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Short Captions

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“I didn’t think Fat Dan would look so good in a toga”

“He looks a whole lot taller too. Like did I always have to look up?”

“I know we mocked him for his fat tits…. but they aren’t really fat at all are they”

“Dude they look the pecs of these guys on TV. And does he look like wider to you?”

“Yea… and oddly commanding”

“ And what is that thing that’s dangling down his leg? I saw him in the showers once. He definitely didn’t have it before!”

“That’s got to be fake…. it’s like my forearm”

* Fat Don gestures for the fratboy to kneel down before him * 

* fratboy falls to knees on instinct *

“Dude, what the hell are you doing? I thought we wanted to visit the sorority house?”

“I don’t know what’s happening”

* Fat Don force the frat boy forward *

* confusion on the boys face *

* Fat Don shoves the Toga aside to reveal the full length of his tool *

“Fuck it’s like a battering ram”

“Dude, I think we’ll have to do the sorority house another day. I got bigger things to do now.”


“Does it look bigger to you, bro?”

“Yes…. are you sure those are the right size jeans.”

“Yeah, I took my usual jeans out of the wardrobe, but they are so damn tight today.”

“They look way too small.”

“Weird. They have been like this ever since Janine caught me in bed with her sister.”

“Ohhh yes…. that was rough, Janine tried talking to me about it… but your my bro.”

“She didn’t even try to hear me out. I mean her sister is a 10 out of 10!”

“I know bro… but she’s a 10 out of 10 too… you probably should of kept it in your pants, but I understand.”

“Talking about that. I think it shrank somehow. Like my hand reached around when I was jerking off”

“Wait what… that odd” 

* nervously pulls at the fabric bunching around my uncomfortably overstuffed crotch *

“Dude I know you’re gay and all. Could you help me? My ass has not only been feeling bigger, but weird overall”

“What do you mean” 

* again had to redo the zipper on his jeans after his manhood forces it down due to its increasing size *

“Dude, it’s been feeling like empty. And I thought you may want to help me.”

“How…. how do you mean”

“Yeah I know you are a top and you are quite hung. I thought you may wanna help me. I just have the feeling you may be a perfect fit for my itch right now.”


* starts to pull open jeans *

“Thanks bro you’re such a life saver." 

* pulls down bro’s underwear and his own jeans *

“I gotta warn you… for some reason I’ve become super aggressive and rough in bed.. my normal fuck buddies can barely handle me now”

"Dude, just start, I can’t take it anymore. And I’m sure this ass can handle your fucking.”

* drops underwear revealing a gigantic donkey dick, bigger then the rumored monster he’d heard about *

* black bro presents ass and looks over his shoulder *

“Looks like a perfect fit, bro. You’re a lifesaver”

“You welcome bro”

* stuffs his dirty underwear into his mates mouth as he mounts and slams his over a footlong monster into his friends virgin ass *


“Ummmm bro… did you forget a jockstrap”

“Ugh, yeah, sorry man. Still not accustomed to that beast”

“It’s ok….”

“Sorry, bro. It’s only been a week since I read that spell online and I haven’t had a change to go shopping for new clothes”

“And your brother stuff isn’t big enough?”

“Even though I used his size for the spell it doesn’t really fit. His jockstraps arelike XL, but I guess I need XXL”

“Must of taken a lot more then you meant too”

“Yeah. My ‘big’ brother looks a whole lot smaller than I meant too." 

* Shrugs shoulders *

"Too bad for him the results are irreversible.”

“Yea sucks for him…. poor guy” 

* laughs *

“Oh come on don’t be mean, bro. You know I hate it when you laugh at smaller guys. Well anyways, I think these girls over there might be willing to help me measure my jockstrap size." 

* gropes obscene outline of his cock, causing it to grow even bigger *


"So dude, I found this insane program I wanted to show you. Like it can change all of reality and so on. Like here’s where I made my neighbours daughters super hot and horny twins”

* chuckles dumbly *

"Damn sweet, dude. What did you call me here for.”

“No real reason”

“Hahaha, that figure looks just like me, dude.”

“Yea it does doesn’t it”

“But bro, what’s this 'List of Change’ next to it?”

“No don’t look at that…. give me back my laptop”

“Dude, why did you write my IQ, weight and height in there. And what does unaware mean?”

“Revert… changes???”

“Dude, now there’s this guy who looks like you. And the program wants to know what I wanna do to it." 

"Look this model of you as a twink looks really cool. And I used that unaware thing for you too." 

* dumb chuckle *

* his thick meaty finger hits enter, and suddenly his best friend is sitting on his lap, his face nuzzled into the cleavage of his insanely thick pecs *

"Dude, this program is the real deal.”

* feels massive dick harden in his shorts *

“Please master….”

* the little guy begs *

“What’s the matter, little guy?”

* the big guys picks the little one up, knowing what he wants *

“Are you sure you are prepared for that little guy? Maybe you wanna try something smaller first?" 

* small guy nods energetically *

* the big dude types something in and carried the little guy to his bedroom, neither of them hearing the little guys brother coming home from school *

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