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Cowboy Wannabe


After seeing the movie City Slickers come on TV for the third in the last couple months I thought I wanted to book a stay at one of the working ranches in Montana just like they did so I guess that makes me a cowboy wannabe. I was doing some research about cowboys and then I read about The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive of 1989 celebrated the state of Montana’s centennial and raised money for a college scholarship fund as 2,400 people (including some working cowboys), 200 wagons and 2,800 cattle traveled 50 miles in six days from Roundup to Billings along a major highway. That was what I really wanted to do!


I could spend a week at one of the dude ranches gathering the herd, branding them and returning them to the range and it would only cost me about $4K of my hard earned money. I actually wanted to experience the end of the trail where cattle were driven to the railhead and the cowboys got paid. It was impossible for me to find anything like that. Today cattle are brought to auction houses by truck and are either taken to the slaughterhouse or to a ranch by truck.


They say that 1883 and 1884 were the boom years for the cattle drives. We are talking a half million cows on just one of the many trails. The following two years, however, saw a decline of cataclysmic proportions. In 1885 Kansas, then the primary destination for the northbound drives closed its borders to Texas herds in an attempt to eradicate Texas fever, a fatal disease among cattle. In the winter of 1885–86 several feet of ice and snow buried the northern range making winter graze inaccessible and destroying cattle in staggering numbers with stock losses that reached 90 percent. That sounded the death knell for most of the large ranching operations in Montana, Wyoming, and to a lesser extent Colorado. The following winter brought more blizzards, killing many of the surviving free range cattle. The old-time cattle industry, and the trail drives that fed it, never fully recovered.


By the time the last herds trailed north in 1895, the cowboy had been elevated in the popular imagination from a laborer on horseback to America’s favorite folk hero. In literature there was something romantic about him. He lives on horseback; he fights on horseback; he is armed with a gun and rifle which he uses ambidextrously and precisely; he swears like a trooper, drinks like a fish, and fights like a devil. He is gracious to ladies, reserved toward strangers, generous to his friends and brutal to his enemies. He is a cowboy!


While the cattle drives faded before the coming of the new century, the cowboy entered into a popular culture state of grace that persists to the present day. The movies romanticized depiction of the working cowhand merely solidified the nation’s fanciful notion of the classic cowpoke. The image of today’s cowboy bears little resemblance to the old-time cowboy who pushed Texas Longhorns north, but it serves as a reminder of a time when it all came down to a man on a cow pony. Those old times, with their frontier ways and customs, have long since been superseded by the modern conveniences and developments of civilization.


Browsing on the internet I saw that there were some cattle drives in Kansas but on further exploration I discovered they were more like art and craft fairs than cattle drives. I decided to check out The Fort Worth Stock Yards. I was in Dallas on business so I decided to extend my stay a couple days.


The Stock Yards officially incorporated in 1893, swiftly became the epicenter of the largest livestock market in Texas, grew to be the biggest market south of Kansas City, and finally ranked among the top five nationwide for five decades. Serving as supply depot for the Chisholm Trail, the major route out of Texas for livestock, started Fort Worth on its path to Cowtown capital. But it was the arrival of the railroad and the ambition of its business leaders that drove the city’s success. Recognizing the potential, local businessmen began expanding the stockyard facilities beyond its feedlots. Diversification in Fort Worth’s livestock industry included railroad cattle terminals, meatpacking plants, grain elevators for feed, livestock-pharmaceutical manufacturers, a horse, mule, and hog market, and the extension into sheep soon turned it into the largest sheep market in the nation.


A permanent change in the nature of the livestock industry and its decentralization wouldn’t begin until the middle of the 20th century, allowing the Fort Worth Stockyards to hold on until 1992, when the market finally closed after its final livestock auction. However, rather than allowing the enterprise to go the way of other abandoned stockyards in the state, Fort Worth business leaders once again saw opportunity for growth and today a Stockyards National Historic District, with its restored mercantile buildings and network of corrals and feedlots, preserves the city’s grand past. The District covers fifteen square blocks where entertainment, restaurants, shops, a daily cattle drive, and rodeos all drive a visitor experience worthy of Texas’ Cowtown Capital. 


