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Help Wanted

Did he really want to use this? He had tried anything to get more customers to visit his store, but nothing had worked. It wasn’t like it was that unusual of a shop, just some clothes. But it seemed like he, an overweight balding middle-aged guy wasn’t exactly the best guy to own a workout gear store. After all he had never even set foot in a gym and boy did it show. This whole situation left him with no other choice but to finally use the gifts he had inherited from his family.

He took the pen to hand and wrote a little sign just stating “Help Wanted” and placed in the store’s window. He sighed. The next poor soul to enter the store would not be interested in any of the gear he sold, but simply drawn in by the sign. And speaking of it, just that second a young guy walked in. He looked about 20 and like a typical stoner, a beanie on his shaggy hair and some baggy clothes barely hiding his unimpressive body from view. He carefully approached the counter, like he didn’t really know why he had entered the small store. “I saw the sign and wanted to apply for the job.”, the stoner said and gave the store owner an irritated look.

The older man just said, “Don’t worry, kid, it will be over soon.” and sighed, giving him a look of sadness and also curiosity. Before the stoner could even ask what that meant he felt like he had been thrown into hot water. His skin was burning as well as his insides and he doubled over in pain. He wanted to call for help, but instead only a deep moan escaped his lips. While the stoner felt his body grow and change, the store owner just watched from behind the counter. He sighed again. The guy’s shoulders filled out and started to broaden, his arms blew up like air balloons and his pecs practically blew the tightening shirt right off his chest. WIth the shirt gone he saw an unbelievably defined set of abs push their way through the light pudge the stoner had been carrying and his legs bursting through the cargo shorts he had been wearing.

This left the former stoner now only in a pair of unbelievably tight boxer briefs, which quickly pulled up into a jockstrap. The shop owner threw the man who now looked like he lived in a gym a pair of workout shorts and pointed to the shop’s front door. The eager man quickly jogged outside, his heavy pecs bouncing with each steps and soon began praising the incredible quality of the shop’s clothing. The shop owner just left out another sigh. He really hoped he wouldn’t have to use the gifts yet another time.


Hard Liquor

Gabe and Matt sat at home at Matt’s parents’ place and downed yet another beer. Since Matt’s parents weren’t home for the weekend, their son had to do some housesitting and had decided to invite one of his best friends over to spend the night. Of course they had both drunken their fair share of beers already (A game of “Never Have I Ever” was responsible for a good bit of them.) The downside though, was that the two beers they were just drinking were the two last ones Tyler had brought along, which meant they now had to stop drinking.

“Dude, I don’t wanna stop now.”, Gabe slurred and shook his half empty beer can, before downing the rest in one go. Matt followed his followed his example and emptied his beer too, before realizing his error. With a groan the two of them rose from the couch they had been sitting on and looked around the room, also letting there gaze wander across each other’s bodies. It’s not like they were gay, of course. Though they had had this one gay experiment when they had shared a room, there was nothing between them. It wasn’t like they were bad looking though, just a few beers less and a bit of healthy eating and working out would probably give them the bodies of average jocks, but they were both far too lazy for that.

“Dude, I think I have an idea.”, Matt said all of a sudden, “My dad has this liquor cabinet who he thinks is secret.” That sounded like a good enough idea for the two, so they went to Matt’s father’s room and quickly found the cabinet. It had a fat lock in front of it, but since Gabe had some talent for lockpicking (He had wanted to become a stage magician when he was younger.) it was quickly disposed of. Inside was a wide array of liquor bottles, about a dozen Gabe guessed. While Matt grabbed a Tequila bottle which was labeled “Twinkila”, his friend settled for a Vodka bottle, whose label simply read “Dad Bodka”. Without further ado the two took a big slug out of their respective bottles.

All of a sudden Gabe felt weird, completely dozy and relaxed. It was probably just the alcohol. Just like it was responsible for is lack of some memories. Like why was he only in his briefs and why could he not remember the time he and Matt had shared a room. It also made his body feel weird, like it was being pull into every direction and was pretty heavy. He just scratched his Bare chest as  he felt a weird itch spread over it. Wait, chest? He looked down and was greeted by the familiar sight of his heavy pecs, coated by a dense pelt of hair. As he rubbed his abs, he remembered the hours of working out in the gym, which had built this bod. Suddenly he felt someone pull at the waistband of his briefs.

