the machine used for the phases. I was supposed to be there when they came to move it out but they never said what time they were coming. I expected to at least watch the fireworks with my friends. The building was to be refurbished so they already moved out all the furniture and were tearing out walls. The only place to sit and read was the reclining couch of the machine. (Think of a dentist chair.) It wasn’t hard to fall asleep in the quiet building.


I was dreaming of being on the beach in the Caribbean. The warmth of the sun began to seep into my skin. I felt heat begin to radiate across my body and into my core. Sweat began to pour off my skin. I inhaled the salty ocean air and I felt my chest expand. My breathing became difficult for a brief moment because someone was sitting on my chest. My shoulders and arms began to burn from the inside out as the sun beat down on me. I felt my muscles cramping all over my body as I tried to lift the weight of the guy sitting on me. It was like struggling to get a weight up when you don’t have a spotter. My back arched and my legs repeatedly flexed trying to get leverage.  I tried to readjust my position. My stomach ached as my abdominals flexed. My hands drifted across my abs feeing how hard and defined they were and I touched pecs twice the size of mine.


The heat began to lessen around my body and then became focused on my crotch. My dick felt like it was on fire and was almost too much to take. I felt my dick and balls absorb the heat and expand. I felt my huge dick flop against my thigh. I figured that I must be nude on the beach and my cock was getting sunburned. I covered my cock with my hands and the heat began to die down. It was like a cloud had moved between me and the sun. I blinked my eyes a few times and heard the sound of the machine shutting down. Holy fuck, somehow I got zapped, I thought.


The big thick door to the machine room opened letting in fresh air. I sat up and looked down at how large my pectorals were. I ran my hands over each of them, feeling the dense muscles beneath my skin. I shivered when I touched my small hard nipples. I stood up and felt my dick flop slapping against my thigh. I couldn’t really see it over my pecs but I could tell that it was bigger than before. I walked over to the mirror feeling my large balls and dick bounce left to right with each step. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a massive naked bodybuilder.


This is me at phase 5


It looked like my body had been morphed. I had tight square pectorals creating a deep crevasse in the center of my chest. My biceps were huge so I flexed enjoying the sight of my arms and shoulders. I continued to flex and pose in the mirror, watching my large muscles flow and bulge in every position.


I grasped my huge dick with both hands feeling its weight and length. My balls were hanging lower and almost to the tip of my cock. I pushed my hardening dick up towards me and felt the tip resting above my navel. The shaft was resting right between my flat defined abdominals. I felt my dick grow harder and when I stroked it a stream of pre-cum came oozing out onto my skin. I cupped my huge balls knowing I could now produce even more cum than before. I stepped back hugely turned on by the sight of my new body. Fuck I was perfect.


I felt a hand slide along my back then both hands stroked my lats and hefted my pecs.


“I was beginning to think you would never fall asleep. I gave you the max dose of phase five,” I heard Dr. Henry say. It was strange hearing his voice coming up at me after all those years working together he was 6’2” but I was only 5’8” so his voice always came from above me but now his words were hitting between my shoulder blades. I stretched my arms up over my head and turned to face Dr. Henry.


“Your body is going to feel sore for a few weeks maybe even a month,” he said focused on my pecs. “Your bones and muscles will need to settle in so you may have to lay off the weights for a while.”


I looked down at him and he was almost a head shorter than me. That would make me around 6’6” or taller. I had been dreaming about this moment since the day I sprained my ankle running with Jack. I wrapped my arms around my friend and easily lifted him off his feet. I felt like I had been reborn.


“Should I run you through the machine?” I asked.


“No… not yet, I have a couple more years of service to pay Uncle Sam back for my education. Tomorrow you will be a civilian and you will be able to bid on military scrap. You will get a message when this machine comes up for scrap and I want you to bid. One day I want to be in that chair.”


“The movers aren’t coming today are they?” I said. I reached down and lifted off his golf shirt.


“What are you doing?” he chuckled. He knew exactly what I wanted.


“You said you wanted to be in that chair. I want you in that chair naked. You know that guys get horny after a treatment. Well phase 5 makes a guy ten times hornier than any other treatment and you gave me the max dose!” I said as his shorts hit the floor. Seconds later the good doctor was naked with a cock as hard as mine. I lifted him by the back of his thighs and he wrapped his legs around my hips. I carried him to the cushioned lounge and lowered him to his back. He ran his hands over my gigantic pecs before he grabbed my forearm and led my hand to his cock. It seemed very hot. He released my arm but I kept massaging his leaking cock.


“You like that?” I asked.


“Yeah… ” he answered breathlessly.


“Good,” I whispered as I guided my cock along his ass crack. Each time I stroked his hole he gave a little jump.


“There,” he said on the next pass. “Focus right there.” I parked my cock against his hole but didn’t try to enter him. I ran my hands over his body and he trembled. “Yes run your hands over my body and make love to me,” he groaned. I felt him relax and the head of my cock slipped into him. His ass ring clamped down hard. “It’s so much bigger,” he gasped.


