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The moment I walked out of the mansion my presence washed over the pool party like a wave. There was a smattering of applause but then most of the guys had a cocktail or a beer in their hand. A few congratulations were heard over the music as most guys turned to look at me. I am the richly tanned swarthy contest winning alpha bodybuilder whose junk was so large that the waistband of my tiny bikini had pulled away from my lower abdominals allowing everyone to see the small patch of black pubic hair and the base of my semi-hard cock.


My custom posers would have hidden everything like they did at the contest last night but that wasn’t the point. This was the sponsor’s party and in a sense every man here owned a part of me. Without them donating hard cash for my housing, supplements, food, and living expenses there was no way I could have ascended to the top of the bodybuilding world so quickly. I greeted Ted the party host and organizer of the consortium that funded my career with a quick hug and then I waited for his announcement.


“Gentlemen I give you Jim Wallace!” This time there was real applause before Ted continued. “Jim not only won first place in the contest and in his division, he won the coveted trophies for best legs, best arms, and best pecs. If there was a trophy for best endowment he would have also won that hands down! Jim our WINNER!” he yelled and they all applauded and cheered.


I stood on the diving board hitting a few poses from my contest routine before I plunged into the pool with hardly a splash. The force of hitting the water ripped the Speedo down to my knees and with a quick kick off the bottom it slipped off my ankles. I swam a couple laps of the pool to tease them and then all eyes were on me as I hauled myself out of the water at the side of the pool. I paused when my arms were fully extended and my triceps were flexed. Keeping my nuts and huge cock hidden knowing all eyes were devouring my body I slowly lifted out of the water. I stood at the side of the pool and shook the water out of my hair before I walked toward the group. I was determined to get my cock between some of those rich little bubble butts that were wrapped up in ridiculously expensive clothing. I began to flex again as I walked into the cluster of sponsors. I closed my eyes and let all the wealthy tanned and toned men consume me with their eyes.


They were wealthy, materialistic, urbane, sophisticated, and prosperous. I was the complete opposite. I grew up poor and hungry but when it came to looks I had it all. Women fell at my feet and later as I matured they couldn’t get enough of my cock. I guess I was in seventh or eighth grade the first time I got beat up by bullies. Luckily I protected my face. My mother was horrified and appalled by the attack. There was a free martial arts class offered by the park district that my mother signed me up for without telling me. I watched the introductions to the martial arts and thought it was just stupid movements until they demonstrated defense against attacks. From that moment I was all in. I took to it like a fish to water and soon my mother no longer worried about me being bullied or beat up.


Because I was so skinny Sensei introduced me to weight training, healthy eating, and wholesome supplements. My mother being a single parent couldn’t afford what he recommended and that is where I acquired my first sponsor. Mr. Jenkins was a truck farmer that I worked for at the farmers market. He taught me how to grow food organically. Many times I took home food that ‘didn’t sell’ that day. Mom learned to preserve the bounty for wintertime by canning and freezing vegetables. Sensei hooked me up with a company that sold their about-to-expire supplements at a cut rate. Just about all my wages from Mr. Jenkins went to supplements. I earned my black belt in about two years and as puberty hit me I was bitten by the bodybuilder bug. The more muscular I got the easier it was to bed the girls. By the time I turned eighteen there was also a huge amount of interest being generated in me at the gym. Tony became my Sensei of bodybuilding, my sex mentor, and eventually my lover. I do believe that living with Tony until after graduating college brought out the real Alpha in me.


I heard a gasp or two as my soft eight inch uncut dick slapped against my thighs as I posed. Within seconds I was surrounded by muscle worshipers. When I looked down there was a guy kneeling at my feet and I knew he wanted my cock. He nearly fainted when I slapped his cheek with my soft shaft. The blonde twink peeled back my hood and sat back on his heels in open-mouthed wonder. He seemed uncertain about what to do next.


Suddenly the group surrounding me closed in and hands from every direction were worshipping my flexing physique. I began my routine again and that started working the group into a frenzy. The more mature men stood but their twinks were kneeling and the licked and kissed anything they could reach with their lips, hands, or tongues. Some sucked my cock into their mouth momentarily until I hit the next pose. One guy tried to suck my cock clean down his throat and he almost succeeded before I swiveled and flexed. The entire time the sponsors were groaning in the background.  Kneeling twinks were fisting their cock and more than one shot his joy juice against my legs and feet.


The clothes of the sponsors began to come off and boners sprang free. A man buried his face in my ass crack while the mouth of one of the biggest donors fastened itself to my fat mushroom cap while two other mouths licked at the sides of my shaft and freshly shaved nuts. Hands stroked my chest and pinched my nipples. Everyone seemed to want a piece of me but who would be first guy I fucked? I looked around trying to find the perfect ass to fuck. I didn’t want any of the twinks. All around me men getting off, losing it to muscle worship lust. I could feel their hot cum blasting against my body and it made me incredibly horny.


Then I spotted the perfect guy. Daniel had come to the party late and was just stripping naked. He was in his mid twenties and sexy and smooth with a face that was model handsome. His physique was better than most and his virginal looking ass was full and firm.  His hardening cock was just under five inches long and no bigger around than a quarter. His ass was exactly what I wanted. I broke free of the mauling pack and made a beeline for Daniel. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his body and in no uncertain terms I told the young man in a whisper that he was about to get fucked.


