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Prompts the 2nd

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Low Battery

Dylan was just on his way home, just a few miles away from home, when his engine sputtered and died down. He hit the steering wheel in frustration and jumped out of the car. He opened the hood. White smoke was coming out of the engine, he wouldn’t be driving anywhere anytime soon. He wanted to call the AAA, but as he pulled out his phone a blinking red message popped up: “Low Battery. Please recharge.”

With a groan Dylan threw the phone into his car and walked up to the next house. He had been lucky to have taken the route through a nice neighborhood today and not the longer drive over the highway. The house had a large garden and looked like your typical American suburb family house, but something seemed off. The roses were too perfect, the grass almost looked like someone had sut it with a ruler and it was also unnaturally green. But in his anger about the car trouble, Dylan didn’t really care. Even if weird people lived there, he was a pretty big guy from playing football in college and regular gym sessions after college. Not to forget he was well above 6 feet in height. There were few people who could be a threat to him.

He knocked at the door and immediately, as if he had been awaiting someone, a large man without a shirt opened the door.  Dylan explained his situation and that he needed to use the phone, occasionally stuttering because he was so impressed by the man’s size. The man was a couple of inches taller than Dylan and even beefier than the former football player, though Dylan could see that the man was still pretty cut and had a nice pelt of hair. Dylan just rubbed his head. Why was he thinking this? Maybe the car trouble had him thinking weird things, or the weird garden or maybe it was the steady mumbling of the man, not loud enough for Dylan to understand, but still bothering.


With a wide gesture the man invited Dylan into the house and gave him a phone. Quickly Dylan called the number on his membership card and waited for someone to help him, but even after 5 minutes there was noone on the phone. Frustratedly he hung up the phone and looked around  for the man, but then a realization hit him. He wasn’t in the hallway with the phone anymore, he was in a bedroom and weirdly everything looked far bigger than he was used to. Then he caught an image of something. It was a young man, probably in his mid-twenties. He had a tightly built body, like a track runner or a swimmer, athletic but not beefy. The most outstanding feature was the amazingly round and juicy bubble butt that the young man had. It was accentuated by the light blue jockstrap he was wearing and his fat pillowy lips.

And then there was the fat cock shaped plastic he had in his hands. Dylan knew what that was, a dildo. And then another shock hit him, what he was looking at wasn’t a picture, but a mirror. And then everything fell into place. He was Dylan, a twink for the muscular man that had opened the door. Without further ado he flipped a switch on the black plastic and it started humming. Dylan had nearly put the dildo up his ass when it stopped humming and much to Dylan’s disappointment a message showed up on the small display on the bottom end: “Low battery. Please recharge.”

Hot Cocoa

Be careful what you wish for. That’s the lesson I’ve learned for on a cold winter da last week. You may think that you know what I mean, but hear me out. My name is, or better was, Eugene Smith. I was a retired train conductor and on this aforementioned cold winter day I was playing with my grandchildren. Tina and Peter are twins and both 6 years old and I had agreed to do a snowball fight with them. The little rascals are just too adorable to say no to, so I was kinda forced to. My son Mark was really so lucky to have met his wife and get two children at such young age, even more so since she is pregnant again.

But I’m telling too much nonsense here. As I said I was having a snowball fight with my grandchildren and the two of them really beat me there. My aging body just couldn’t keep up with them, though I doubt that even in my prime I could have beaten them. I was never athletic or tall. Thank God my son takes more after my wife’s part of the family, he is athletic and strong, having been a champion wrestler back in his days and his children are just like him. Always active in some sport and excelling at it. So I found myself spectacularly losing to two six-year-olds. When the snowball fight finally came to an end, I found myself being drenched in snow and ice from head to toe and said the words that changed my life: “I wish I had some hot cocoa.”

I don’t know what happened then, but when i blinked I felt a strange pulling sensation all over my body and the air around me change from cold and dry to a moist heat. I opened my eyes and saw that I was not longer on the field next to my house but rather in what looked like a sauna. The walls were made of wood and the whole room was taken up by rows and rows of wooden benches. The middle of the room was dominated by a pile of hot stones, that radiated a warmth that was in stark contrast to the former cold of the outside. I was sweating heavily, so i wiped the sweat from my forehead with a hand, but when I looked at it, I saw that not only my surroundings were different. The hand that had just wiped my forehead wasn’t the same old white one I was used to.