It was Matt, the little twink he had been fucking for a few weeks. The little guy was hungry for his fat cock again. With a soft high pitched voice Matty said: “I need again, daddy.” He underlined his words by rubbing his fat bubble butt. “Sure thing, boi.”, Gabe just answered and ripped away his underwear, before flipping around the twink and secretly hoping hs parents would still be gone for a while.


Traffic Stop

Helen was left with no choice. She had tried getting her husband to work out or visit a workshop about sexual energy and this stuff, but he just didn’t want to. Even though Jim was only 44 years old he behaved like a retiree. He woke up at 5AM and ate dinner at 5PM, before she was even home. She really had had enough of his complaining all the time how everything had been better when he was younger. And worst of all his libido had practically neared 0. They hadn’t fucked in like a year, a fact which probably let her to find the other things even more annoying. It wasn’t like she wanted to leave him though. Helen was still in love with her husband, but things needed a change. Or simply a fresh start.

Carefully she sprayed the concoction into the AC of Jim’s car. It was pretty hot so, he was bound to eventually use it. Even more so since he was quick to try and adjust the temperature in the car to his optimum. Suddenly Helen heard steps behind her. As she turned around, she saw it was her husband. He just gave her a confused look, but didn’t ask what she was dong in his car. He just gave her a kiss, climbed into the car and drove off. Helen just hoped the concoction wouldn’t cause any problems for him.

As Jim drove off, he had a weird feeling. Call it premonition, but he felt like something would happen today. He just shrugged it off. After all as long as he was home at 5PM, just in time for dinner, he was content. Though it was pretty hot today, so he decided to turn on the air conditioning. As soon as he turned the dial, he smelled something unfamiliar. The fragrance reminded him of the locker rooms in high school and the gym he had visited when he was in college. As Jim breathed in more and more of the concoction, getting kind of drunk from the smell, the years melted from his body. The slight wrinkles that had appeared in the last years smoothened, the bit of pudge he had formed since college melted and revealed the tight physique he had had in his younger days.

Then the smell changed. From iron and sweat to the smell of … maybe dried cum? He definitely knew the smell, but he wasn’t 100% sure. As he tried identifying the second smell for sure, his dick hardened. But it wasn’t only hardening, it got longer by the second as well, and fatter too, until it looked like he was smuggling a deli quality salami in his tight pants. As he stopped at a traffic light, he also noticed he had to push seat further back and that his car seemed smaller than he remembered. And also that he was crazy horny. He started massaging his enlarged dick through his pants and that’s when he noticed.

His arms were just incredibly muscular and that his pecs were so big he could barely see the sizable silhouette of his dick in his pants.Finally the tool broke free from it’s fabric prison and Jim started furiously jerking it, ignoring the honking cars behind him. WIth his free hand he grabbed the roof of his car through the open roof, given everyone behind him a perfect view of the powerful cannons. He quickly shot a load, started his car again and did a u-Turn. He had to get home immediately. He had this raging horniness and knew only one woman could sate it.


Grand Slam

“And the winner is David Fedderson.”, the referee announced the very obvious result. The match hadn’t even been close. It was basically like shooting cannonballs at a fish in a bowl, or at least that’s how Roger had felt. He had scored once, and that was only because David had been distracted by a hot woman in the audience, who was surely on her way to get her pussy split by David’s enormous cock. On the other hand Roger would be coming home to an empty home, with only some jerking off as substitute for the action David would get.

He wondered for a moment how it had come to this. He had been pretty big in the junior tennis league, but as soon as he moved to the professionals he found himself at the bottom of the ladder. It didn’t matter how much he trained, he simply couldn’t come close to guys like David. Lost in these dark thoughts he went to the shower. It had always been his big dream to manage a Grand Slam, but as things were going now he’d only get it if everyone else would vanish. Depressed he came back from the shower and found his locker open. “Perfect.”, Roger just said annoyed, a theft would make this day simply complete, completely garbage.

He looked if something had been stolen, but the opposite was the case. Hidden just beneath his underwear was a little bottle of pills with a note attached. “Dear Roger, I was in a similar situation to yours, but these pills helped me. I hope they help you achieving a Grand Slam.”, the not read, with only an X as signature. Warily Roger eyed up the bottle and the pills. They looked just like normal medicine, but the way the note described them, they had to be steroids or something like this. But a little voice in Roger’s mind told him “What do you have to lose.” and so he swallowed 3 of the little yellow tablets.

