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Sometimes It's Best to Just Leave Well Enough Alone



Sometimes It’s Best to Just Leave Well Enough Alone

 “You! You did this, I know you did! The other two can’t even remember what we used to do but I still do!”

“You were drunk and getting out of hand, we’re bouncers; its our job to throw people out when that happens!”

“Stop saying that! We are not male escorts! And you definitely aren’t our client! Jake, Ramone, stop looking at him like that, hes tricking you somehow!”

“Sure we may work the streets sometimes; moneys tight and times are tough, but its the middle of the day and this wasn’t even arranged! Guys! Don’t you remember, he’s doing something to us!”

“This is insane! Listen buddy, I’m calling the cops; what you’re doing can’t be legal.”


“Hello! I’d like to repo– Err… wait did I dial the wrong number? Err– Y-Yes sir, I’m sorry sir. Yes… the client is right here… Are you sure? The three of us for the whole weekend? A-Ahh– Alright! I-I mean– Yes Daddy! The whole weekend; you can count on us!”

“Mmm… Sorry handsome, my mistake; looks like you’ve bought one of Daddys deluxe packages. Lets get back to your room and we’ll show how with us three definitely isn’t a crowd…”

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