I thought I might be able to get a feel for what a railhead town was like but it certainly didn’t smell like a cow town stock yards. If you have ever been through Dalhart TX where they have miles of feed lots, you will never forget the smell. The Fort Worth Stock Yards was about entertainment, eating, and shopping. I could do the same thing in Gatlinburg TN or in the New Orleans French Quarter.


I had booked a room for the weekend and it was non-refundable so I decided to make the best of it. I walked the streets and found a great steak place. My belly was stuffed and I was headed back to the hotel when a sudden downpour drove me into the nearest bar. Some cowboy I would make! They rode and slept in rain, sleet, snow, hot sun, and bitter winds. I ran from a little rain.


I got a beer and was listening to a guitar playing comic. He had a great singing voice but he would interrupt a song to tell jokes. Sometimes he would start playing the intro to a song and stop to tell a joke. He’d start again and stop to tell another joke. He was good and he had me well entertained.


My back was to the bar because I was watching the comedian and a guy walked up behind me to order a beer. When the comedy set ended I turned back and ordered a fresh beer. The guy next to me seemed to be folded over the bar focusing on his brew. He said something and I thought he was talking to me.


“Sorry, I didn’t catch that,” I said just in case he did ask me something.


“Mind your own business,” he growled.


“Sorry I thought you were taking to me.”


“Talking to myself!” he snarled.


“The danger starts when you answer yourself. When you do they take you to the funny farm.”


“Are you a smartass or do you think you’re a comedian?” He stood up straight and he was a head taller than my six feet. He was also a lot wider at the shoulders than me and looked a lot more muscular when he faced me.


“I’ll just move down the bar,” I smiled. He wiped his face with his hand and apologized.


“Where are you from? I’m Jake and I just got dumped so I’ve been bitching at the beer.”


“There’s a lot of fish in the sea. This place is loaded with chicks.”


“Yeah, I know,” he turned back to his beer. “That’s the problem.”


It didn’t hit me right away but then I started to chuckle. He looked at me and rolled his eyes.


“You didn’t get dumped by a chick, I take it,” I said as I leaned in so only he could hear me.


“How astute of you,” he muttered as he chugged his beer and called for another.


“Should we both pretend we are in the bar to pick up chicks?” I started to laugh hard like he told a joke or something. “I’ve got to get out of here. I hope it stopped raining. Nice meeting you Jake.”


“I didn’t catch your name,” Jake said now facing me again.


“Rick Harper,” I said extending my hand.


“Jacob Eric Thomas.”


He upended the new beer and drained half the longneck before he set it on the bar and started for the door. I looked around and he was gone. I think I got dumped before I even picked up the dude! There was only a light rain now as I turned toward the hotel but I was still getting very wet.


“Hey,” he said as a big pick-up stopped next to the curb and the window went down.


“Jake?” I was surprised.


“Jump in. You look like a wet duck,” he chuckled. I hesitated because I heard: Jump in you look like you need a good fuck. Then my brain processed the word duck.


“Water runs off a duck,” I said.


“Right!” he grinned. “Where can I drop you?”


“I’m staying at the Hyatt,” I said. He drove down the street and pulled into the Hyatt lot using a room key.


“I’m in the John Wayne Suite,” he said as we entered the building. “Would you like to see it?”


Well, well, well. Who is picking up whom, I thought.


“I didn’t know they had any suites here.”


“Only one suite,” he said as he led the way. I have to say it was much nicer than my room. The living room was manly with dark wood, leather sofas, and coffered ceiling. His refrigerator was stocked with beer, wine, and a bottle of champagne.


“Tell me about being dumped,” I said to piss him off. Guys like him have too much baggage and I only had two nights to relax. I was flying back to Denver on Monday morning for meetings beginning Monday afternoon.


“No,” he said quietly. He handed me the same brand of beer I was drinking in the bar. “The handwriting has been on the wall for a couple months now but I refused to read the words.”


“You set this up to be together and when he didn’t show up you called him?”


“Yep,” he said as he plopped into an easy chair and put his fancy boots up on the coffee table.


“So you ask the first guy you meet at a bar up to the suite?”


“Yep,” he grinned.


“I don’t even kiss on the first date,” I said. “Thanks for the beer.” I started for the door.