Leaning over I placed my powerful arms above his traps next to his head and really started to fuck his ass. I felt the muscles in my ass contract as I repeatedly thrust in and out picking up speed. I was slowly building towards the final assault. I was producing so much pre-cum my new thick 10 inch cock was slick and shiny as I slammed into his tight ass.


His body literally radiated heat and that combined with the smell of his cologne and his masculine scent was intoxicating. And there was something else. His body wasn’t just for show like some bodybuilder on a stage he stayed fit and healthy so he could have staying power. Being fit was connected to being a sexual champion in bed. From when I first came to work for him I had submitted to him just because of his alpha attitude. Then as we progressed through the program we became bed partners trading fucks.


I remember the day he first fucked me like it was yesterday. We had just finished phase 3 and were super horny. Our treatments happened after hours when the building was empty.  He had been careful and slow in opening me up and then waited a minute for me to adjust. At first he went slowly. He withdrew his cock up to the tip and then thrust it back in. The first time gently, but progressively with more force. He kept pulling back slowly but the in-thrust was getting more and more brutal.


On the out-thrust the feeling was decadent leaving me feeling empty. Thrusting back in he was always more brutal and I couldn’t help letting out a high-pitched yelp of pain and pleasure. Dr. Henry’s body, his muscles, his huge cock up my ass, and his handsome face and eyes above me had me totally absorbed and mesmerized.


Soon he sped up and was thrusting into me like a cheap whore fucking my brains out. He had the physicality of a warrior and athlete and he was now putting it to good use fucking me into submission. Suddenly Dr. Henry let my legs fall off his shoulders and pulled out. I wanted him to continue, but was too out of it and stunned to say anything. I didn’t need to. With a powerful athletic move he flipped me over and I was on my belly. I was expecting another rough fucking but he took it slow at first. He slowly went in and slowly went out, smoothly fucking all resistance out of my mind and body. The feeling him fucking me up the ass was incredible and I heard myself moaning like a slut as his cock moved in and out. I could feel his sweat dripping on me and felt him lightly bite at the back of my neck. I was in sensory overload.


Then he pulled me up on my hands and knees and started to take me doggy style.  This position must have excited him too because he increased his pounding. Every few thrusts he would slap my ass like he was riding a horse. His cock in my ass felt amazing but never lost the slight edge of pain. It was a weapon which reminded me of his immense physical power. He alternated between firmly grabbing my hips while pounding into me and slapping my ass.


Then the sensation of his thick cock exploding inside me made me shoot cum without touching myself. Both of us panting as I supported both of us up on all fours. He was resting his body on top of mine and I could feel his slabs of muscle, sweat, and hot breath at my neck and after a minute or so of resting on top of me his cock began deflating inside me. I felt him lift his body. Cum was everywhere. I glanced in his direction and he smiled sheepishly.


 Now the roles were reversed and my improved cock was reaching virgin territory. I didn’t flip him over because I wanted to see his eyes when my cum flooded his ass where no man had been before. Seconds before I loaded his ass with my cum he began shooting cum all over my torso. I collapsed on top of him crushing the air out of his lungs.


We showered together. That was one part of the building they hadn’t touched. Dr. Henry had gym shorts and a shirt I could wear until I bought some new clothes. Two days later the paperwork was ready and I was a free man honorably discharged.


Four months later I got a text from Dr. Henry inquiring about my health and wishing me happy birthday. That was the message we agreed on to tell me the machine was being sold for scrap. The next message several weeks later was from a throwaway phone giving me the lot numbers and the location of the machine. It was a live auction and I was in attendance so I could make sure we had all the parts and pieces. I won the bid and shipped the machine home.


To date Dr. Henry has also gone through phase 5 and we had a month long fuck fest. (We only had three days when I got the phase 5 treatment.) Eight of his sons are in various stages of treatments. As soon as his last set of twins become eighteen we will start them on phase 1.


I can’t tell you where our gym is otherwise we would be shut down but if you ever fall asleep during a massage at our gym you might just receive a small dose to help your muscles grow. You see further research told us that each phase could be further broken down to up to fifty treatments and the effects looked more natural. Phase 5 is now only used for bodybuilders going to contest although they never get a full dose like I did days before I was honorably discharged.


One thing is for sure, since July 4th 2000 until today I look like I have aged about a year. I think the best thing that ever happened to me was joining the military and doing research. By the way I think I have proven that my immune system kicks into high gear when the flu is going around. Since the day I went through phase 5 I haven’t had as much as a sniffle. I have been with guys that tried to infect me with AIDS and I never even had a symptom.


It is a shame the military in all their wisdom didn’t use our research. I don’t think it is unethical to help guys improve. So if you happen upon us and your body begins to improve pat yourself on the back for a job well done and keep our little secret to yourself.


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