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Amulets of Masculinity - Thor

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In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again.


Sneaking into a big mansion was always so easy. Normally the really wealthy guys didn’t bother with expensive alarm systems, especially the old ones. Just like the guy, whose mansion was easy prey for Thor. At the age of 85 the man was slowly getting senile, his young wife using his money to party with hot strippers. Thor even knew when she went to which club and what dancers were usually with him.

People just tended to overlook him. Which wasn’t a bad thing for a thief, but sometimes it kinda sucked being only 5′4″. Thor brushed those thoughts aside as he typed in the code for deactivating the alert. The soft ping confirmed that the guy’s wife had really told him the real code when he had carried her home one night, after she had drunken far to much.

He was simply amazed at the sight of the luxurious interior of the old fart’s mansion. By the time he would be finished here maybe he would buy a house just like this, but that would have to wait. Thor couldn’t help but wonder how the guy had amassed enough money to lead this kind of life as he searched for the really precious stuff. Something about a big construction company stirred in the back of his mind, but was silenced as he opened the winged doors to the exhibition hall.

Expensive looking pieces of jewelry laid in glass showcases next to ancient pieces of pottery all with a little sign, which told the reader what object of value they were currently watching at. But despite all of the precious thing he could steal, his gaze was drawn directly towards the pedestal in the middle of the room.

Slowly he approached his object of interest and read the sign: “One of the ancient ‘Amulets of Masculinity’, rumored to be one of six, having masculinity-enhancing properties for the wearer, of Aztec origin.”

Something in the deepest corner of his mind told him to put the necklace, practically urged him to. And so every other thought was banned from mind as he took the amulet and put it around his neck. When the fastener closed it felt like everything in his life finally clicked into place and he disappeared in a flash.


 “Where am I?”, whispered Thor and suddenly random memories started flooding into his mind, mostly from his childhood. Being teased for having such a delicate body and not the muscular frame of his namesake. People expected a towering viking when they heard the name of the Norse thunder god and not the timid figure he was.

Just as he tried to fight away this thought’s his smartphone buzzed. A girl named Daphne had texted him: “Hey, sweetheart, I can’t wait to get a taste of your hammer this night again.” “What hammer?”, Thor asked himself and just when the words were spoken, he felt an unfamiliar weight between his legs, which immediately made sure what Daphne was talking about. He knew he should have been freaked out, but oddly he didn’t feel bothered at all. But before he could think about this further the next message buzzed in.

This time it came from someone called Kyle. The pic linked to the profile showed the the backside of a rather twinky figure. “Come here stud, my body longs for your muscles.” And once again the text message triggered a change. This time his whole body began to ripple and grow, each heartbeat increasing his muscles’ size and hardness, while thick veins spread all over his body. When the ripples finally stopped, Thor had become exactly what was to be expected from his name. Big round shoulders, long strong biceps and bulging forearms paired with outstanding wide pecs a deeply cut midsection and a massive pair of wheels. He couldn’t quite figure out why he felt kind of stacked.

But before he could find out where this feeling came from, two texts popped up on his phone simultaneously. The first one was from a girl named Heather: “Yo are so tall, I never met a guy on whose pecs I could rest my head on while standing.”, having him shoot up to an extraordinary height of 7′. The other one was from a guy named Jonathan. His message read: “I wanna stroke your blonde beard while you fuck me.”, and promptly an itch on his jawline indicated that a well trimmed blonde viking beard had appeared on the new masculinized face. 

The new Thor walked over to the mirror standing in the corner of his room and admired his improved body. “You have to share the gift of your masculinity with the world.”, suddenly called out a voice in his head. He looked at his smartphone again and decided to give Heather and Daphne a call. He surely would have fun with his new body today.

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