Immediately he felt weird, like he had to puke, but instead he just felt his body tighten and grow, his already pretty athletic build shifting into something bigger, more manly, muscular and wild. Little hair started to sprout all over his body, as his tight chest became more beefy and his lean arms grew more powerful and he became taller as well. Roger was so caught up in his own transformation, that he barely noticed his surroundings shift and the locker room being replaced by a forest with a hut in it. Or the tennis bat being morphed an axe and the tennis gear becoming clothes that looked like they belonged to a lumberjack.

“But they do. They belong to you after all.”, the voice from before said. And it was right. As if he had done it thousands of times before, Roger put on the clothes before him, taking some extra time to bring his dick in the right position in the tight briefs and took the axe. He went to the nearest trees and with one mighty swing of the axe with his powerful arms brought down the tree in one go. “That’s what I call a Grand Slam.”, he chuckled and wondered why he felt like this had meant something different to him earlier.


Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum

Charles was pretty happy in that moment. After several decades of working in the company he could finally go into retirement. He had dedicated nearly 50 years to the insurance company and thus was well respected among his colleagues. Had he wanted to, he could have easily been promoted, but he never felt the need to. It wasn’t like he could attract anyone with his looks, being more on the ugly side. Not like he ever wanted to, he just didn’t have any kind of sex drive at all and he never felt anything like love towards another person either. He wasn’t an asshole, it was just so that whatever feeling he had towards them could not compare to what was described in movies and the like.

That’s what bothered him though. He had never been in a relationship with someone, let alone having sex. He always had wondered what his life would have been like if he was more on the emotional side, if he had ever fallen in love with someone or if he at least had ever had sex with someone. So when his colleagues presented him a cake with a big bright red candle on it (which somehow looked a little like a penis) he closed his eyes and did as he was told, he made a wish. “I wish I was younger again, so I could live my life another way.” Unbeknownst to him his colleagues had all given a little money to get a special candle, one which would really turn his life around.

Right after Charles had made the wish he felt a pressure inside of him. It was like someone was pushing something up his ass and it felt so good. Carefully he opened his eyes and found himself face to cest with one of the most muscular men he had ever seen. The man was carrying him and judging from the motions of the man and the shifting of the feeling in his ass, he was balls deep inside the poor Charles’ ass. He just couldn’t contain himself anymore and so the young man shot a load on the large man’s equally large chest. Wait, young man? Yeah, he was only barely 23, that went as young, he reminded himself.

Soon after the Hercules before couldn’t hold it any longer too and shot his load too, even though it was much bigger, at least from the feeling Charlie had. “You satisfied, lil’ guy?”, the behemoth asked. Charlie just giggled. He adored Jamal so much, not just because of the amazing sex and his even more amazing body. The man with 21-inch-arms and the eight pack abs cared for him to. And boy was it necessary. Charlie simply wasn’t the brightest guy around, he just liked fucking too much to focus on anything else. Which perfectly matched with Jamal, the ebony stallion had a libido almost as big as Charlie’s and an enormous cock, which perfectly fit the twink’s bottomless ass.

Jamal pulled his fat cock out of the little guy and put him down on the bed. The big guy walked into the kitchen to prepare some lunch, they really had been fucking intensely for 3 hours straight now and the black man was getting really hungry. He prepared some scrambled eggs, enjoying the flexing of his own biceps while doing so. When he turned around to get a plate, he saw Charlie again, presenting his perfect bubble butt. “Really again?”, the black man just chuckled, earning him an excited nod from the twink.


Community Service

Ryan really didn’t want to do this, but he had to. After being caught driving to fast multiple times, he was forced into community service. It was his job to pick up garbage around downtown. Suddenly he got a message from a guy he barely knew from the gym. The guy was one of the regulars, probably the biggest one of them and as far as Ryan knew that guy even stepped on the professional stage sometimes, seemingly to large success too. Anyways, the guy had sent him a message containing a link and something about it being the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and the reason for his success. “Probably roids or some shit.”, Ryan mused to himself. He couldn’t help but be curious though and ultimately clicked the link, causing his phone to go black for a second.

“Great! A virus!”, Ryan groaned to himself, only to find a new program added to his phone’s main menu. It was titled with some shit like Reality Alteration and such stuff, but Ryan didn’t really believe it. With a groan he handed his phone to one of the homeless people nearby. “Hey you, you wanna have this phone? It has a virus on it and I don’t wanna risk invading my smart home with this stuff.”, the wealthy manager said, knowing he could just walk into the next shop to get a better phone. He didn’t have any real personal data on it either, after all he had bought it only some weeks ago.

