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I stood to the side waiting for him to finish a set of seated curls.

“Excuse me Sir,” I said. Without looking at me he pointed and I dutifully moved in front of the bench. “Scott Jackson sent me Sir.” I explained.

His body language and the almost imperceptible ‘no’ movement of his head indicated that I was doomed. Even if he would not train me I had up close mental images that would fuel my fantasies for years to come. He looked me over and then he placed his hands on the bench and lifted his ass to lean towards me. Seeing inside his shirt, his delts bunching, and his arms flexing made my insides tremble. He was only inches away when he inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes and the expression on his face was that of orgasmic delight. It was as if he was a connoisseur of fine wines tasting me.

I stood there waiting when something overwhelming hit me like a hot wind. I felt myself grow suddenly very warm, even though the AC vent was blowing chilled air across my body. A rush of sexual bliss erupted in my loins and my cock was instantly hard and shoving insistently against my underwear and jeans.

Then I saw the bulge in his pants and it was almost absurdly large. His manhood was becoming engorged. I could hardly believe that such an accumulation of muscular perfection was actually turned on by me. I took the opportunity to admire the amazing collection of brawn he had no doubt worked years on perfecting.

My prick was in pain. It was hard as a rock but confined in my pants at an uncomfortable angle. It was pushing awkwardly against my briefs and making my shaft embarrassingly obvious. The room felt hot and I momentarily forgot protocol to shift my cock to a more manageable angle. The movement brought his eyes level with my crotch and he huffed out a silent laugh.

He stood and pulled his shirt off. He was a head taller so I was eye level with his massive pecs. Another hot blast hit me and the feeling of ultimate sexual bliss washed over me like an ocean wave. My body felt suddenly hot and cold at the same time–like a shiver that runs up your back coming in from the cold. I looked up the muscled contours of his enormous muscular form. I shuddered and a gush of pre-cum spewed from my cock. The man was huge, powerful and stern, yet he was outstandingly beautiful. The scent of him surrounded me like a fog of sexuality. It was his scent—his musk that was doing this to me.

“Yes,” he said. “Tell Scott that I will train you and that he should bring you tonight.” His hands clamped onto my shoulders and my body shuddered in orgasmic release. Hot cum spewed in my briefs.

“You will… be huge. Is that what you want?” He almost whispered.

All I could do was nod.


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Im sure he will look forward for that training session and even more

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