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The Cop and my Winter Vacation

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The Cop and my Winter Vacation


I escaped the harsh winter weather and flew to the sunny south for Christmas. I parked myself at the pool and began adding sunscreen to my body. The pool was nearly deserted but there was one guy doing laps. I did a double take and then I watched out of the corner of my eye. The guy was a mass of muscle and that turned me on to no end but in my opinion he was flawed. His right shoulder from his delts to his traps was covered in big black tattoos. Call me a purist but when somebody has muscles like his, I think it is just wrong to cover it with permanent graffiti. To me it is no different than spray painting gang symbols on a monument or statue.


I settled back as he did endless laps. My eyes closed as I worshipped the sun. He probably considered himself an alpha judging by his haircut and beard. My eyes flew open when I heard the crash. A woman was tangled in a chair and the umbrella table was on its side. Comically she rolled down a small hill but she appeared more embarrassed that hurt. The hotel staff was rushing to her as the muscleman lifted his body out of the pool. His swimsuit was two triangles held together with a cord-like strip around his hips. The back was stretched across a huge bubble butt and the front triangle sagged almost to the root of his cock from the weight of his junk. I was still in awe of his physique despite the tattoo. He turned his head toward me.


“Waddayou looking at faggot,” he growled.


“Jewelry? You swim with jewelry on?” I said looking at his wrist.


“Yeah so?” he barked.


“Nothing, it is just unusual.”


“That’s what you find unusual?” he said as he pulled a towel from the pile the staff left for swimmers.


“Beard and hair the same length?” I tossed out. He made a frustrated sound as he dried his face purposely flexing his arms. Fuck his arms were massive. “Ugly swimsuit?” I added. I got a dirty look. He stepped closer to my chair in an aggressive way. His muscles flexed like he was getting ready to pound me. Outwardly I remained calm and passive but inside I feared for my life.


“Do you have a death wish?” he demanded. I calmly shook my head no.


“Not today,” I shrugged.


“You’re not afraid,” he said flatly.


“Should I be?” I asked with a smile.


“You aren’t even intimidated by my size,” he continued.


“Tall, wide, muscular, ugly tattoo that fucks up a good body. There is no symmetry because your eye is drawn to the black pattern. Were you covering up a flaw? A birthmark? A scar?” 


“Just making my body unique,” he said in a hard voice.


“Didn’t the muscles do that?” I asked. He growled and walked away.


Well you fucked that up Rob.  Way to go. He was coming on to you and you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut. Great opening line but all downhill after that. He was a bit of a prick. Big ego. You did your best to piss him off. Great job Rob. Yeah sure he looks like a polar bear with that white hotel robe on. Fuck you can see his V shape even under the robe, I thought.


I was packing up to leave when the manager walked up.


“Did you see what happened over there?” he pointed at the lady surrounded by staff and paramedics.


“Yeah, the woman was watching the guy in the pool and not where she was going. She walked right into the table and chairs.” I testified.


“May I record you answer,” he asked. He held up his cell phone. “It will be an interview.”

He asked my name and if I was a guest. He repeated his question and asked a few more. When it was done I picked up my cell phone and noticed it was still recording. I set it upright against a towel to record the guy swimming to show my friends what they had missed. I had actually captured the fall. It also captured my encounter with the muscleman but you couldn’t hear the conversation because the mike was muffled by the towel. The management asked me to meet with a police investigator when they saw my recording. They asked for a copy.


The last person I expected to see when I entered the office was the muscleman from the pool.


“Hello, we kind of got off on the wrong foot out at the pool. I’m Rob,” I said offering my hand to shake. He took it and I felt his strength all the way up my arm to my heart. Fuck he was huge.


“Detective Mike Scott,” he said gruffly. “I watched the recording. I was glad she rolled down the hill because I would have been accused of neglect if I had seen her lying there hurt. She had already called 911 for help. They could see that you had your eyes closed when she fell.”


“So you aren’t a guest here?”


“I come over to use the pool on my time off. This isn’t my investigation since I was present.”


Another officer came in and interviewed us one at a time on camera. I was surprised that Mike Scott waited until I was interviewed until he told me they sometimes have more questions if the stories don’t jive. He stepped into the elevator with me and I wondered what was going on. He followed me to my room.


“I thought you weren’t a guest,” I grinned.


“Your body language invited me to follow you,” he said without a smile. I pushed open the door and he followed me into the dark room. I flipped on the light and he turned it off. He pulled the sweatshirt over his head and brought my hands to his chest and moved them over the slabs of muscle. “Which shoulder has the tattoo?” he growled. His hands released mine but my hands continued to roam. One of his hands went to my ass and the other went to my hard cock. “I thought so,” he said when I didn’t answer. He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips.


“Fuck,” I whispered when our lips parted. “I bet you are a top,” I mumbled to myself.


“To my toys I am ‘Master’, but you can call me Mike.”

“Toys?” I asked.


“Those who need to be abused by a master. I don’t think I could never master you because you are no toy. I might even let you fuck me,” he mumbled as he planted kisses all over my ears and neck. Clothes were removed and he carried me to the bed. He straddled me and rubbed his cock against mine. We kissed passionately. “I just need to know one thing. How did you have the balls to say my swimsuit was ugly?” I burst out laughing while pushing against his chest so I could see his eyes.


“I’ll tell you later,” I said as I flicked his nipples with my thumbs. “Right now you need to focus on sex.”


Mike Scott did not disappoint! That was when he proved he could be a gentle but forceful lover capable of delivering multiple loads in and on me. I didn’t think I would be able to walk for a week.


Later that night his ass was mine and what a fine ass it was.


Later, many years later, he continued to be an intense passionate lover; I even learned to live with the tattoo.



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