“Stay even if we do nothing so I can say I was with somebody new,” he requested.


“I don’t have to stay and you could still say you had somebody else in your suite tonight.”


“Yep,” he smiled. He patted the arm of the chair and asked me to sit. “He’ll ask if I touched dark private places… like this.” He put one finger inside the sleeve of my golf shirt. “He’ll ask if we were intimate.” He ran his fingers up my back to the base of my skull and I shivered. “Now I can tell him you trembled at my touch.” He scooped me into his lap and inhaled deeply while nuzzling the back of my neck. I felt his hard cock against my ass.


“Are you seducing me?” I demanded he be truthful. His arms came around me and he pulled me against his muscular body.


“And if I am… what then?” he snickered. I stood and the smile left his face. A second later my knees were at his hips and I was opening the snaps of his cowboy shirt.  Jake was 6’6” tall and weighed about 250lbs. His physique looked like it was chiseled from granite and I couldn’t help but be a little threatened. This stud brought me to his hotel room, and now I was sitting in his lap mock fucking my cock against his!


He stood and carried me to the huge bed in the next room. Jake set me on my feet next to the bed and started to get undressed.


He was seductively taking off his shirt and pants and I sort of panicked while looking at his huge physique. He didn’t have a speck of fat or hair on his entire body from the neck down. I would never admit to anyone that a body like his made my cock as hard as nails. I couldn’t stop myself from watching this buff jock showing off his perfect body. 

The most unbelievable part was Jake had a bulge in his boxer briefs that looked like he had a pair of socks stuffed inside.  I sat on the bed mesmerized. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  He put my hands on his hips and told me to strip off his briefs. I slowly took down his boxer briefs to unleash the biggest cock I ever saw. I looked at the gigantic tool with both fear and admiration, and then I looked up at Jake.


“WOW!”  I whispered. “That is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life! You’re fucking huge, and you’re not even hard yet!” Jake looked down at me with a smug look.

“Touch it,” the arrogant jock ordered. I wasted no time in stroking the full length in my hand. Even in his current semi-flaccid state I estimated that Jake was at least 8 inches long, and his tool was as thick as my wrist. I bent down to lap at his enormous low hanging scrotum. Jake let out a moan as he ran his hand through my hair.


Jake stripped me naked before he threw me into the bed. Crawling on top of my body, Jake warned me not to bite while I sucked his cock. My eyes grew huge as he sat on my chest and made me stimulate his cock to full hardness. I swear it was ten inches long. Soon he was fucking my throat. Of course I choked at first but Jake persisted until he could swallow every inch of his huge cock.


“Now that you got my cock all lubed I’m gonna fuck your ass,” Jake grinned. He slid back to my abs.


“Please no… Please don’t… it won’t fit,” I begged. I now had a better view of his naked incredibly muscular physique. It was spectacular. I never realized that a body could have that much size and definition. Jake had a body to-die-for and it was no wonder I was in awe of him.



He started to slowly slide down my body as my hands explored his huge physique. Jake hovered over me while holding my arms above my head. He playfully took light bites neck and jaw line just like he would if he was seducing a woman.


Moving down my body he gently kissed and sucked my ear lobes and licked my neck. He worked his way over down to my chest. The light nibbles, kisses, and licks were so erotic they had me squirming with absolute bliss. Jake concentrated on each nipple until I thought I was going to cum. He smiled as he began working down the ridges of my abdominal muscles towards my groin. When Jake started kissing his way around my dick my cock throbbed and I thought it would soon be over because I was about to cum. But it wasn’t because he was edging me.


First Jake sucked one ball into his mouth. He gently rolled it around with his tongue. Letting it go he gave the second ball the same careful treatment. Before leaving them alone he took both balls into his mouth. He was now holding my entire sack in his mouth washing it thoroughly with his tongue. He sucked it; he rolled my balls around with his tongue before he tugged slightly on the sac. At that point I knew Jake could have done anything he wanted. I submitted and was completely in his control.


