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A gay friendly motel

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I arrived at the small gay friendly motel and had to wait in line to check in. I didn’t mind because the lobby was bursting with eye candy. As I approached the counter I realized that everyone was checking out so when it was my turn I asked what was going on.

“We had a wedding here last night and the friends of the two grooms filled the hotel. Once they are gone there will be just you and another guest until late tonight. Another group in coming in and there was one early bird.”

I got to my room and opened the drapes. Right outside my window a muscleman was sleeping on a chair by the pool. The towel that had been covering his cock had slipped off and was sitting on the ground next to the chaise lounge. I stripped and pulled out my bikini. The halls were deserted except for the cleaning people. I stopped at the desk.

“What sort of group is coming?” I asked at the desk. He snickered and I caught the double meaning of what I said.

“GFBW,” he said. “Don’t ask me what that means,” he added.

“Gay Federation of Bodybuilders and Wannabes,” a deep voice said behind me. I rolled my eyes but the clerk’s eyes bugged out. I turned and saw two huge musclemen behind me.

“Has Dan Porter checked in?” the guy behind me asked. “He is our wannabe.”

“Can I be a wannabe?” I asked. I felt a hand brush across my ass. It was the guy that had been sleeping by the pool.

“Roger, Mike, we are in room 116,” he said as he hugged them. “Right next to his room,” he added as he nodded at me. I was just in town for an interview but I immediately asked the clerk to extend my stay for the duration of their meeting.

“Sorry, all I can give you is tonight, we are booked solid for the week,” the desk jockey said without looking up from the computer screen.

“If you can’t extend you can stay with us,” Roger offered. The other two smiled.

“Deal,” I said as I adjusted my hard cock.

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