Instead it was a massive, plate sized, meaty mitt that was coated in a nice warm tone of brown, like … cocoa. In shock I looked down at my body and saw what I had become. My bony frame was gone and I looked like someone had attached a air pump to my body and inflated it. Massive muscles were piled upon each other, making me look like I had been doing sports and workouts all my life. My chest was so thick it would have made probably every woman I encountered jealous and my arms were so thick i could without a doubt curl my old body weight. Thinking about this I saw something move further down my body. From  the small white towel that was wrapped around my waist, a cock rose that was bigger than anything I had ever seen. It must have been at least a foot long and as thick as a beer can. When I moved my massive hand towards it and tried to grab it, a smaller hand grabbed my thick wrist.

I looked at the origin of the hand and saw a small Asian guy, that was so cute my massive cock stirred even more. “Please, Hot Cocoa, let me have a shot of your cream.”, he said, a begging look in his deep brown eyes. Without waiting for my answer he started sucking on my cock, in a way that my wife hadn’t done in decades of marriage.

After shooting a load down the Asian guy’s throat I asked him a few things. He thought it was weird I was asking him so much about me, but after some more loads into his mouth and ass he was more than willing to answer. I was Jeremiah “Hot Cocoa” Jones, resident stallion of the local spa, personal trainer who made more private assignments with his clients regularly and overall black stud. Well I have to say that wasn’t what I thought about when I wished for some hot cocoa, but it definitely isn’t too bad. I also got a call from my old family when I had some free time and as it turns out the real Jeremiah Jones wished for a real family the exact same time I made my wish, which is why he was swapped into my body. We agreed we are happy with our new lives and don’t want to change back, but I still learned my lesson. Be careful what you wish for.


Undercover Cop

Rumor had been spreading around the office that Captain Banks was planning some new undercover initiative at the local high school. Seemingly there was some kind of new drug spreading among the popular students, especially the jocks, since it was said to increase the physical prowess of the consumer. Theodore was glad he wouldn’t have to worry about that. He was about as far from a jock as a person could be.

He had joined the police as soon as he had finished college, which would make him suitable in age, but he had always been more among nerds than jocks, which had lead him to have one of the most unimpressive bodies imaginable. Add to that a barely existent puberty and the total disinterest in working out or doing any kind of sport and you had all the ingredients for Theodore’s body. A weird mix of the dictionary definition of nerd and an anatomy class skeleton, no muscle or fat, just skin and bones. He was just lucky to have gone into forensics and not actual police work.

But then Cpt Banks called Theodore into his office to talk to the young man. The nerd had never been so nervous in his life before. The captain was an imposing man, standing at about 6’6, far taller than Theodore could have ever dreamed of being and he also had the mass to not look like a scarecrow. He more looked like he was about to step onto stage for Mr Olympia. Softly Theodore knocked on the door and was answered by the captain’s booming bass calling: “Come on in.”

When Theodore tried to walk in as quietly as possible, Banks sat behind his desk and was typing something on a little computer he held in his massive hands. “Don’t just stand there in the door, son. I said come on in.”, he boomed and gestured for Theo to come in. Theo blushed, he always hated it when his father spoke about their blood relationship, it made him feel like he had cheated his way into this job. “What did you want, dad?”, Theo just asked, wanting to escape this awkward scene as soon as possible, but his father just kept typing away at his computer.

“Theo, I want you to go undercover at the local high school and find out more about the drug incidents.”, the captain said and left Theo baffled. He had only just joined the police force, having gone through the police training in just a year and finishing as best of his year, but still he was feeling uncomfortable. He had next to no experience and this job seemed pretty hard. It would be pretty difficult for him to pass as a high schooler. Okay, admittedly he was only 19 years old, but he had been training in the gym with his father for as long as he could think, which made him look far older because of his large muscular frame. The stubble that practically coated his jaw right after shaving and the fact that he was nearly as tall as his father didn’t make it easier too.

“Don’t worry about seeming too big, son. I have made arrangements for that. You’ll be a new student from a school with a bodybuilding club to explain your brawn.”, his father said. Theo just nodded and grinned, he’d love this job, getting to be in high school again, partying and fucking like the stallion he was. He was about to head out, when his father said something. “And Theo, remember to wear condoms when you have to fuck the cheer squad. I don’t want as many pregnancies as after the Sherwood High Job.” Theo just palmed his massive jeans clad bulge and grinned at his old man’s remark. As if he’d be able to find ones that fit.


Family Heirloom

There was a knock at the door, followed by Kyle’s mother speaking: “Kyle, am I allowed to come in or are you … busy.” Kyle just blushed, hastily  packed his dick back into his boxers and closed his browser. His mother shouldn’t see the hay porn he was watching, not again. “Come in.”, Kyle just said and slowly his mother opened the door. There had been an awkward incident last week where his mother had walked in on him working off to a gay porn scene, which is why upon walking in she only looked at her son after he said “What’s up, mom?”