He released my balls and grabbed my legs. He slowly pushed my knees to my shoulders. Taking his time, he worked his way along my ass crack finally reaching my tight hole. He paused just long enough to reposition himself and grab a pillow to push under my lower back then quickly dove in to eat my ass like a starving man. He ran his tongue up and down the length of my crack. He paused at the hole and forcefully pressed entry with his tongue while his hands pulled my ass cheeks apart and eventually he started sliding a finger inside my ass. By now I was moaning. Once Jake had provided my ass with considerable attention, he stopped.


“I’m going to love fucking this gorgeous ass,” he said in a voice filled with lust.


“Please… a condom… oh no!” I groaned as Jake pressed the naked head of his giant cock against my opening.  I felt tremendous pressure as Jake eased forward. Then a stab of pain made me scream as the massive head penetrated my ass. He held still for a minute so my ass could adjust but the pain returned as Jake’s dick pressed deeper into my ass. My ass muscles automatically began clenching while I pounded my fists against Jake huge arms.


“Am I going too fast? I need to fuck!” Jake grunted with lust. He put his weight to it and shoved all the way in. I felt his hips contact my ass cheeks and moments later his physique was pushing hard against my body. Jake’s dick was wedged as deep inside my ass as possible. He shuddered with delight.


“This is the tightest ass I ever fucked,” Jake moaned. Once again he held still, letting my ass get comfortable with his thick tool before he backed out. When it was just the head inside me he reversed and entered my ass again, this time in one smooth steady slide forward. He soon developed a rhythm but now I was thrusting back each time he pushed in. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck and ears. He was literally making full-body contact. The entire weight of his body was on me and I was worshipping his muscular back and grabbing his ass. Sweat lubricated our bodies and he reacted to my muscle worship by increasing the forcefulness of his thrusts.


“Oh yeah, just fuck me Jake, fuck me!” I moaned.


Jake just kept getting more and more forceful. His arms were squeezing my body hard. His hips were pistoning to thrust his dick inside me as hard and deep as he could with each stroke. By now the sweat was dripping off his face and he was breathing hard, gasping out words of ecstasy.


Jake’s breath suddenly changed from heavy even breaths to short gasping breaths.


“I’m gonna shoot,” he yelled.


His entire body started to tremble and the fucking motion became uncontrollably erratic. It took at least a minute for Jake to empty his balls in me. He finally came to a rest on top of my body. He was nuzzling my neck with kisses as another load of my cum shot between us.


We lay still breathing hard, with him on top of me, his dick still inside. When his cock softened and pulled free he turned to his back and pulled me to his side. My hand slowly stroked Jake’s massive chest. Jake’s free hand lazily rubbed my seed into his awesome abs.


“Fuck that was awesome,” I whispered.


“I know,” Jake smiled. He pulled my body on top of his and locked eyes with me. “I came here to fuck all weekend and to do just that. I plan to fuck you again.”


“When,” I smiled.


“As soon as my balls recharge and my cock gets hard,” he said hugging me tightly. “I think a shower might be in order,” he added.  After a long sexy shower we changed the sheets and slept for a couple hours before he made good on his promises. I actually lost count of the times we made love. I have to say that was one wild weekend! I am eternally grateful for the rain that forced me into that bar.


Monday morning we were on the same airplane back to Denver. He was in first class and I was in coach.


Jake was a real cowboy. He inherited a cattle ranch that had been in his family since 1870. The ranch cashed in big time in 1883 and 1884. They survived the winter of 1885-86 for three reasons. The herd had been mostly sold off because the rancher and his wife were ill in the summer and fall of 1885. Two, because the remaining cattle were kept sheltered under a barn filled to the rafters with hay, and three because Kansas wasn’t accepting Texas Cattle. They made huge profits in 1887-88 and expanded the size of their ranch.


The ranch house was one of those homes that had many additions so it is not much to look at but it has character. (The porch is where this picture of Jake was taken.) Ranching is damn hard work especially when the cattle are free range fed. Our cattle go for top dollar because they are DNA certified 97% pure Angus and our beef is graded #1 Prime 95% of the time. I say ‘our’ because I quit the corporate rat race and became a full time cowboy that handles the financial side of the ranch.


It doesn’t let me escape roundups or branding or inoculations or castrations or winter hay drops but it does allow me to snuggle up to my man on a cold winter morning (or any morning) particularly after I have been freshly fucked.


I am living my dream.

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