Daniel melted into my massive arms and turned his face to me. When we kissed it took his breath away. His softly asked why I had chosen him above all others.

Daniel had come to the party late and he held back from the men that had been worshiping my body with hands, lips, and cum. He seemed to be a little shy about his small cock and tended to be a watcher rather than make the first move on his own.


Feeling my big beefy cock poking into his ass crack seemed to make his cock grow longer and harder. He reached back and his hand closed around my hard shaft. He moaned with delight feeling my hard physique as well as my hot leaking cock. It was probably unlike anything he had ever experienced before. I broke the kiss and started nibbling Daniel’s earlobes and neck while the he played with my cock. Daniel knew that he was one lucky dude. All around him the other guys oohed and aahed as they watched me make out with the little guy. Daniel couldn’t see it but he was milking out a steady stream of sticky pre-cum. Some of the guys just watched, while others jerked on their hard dicks and a few reached out and groped their neighbor’s butts and cocks. Others were preparing to fuck their twinks.


I quickly filled him in on what I was going to do before I lifted Daniel above my head and took the little guy’s small cock into my mouth. He brought his knees up and was practically kneeling on my pecs as I supported his ass. The onlookers went crazy at this show of power and there were a few grunts and groans as some more of the donors shot their cum. I worked on that slender cock like it was the best cock I had ever tasted in my life. The slight danger of slipping and falling on his ass added to the excitement that Daniel felt. Perhaps he was so excited because of being watched by all these jealous guys. Whatever it was made him feel incredibly turned on. Normally Daniel was always in the background, but today he was center stage and he loved it.


I lifted Daniel a little higher so that his cock slid out of my mouth and I started nibbling on Daniel’s smooth balls. I think that he had been really close to cumming and he was glad for the chance to cool off slightly. He bent down and quietly asked me to fuck him. I gently lowered him to a chase lounge. The onlookers crowded around closer when I parted his smooth cheeks and buried my face in the little guy’s ass. He let out a yelp of pleasure as my tongue started to tease his tight love tunnel. When I wet my middle finger with lube and slid it up into his hot hole the guy writhed around on it like he was being tortured. The onlookers groaned but I knew he was letting me know exactly what he wanted.


Someone handed me another bottle of lube with an enema tip on it and after filling him up I quickly finger fucked his butthole with a lubed up finger. Daniel was totally lost in pleasure now and he moaned and sighed as he writhed about on the towel. I knelt and applied some lube to my knob. Daniel gasped when he saw that my cock was totally swollen and lubed. I think he was having second thoughts about being able to accommodate such a huge prick. But I was gentle and took my time teasing his pucker with my leaking cockhead. He relaxed and his ring gently stretched to allow my cock to pop in. He bit down on his forearm as my huge cock slid all the way home.


I fucked slowly and gently and then I pulled my ramrod all the way out of his ass so he could experience the feeling of emptiness. He groaned when he let me slide back in again. Hands of the sponsors flew over their cocks and tugged at balls and nipples while the guys around us watched the fuck. A load of warm jizz splattered on my back, and was soon followed by another. Pretty soon someone else creamed off a massive load all over the two of us. I gathered up some of the man goo and quickly licked it off my fingers. Daniel mimicked my cum eating and that seemed to trigger something in me that started me thrusting like crazy.


“Fuck me forever,” Daniel moaned.  


I knew he didn’t mean that and I also knew that if I didn’t cum soon Daniel wouldn’t be able to even limp away from the party. Both of us were moaning and joining in the animal sounds all around us. I could hear the slurp sounds emanating from Daniel well fucked asshole rising over the din of the horny men around us. A flood of hot jizz rained down on us as guys above shot their loads. Less than two minutes later Daniel’s cock exploded blasting powerful jets of spunk between our bodies.


My whole body was dripping with spent man seed running down onto the towel covered chase lounge. The potent smell filled my nostrils and triggered the start of my massive orgasm. I pulled all the way out and slapped his ass hard before thrusting back in again. I saw stars and collapsed onto the little guy. We lay panting and kissing for a minute or so while the last of the onlookers creamed off on us. Then it was time for everyone to get showers and get dressed again before dinner was served.


I took Daniel to the room Ted assigned to me and we showered together. I hugged him and thanked him for the sponsorship he and his late father provided over the last few years. Just before the contest Daniel’s father passed away leaving a billion dollar trust fund for his son.


“I’ve decided not to continue being your sponsor,” Daniel said nervously.


“Okay,” I said as I continued to wash his body. “I would rather people didn’t think I wanted to fuck this tight ass because you have money. Its better this way,” I added. “Have you ever been fucked in a shower?”


“You’re not angry that I’m withdrawing support?” he asked as he turned to face me.


“A long time ago I was like you and a man decided to mentor me. He wanted nothing in return except 100% cooperation when we were in the gym. Would you do the same for me?” I smiled as he stepped closer and kissed me. 


“I don’t want a gym mentor,” he grinned. “I need a mentor in bed.”


“I’d expect 100% cooperation,” I said as I pulled him closer.


“Yes sir! And… I was only kidding about withdrawing my support.”


“I want you. I would still want you even if you were penniless,” I said as I led him to bed.


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Thanks for coming back. Diesel stories are going to the classics. They are awesome

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