His mother sighed and looked straight at him, her green eyes as puzzling as his own. Kyle and his mother had the same eyes, wild green, which with the circle like patterns around the pupils looked like they were a whirlpool that drew you in. She seemed to have something heavy on her mind. “Kyle, you know how Aunt Ida and I have that shop for occult things?”, his mom asked an obvious question. The shop was well known in the city, most people thought the whole thing was a fraud, but the people who bought stuff there actually confirmed that whatever they bought helped them get pregnant, ace an important test or interview and such stuff.

Kyle was about to answer, but before he could his mother held an old leather bound book out to him. “That’s the secret to our success Kyle. This is the magical spell book of the family, and since you’re now 18 it’s yours. I don’t know what spells you’ll find, but one rule is for sure, you can’t use it on a member of our family. Please use it responsibly.” Kyle took the book, but before he could ask any questions like “Magic?” or “Why can’t you tell me the spells?” or simply “What the hell are you talking about?” his mother had already stormed out and slammed the door shut behind her.

Kyle looked at his family heirloom and sighed. He was hard as a pipe and horny as a teenager, but his curiosity was stronger than his libido. He opened the book and found … empty pages. He sighed, his mother must have been playing some prank on him. But just as he was about to throw that book into a corner he saw words starting to appear. Fast and faster the words started inking themselves onto the old pages.

Kyle looked at them totally amazed. That at least explained why his mother couldn’t tell him about the spells. He started looking at some of them and was a little surprised about their contents. “Let Them Become a Celebrity” or “Change the Scenario”, the spells were titled, with detailed descriptions on what needed and how to cast the spells underneath. But one caught his eyes especially. “Let Them Become Their Dream.” It looked simple enough, just some ashes and a twig from an oak tree would be enough to create a wand that would give everyone it was pointed at their dream body. Kyle quickly broke a twig off the oak tree in front of his window, burned a few pieces of paper on which he had written the spell’s words and rubbed the ashes onto the twig. It started glowing for a second and Kyle knew it was finished.

Eager to see what his new wand was capable of, Kyle went to his window and looked down the street. He quickly spotted his neighbor, a young man who had just moved in with his wife and without hesitation pointed the stick at him. All of a sudden the man started to groan louder and louder, worrying Kyle if something may have gone wrong. But when the man’s had grown so loud Kyle was sure the man would just die, there was a flash and his neighbor was gone, well at least the version Kyle knew. In his stead stood a god of a man, well over 6 feet in height and well over 200 pounds of muscle. He had thick arms, veins criss-crossing under his pale skin, so big that Kyle could even see them from several yards away and an impressive pec shelf pushed the chest area of the shirt close to bursting.

The man though had retained his ginger hair, which was now styled into a trendy fauxhawk, which was accentuated by a dense red beard, that made Kyle question if his neighbor could ever go clean shaven. The biggest surprise though was that the outline of what looked like a deli quality salami was plainly visible against one leg of the sweatpants his neighbor was wearing, stretching about halfway down to his knee, the apple sized head thoroughly outlined. Kyle was amazed, the wand was real and not only that but he now had a total stud as neighbor.

Later that night Kyle went through some more porn and much to his surprise he saw a familiar face. Right there on this exclusively gay porn website was a clip that showed his neighbor, though be it a slightly younger version of him, fuck a guy who was screaming in ecstasy. Neighborhood just got a whole lot more interesting, Kyle thought, the wand in one hand and his still hard dick in the other.


Secret Agents

It had been suspicious when Farmer Sam’s bulls had won the local cattle show. He had never been among the top contenders, his meager meadows and overall poor quality food didn’t help him grow strong cows like the other farmers. That’s why everyone had been so surprised when he had turned up with an animal that was 200 pounds heavier than its rivals. The bull had just been a walking mountain of meat, looking like one of the myostatin cows if anything.

Even more amazing however was when he bragged about how much the cows the bull had already impregnated, having barely reached the age where it was possible for him to breed. Of course the other farmers started bargain what he wanted from them to get his prime bull to also get their cattle to bear his brethren, to which Sam just smirked. “Prime Bull? That one isn’t even my strongest one.” The other farmer’s  jaws hit the floor as he swaggered off, taking his amazing bull with him. On his way out Sam just chuckled to himself, he had really shown them what bulls should look like after the humiliation of the last years, where they had teased him for his weak cattle.

Unbeknownst to them Sam had put them special chemicals into the water the animals got. He had gotten them from a friend in the military, who had promised him that his so called “Super Serum” would really pump his cattle up. The only downside was that the bulls were now constantly so horny, that they were starting to cause problems. He’d have to call his friend for some kind of antidote later. There was a problem Sam hadn’t realized yet though.

