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Short Captions- Batch Seven


“Sir, what kind of car is that”

“I was giving it an oil change, my first one by the way”

“And I got a load of oil on me, then I looked like this”

“Really, you don’t see a problem”

“I’m in high school, I was just being shown the ropes”

“Now I look like I should be on the cover of Men’s Fitness”

“OK, the abs aren’t that bad”

“And it’s nice being taller”

“But how do I explain this”


“Because I was like 5ft8 and barely 90 pounds”

“Now look at me, these arms have more muscle then my old body did”

“OK, I’ll flex my arms again”

“Sir, what are you doing, stop touching me”

“You’re like 25, I’m barely 18”

“Oh, you’re right, I’ll probably 25 now”

“So… I really shouldn’t be a 25 year old virgin”

“Especially if I look like this”



“Water is great man”

“Oh, what happened to me”

“What do you mean”

“Are you crazy, I’ve always been a stud”

“I’m serious man, are you OK”

“Wait, you don’t remember me at all”

“Shit, that guy had said my life would change”

“Oh, yea, I saved this guy”

“But if he had changed anything then I would be different”

“I mean I’ve always been 6ft4”

“I’ve always been ripped”

“I’ve always been this good looking”

“Wait, you really don’t remember”

“You think I was a pasty nerd, that’s weird”

“So you don’t remember sucking me off”

“Mate, you suck me off all the time”

“I come back from working at the pizza shop and I’m super horny”

“I’ve got like a baby’s arm in my shorts, and you can’t wait to get some”

“You are like addicted to my cock”

“Don’t blush man, you’re a great cock sucker”

“How about it, there’s some beach huts back there”

“I’m sure I can get you to remember”

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