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Employee Perks


“Thanks again boss” Malik said from inside the ripped blond in yellow shorts

Mr. Andrews the owner of the Paradise Springs Hotel and Resort waved off the young mans thanks.

“Think nothing of it boys” he smiled “You earned it, and you Drake” he pointed the guy at the back in the blue speedo “Third year you got yourself here, good job”

Drake turned his attention to his boss and smiled widely “Hope I get next year too”

“That’s the spirit” Mr. Andrews clapped “Now you boys have fun you earned it”

With that Mr. Andrews stepped off the boat and onto the jetty, he waved the four boys off as they sailed away.

Drake was smiling ear to ear, and he clapped his hands together.

“You guys ready” he asked

Malik and Freddy who was shorter and clad in a tight little speedo gave each other a look.

“What do you mean” Freddy asked “Isn’t this it”

Drake and the fourth guy laughed. The four young, very hunky men weren’t who they looked like. They were employees of Mr. Andrews, four natives of the tropical island that the hotel was built on.

They were also his best employees, each winning a month long holiday inside the sexy bodies four insanely attractive American jocks who Mr. Andrews had picked personally.

The jocks had been tricked into thinking they were winning a holiday themselves and now they were inside the bodies of the employees and working for the next month in the hotel. Mr. Andrews wasn’t scared that they would talk, none of the dozens of people who suffered the same had talked, and no one would believe them anyway.

Drake and his buddy, who neither Malik or Freddy knew, though they think he was the silent guy who worked in the kitchens, had been veterans of a few of these holidays and seemed to be holding something back from the other two.

Drake smiled “We are going there”

He pointed out onto the crystal blue ocean and towards a giant white yacht.

“Holy shit” Freddy gasped

“Did Mr. Andrews rent it” Malik asked

Drake chuckled, the silent guy was looking excited.

“Nope, it’s the Sheikh’s yacht” Drake answered

“The Sheikh” Freddy asked

The small boat the four guys were on was being docked with the yacht, burly navy dressed men pulled the boat in.

“Yep…. Some Middle Eastern Royal” Drake replied “He pays for the body swap and then pampers us for a month”

“So he likes having good looking guys around” Malik asked

Drake nodded “He tips very well”

The burly workers started to help the guys into the yacht. It was the height of luxury and almost too gaudy to look at.

Drake added “How do you think I can afford a penthouse apartment”

Malik’s eyes widened, he remember Drake’s high class beach view apartment. It must be worth millions.

He smiled, a month of being in a hot body and hanging with a generous rich man, sounded easy.

The four were led into a large glass walled room, the entire view was perfect ocean. A worker shook a cocktail shaker at a bar and soft music echoed around.

“That you little Drake” a deep voice called from the end of the room

Drake dropped his speedo and jogged forward. Ahead of him a massive hairy man opened his beefy arms.

Drake jumped into them and the two men kissed, the huge man cupped the boys ass.

“Very nice body” the man smiled

His eyes fell over the other three. Drake slipped out of his arms and started to kiss the mans massive feet.

“You will refer to me as the Sheikh, or sir” the man boomed

He pulled at his tight speedo, the bulge bounced and then he scratched his hairy solid belly. The silent fourth boy dropped his speedo and joined Drake at the Sheikh’s feet.

The huge man eyed Malik and Freddy, then he nodded.

“Newcomers, fresh faces” he then clapped and the worker behind the bar moved “Nothing to fear, we are going to have lots of fun”

The worker appeared with two brief cases and opened them. They were filled with thousands of dollars.

“A welcome gift” the Sheikh added “I hope you both enjoy what I have planned for you”

Malik and Freddy shared a look, then they shrugged and dropped their swim wear.

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