There was a small whole in the pipes, which lead the contaminated water to the animals. This had cause some of the chemical polluted liquid to sink into the ground and seep into the ground water.

The next morning the young farmer took a shower, still drunk from the victory he had had the day before. He barely even noticed that the water smelled a little old, like solubles and laboratory, or that it looked a little more glittering than usual. He also didn’t notice how a tingling sensation spread were the water came into contact with his smooth skin. Neither did he notice, that his hands covered more of his body, or that he had trouble reaching certain areas of his body and that the flesh felt hard and trained under his touch. He just closed his eyes and thought about the victory from yesterday.tumblr_inline_pi1rpjM9DU1uqgvfn_500.png

But when Sam climbed out of the shower, prepared to brush his teeth and looked into a mirror he came to realize what had caused the weird sensations he had experienced while under the water. He flexed a mighty peak of a biceps, let his pecs dance to a melody from some ad and rubbed his rockhard sixpack. The body part that had changed the most though was the insanely long cock that hung from his pelvis and the fat cum heavy balls that swung beneath it. A sudden surge of horniness washed over him. He understood why the bulls had been acting up, he would too, with such raging hormones rushing through his system. He let a hand run through his dense beard and smirked, while flexing his free arm again. He had the feeling the bulls wouldn’t act up so much anymore after he had shown up in the barn and shown them who’s boss.

Pledging the Frat

J-Dawg was lounging on the beach, looking at the racks and asses of bypassing girls, giving the occasional wolf whistle, or if they were close enough even a slap on the firm booties. The girls just giggled when he did that. They all loved his attention, they craved it. J-Dawg was your typical all-American jock and fratboy. A fit toned body, with special attention given to his firm sixpack and bulging pecs. He only wore loose board shorts too, but they showcased the size of his legs too. J-Dawg just smirk to himself, he never skipped leg day unlike some other frat brothers. The biggest reason why the girls gave him these longing looks was probably between his legs. Even the loose shorts showed off the fat bulge he had perfectly, it looked like he was trying to smuggle a salami in his pants, with two heavy bull nuts foring it forward.

J-Dawg grinned, at the end of the day he’d probably grab a girl and fuck her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for some days. But his plans changed as soon as he saw Eugene. The guy was a picture book nerd, thick rimmed black glasses, terrible acne and a crooked composure, that made his 5’9 frame look even shorter. Add to that the skeleton like build and nasal voice and you could be sure the only pussy this guy was gonna see was in one of the books he was carrying around. Like who the hell takes books to a beach and wears a loose white shirt to cover up too. J-Dawg shook his head. “I’ll have to do something there.”, he muttered to himself and activated the glittering pendant caught between his pecs.

He walked over to Eugene, the nerd’s eyes fixed on J-Dawg’s washboard abs and bouncing bulge. “Hey Eugene, nice to see you decided to come without a shirt for once.”, the jock exclaimed and immediately Eugene felt a cold breeze pass by his exposed pigeon chest, why the hell had he decided to show off his pathetic body. The jock quickly closed the distance between the two and patted the nerd’s shoulder. “Damn man I swear you’re taller everytime I see you. You’re like what now, 6’6?”, he said and suddenly he had to reach a little upwards to actually touch Eugene’s shoulder. The beanstalk like nerd just rubbed his head. “Yeah, something like that.”

“The time at the gym really shows. You look like you went to the gym for ages, instead of just 4 months.”, J-Dawg continued and Eugene’s form filled out with strong hard muscle. There was so much beef piled onto the hulking nerd that he had to be around 220 pounds by now. “Thanks man, just genetics I guess.”, Eugene answered, his immense biceps bulging as he kept scratching his head. “Damn, man. You should at least try to conceal your fat horsecock a bit. I don’t want you to get arrested for indecent exposure with that fat piece of meat flopping around.”, the jock said and gestured towards the outline of Eugene’s dick that was running down one leg of his peach colored board shorts. The hulking horsehung nerd blushed and tried to cover it with his massive hands.

J-Dawg grinned devilishly as he spoke the next sentence.”So you pledged  to Alpha Alpha Alpha I heard. You’ll fit in perfectly with your sexual activity and cocky attitude, E-Man.” Immediately a backwards dragged cap and sunglasses materialized on the former nerd’s head. “Hopefully your walls are prepared for my fuck sessions, don’t wanna crack them again.”, E-Man chuckled and walked over to two busty brunettes, also gesturing towards J-Dawg. They just moved their thighs closer together at the sound of Eugene’s voice and the sight of the two hunks’ bulges. J-Dawg smirked, they’d have a lot of fun tonight.


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