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Short Captions- Batch Eight


“What you looking at”

“What do you mean… Who am I”

“I’m Drake Hughes, superstar athlete”

*The little guy repeats his question*

“Oh, so it’s you”

“The real Drake, stuck in some body”

*You pause and ponder for a second*

“Makes you wonder what happened to my old one”

*But you snap out of it and stare down the little man*

“Sorry man, but we can’t change back”

“The process is permanent”

“And even if it was would you give up this”

“I mean…. I have a huge cock now”

“But you know all about that”

*The guy goes to talk and you interrupt*

“Let’s put it this way…”

“You had what… 25 years to play with this”

*You flex a bicep and bounce a pec*

“Now it’s my turn”

*Security approach to remove the short guy from the locker room*

“If it makes you feel better….”

“At least you didn't get my old body, it sucked”



“Ok, so I’m not imagining things”

“I’m getting enough lusty stares to know I’m not a wimpy short ass anymore”

“So these tattoos really work”

“The one on my arm changed my race”

“Not that I’m complaining, I really fit in now”

“No one would think I’m a tourist”

“Plus with the tattoo on my chest….”

“No, on my pec, that tattoo gave me a rocking body”

*You feel up your ripped solid stomach*

“These fucking abs, I could wash clothes on them”

*You look down and pull open your tight swim trunks*

“Yep, I’m gonna have to visit the tattoo parlour again”

“My old dick does not fit this body at all”

“I just hope I don’t have to get a horse tattoo on my ass cheek”

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