The homeless guy didn’t know what to say, he just looked at Ryan with tears in his eyes from this act of kindness. Ryan just scratched his head. “View it as part of my community service.”, he just said and went back to picking up trash, only occasionally throwing glances at the happy homeless. His face was totally amazed, like he had discovered something that could change the world. And then he started typing. This went on several minutes, with every time Ryan looking at him more joy on the man’s face. Finally he looked like he was checking something and then he tapped the screen with a confident smile.

For a moment Ryan was hit by dizziness and his vision blurred. When it refocused he was still looking at Jake, who had the tiny looking phone (at least in his massive mitts) tightly in his grasp. He looked like he was amazed by his body, like he hadn’t always been that awe-inspiring towering mountain of a man he was. He even pulled at his favorite tanktop like he didn’t know it. When Jake spotted Ryan, he flashed him a smile and gestured for him to come over. Obediently the smaller man walked over. “What’s up, big guy?”, Ryan asked his bigger friend. “Oh nothing, man, just wanted to thank you again for the phone.”, Jake replied and looked a little weird saying this. Uncertain somehow and nervous, like he waited for a reaction from Ryan.

“Oh, I know what’s going on here.”, the manager just said with a knowing smile, “Someone’s horny again, right?” This caused the larger man to laugh loudly and pull Ryan in, closer to massive chest and eventually a little lower. Like he had done dozens of times before, he freed the monster Jake was hiding in his pants and started sucking. Well sucking off the most build (technically) homeless man in town was an unusual way of community service, but who was Ryan to complain. After all Jake would crash at his place tonight and that meant no sleep later.


The Mark

Tim had a horrible day. Not only had he embarrassed himself in PE, not being able to do a single pullup, he also got beaten up by the school’s bully later on. And now he came home and found his older brother Sean fucking the girl he had had a crush on since middle school. Well not that he would have had any chance of ever hooking up with her, considering his skinny stature, especially to the all-american jock he called his brother. Sean had simply inherited everything that had made their father a linebacker in the NFL. It wasn’t like Tim hadn’t tried to build some muscle or get into shape, but whenever he tried doing sports, he simply didn’t manage to put on any mass.

Naturally he sat in front of his computer now and wrote everything that had made his day a disaster down to his internet friend Gene. While the mysterious guy on the web tried to comfort his friend, Tim didn’t really calm down. Understandably the high schooler was agitated and furious at his brother. All the time he was angry at himself for not being able to do the tiniest thing about it. And so he eventually wrote “I wish I wouldn’t get shoved around that much.” earning him a simple “Granted”. That night Time had strange dreams, about someone who bound him to a table and applied some weird pen to his face.

The next morning he woke up and checked his face in the mirror. Everything looked like always, except for one little detail, a new mole below his right eye. “What the fuck.”, Tim just whispered, and touched it. While it didn’t feel any weird normally, when his fingers touched the mole, it was almost like an electrical hum was emanating from it. “What the fuck.”, Tim repeated and kept touching the new feature of his face. While  the feeling was weird, it wasn’t particularly bad. Suddenly his brother burst into his room, stark naked. “Bro, I know you always have some condoms lying around. I need to borrow one, or a few.”, he boasted. “Fuck off, Sean, I won’t help you fuck Heather.”, the little brother just replied, earning him an enraged look from the older sibling. As Sean prepared to put Tim in a headlock, he brushed against the mole and there was a bright flash of light.

When Tim regained his vision, his brother was nowhere to be seen, but his room seemed smaller all of a sudden. And he felt heavier too. He brought up an arm and flexed, enjoying the feeling of the mighty peak rise and harden. As he looked down to inspect if anything else but his arms had changed, he saw his brother hadn’t disappeared, he was now only about 1.5 feet smaller than Tim, and far skinnier judging from the meaty chest Tim could see looking down. And looking past his mountainous pecs he also so something else which had grown. Sticking away from his body by around a foot was the thickest cock Tim had ever seen. And it was as hard as a steel pipe.

Tim grabbed his low-hanging, cum heavy, kiwi-sized balls and threw his smaller, still baffled brother a smirk. “I think I’m gonna go over and greet Heather.”, Tim said and grabbed a dozen condoms from his nightstand, “We need to do some catching up.”


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