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Stud Treatment




My name is Dr. Alex Griffin and I am a special kind of doctor. In the near future you see there are some individuals like myself who are specialized in a medical progress known as Masculinity Enhancing Puberty Correction, or more commonly known as Stud Treatment. 

We use a wide array of drugs, technology and chemicals to rewrite the results of a male individuals puberty to enhance said individuals in the areas of bodily fitness, virility, handsomeness and a complex mix of psychological treats collectively known as “alphaness”. Over the 5 years since this method has been developed we have worked to improve the process, eliminating some rather extreme side effects, especially after the Chicago Incident.

Anyways the treatment has helped a lot of boys overcoming bullying, sexual frustration and parental disappointment. It has spawned a wide array of professional athletes, bodybuilders and *cough* porn stars. Of course some people have complained that it brings a certain level of unfairness to sports, but in my opinion I help people.

Take Leo for example. He had been an overweight chess player, who had been treated like dirt for all his life. Puberty gifting him with incredible appetite and an less than incredible metabolism only added to the problem and a penis barely even 3 inches long didn’t help him with his low self esteem either. Add to it a bunch of bullying football players and you have a depressed teen.

That’s why his parents decided to consult me. I was one of the leading scientists for the process and as such am considered an expert for it. I add a few special ingredients to the drug cocktail, of course all of it medicinal herbs, which enhance it’s effects.

You should have seen poor Leo when he entered the waiting room and saw all of the already transformed teenagers. Though he was 19 years old and some of my patients were far younger than him, he was visibly intimidated by the sight of all the hulking brutes and the intoxicating smell of testosterone, lingering in the air.

Several minutes later, after an embarrassing shriek because of the syringe and some audibly painful moments of skeletal reforming and growing muscle, he left the room and entered the next stage of the process, the so called restructuring chamber. You see, the drugs might have increased his height and muscle mass, but the chamber, a modified sunbed, activates the reshaping of muscle mass into an more aesthetic form, strengthens the bone structure and also increases the size of the subject’s genitals.

Additionally his facial features transform into a more classically handsome form and the chamber restructures Leo’s vocal cords, causing his voice to drop to a smooth baritone level. As you can see he has already entered the beginnings of stage 3, the mental adjustments. His increased confidence has lead to the subject taking mirror selfies and soon he will create social media accounts dedicated to his new fitness lifestyle. 

After one of my assistants, most likely one of the female nurses, has had sex with the target, who by now should feel incredibly horny, he will also begin to show a more cocky and aggressive persona. Also I should not forget to make the target sign a contract, which obliges him to use condoms on sexual encounters, birth rates sky rocketed after the Stud Treatment was developed.

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