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Girdle of Masculinity - Unconscious Desire



Girdle of Masculinity - Unconscious Desire

“Give him some space! Give him some goddamn space!”

Coach Saunders shoved the gawking football players aside as he and a pair of the assistant coaches looked over James’ unmoving form.

It had been a near perfect play, they thought the other team didn’t have a clue. The coach’s misdirection would’ve been flawless… if not for the fact that their opponents had just come to assume the ball would always end up in James’ hands… 

Four guys on their team had hung back and tackled the shit out of him as soon as he caught the ball… When they got up… James wasn’t moving.

“He’s breathing, he’s breathing! Probably has a hell of a concussion and god knows what else… I SAID BACK THE HELL OFF! BACK TO THE SIDELINES!” The last of the players trudged off the field reluctantly.

“Bring that stretcher over here Billy!” The timid looking water boy practically jumped when he heard his name but quickly complied.

“Alright, we’ll lift him on three, make sure you’re supporting his head… Jeez this guy weighs a ton… Billy get your ass over here and help! Get his feet!” Billy nodded vigorously and stepped up obediently, not sure how helpful he’d really be…

“One…. Two…. THREE!” With a great deal of effort they managed to heft James onto the stretcher. Billy paled when he saw how still the star athlete was…

“Alright let’s get him to the locker room.” They wheeled him carefully but swiftly off the field, closing the doors behind them… The room was so quiet compared to how it had been before the game… It seemed wrong somehow to Billy.

Coach Saunders looked James over one more time before sighing and taking a breath.

“Alright you two, get back on the field… We’ll need to win this game without our ace player.” The two assistant coaches nodded, heading back out, Billy went to follow when the coach stopped him.

“Hold up Billy, I need to get on the phone with administration and let them know what happened, then I need to try to get in touch with James’ parents. You stay with him until the ambulance arrives and try to take off some of his pads; VERY carefully… Let’s try and make it easier on whoever they send to move him…” The coach sighed and headed out to find a phone… The room became silent once more… 

Billy stared down at James’ handsome faced, trying to control his breathing.

“…I…I’m sorry this happened to you… I-I hope you’re okay…” The silent room was his only reply.

Billy peered at all the straps and clasps on the larger man’s gear. He had helped players into and out of them a thousand times, James included… 

The day James came out to the team was one of the best days of Billy’s life, he was still far too nervous to come out himself, but seeing someone as tough and cool as James do it made him feel so much better about himself.

He had tried to psyche himself up into asking the quarterback out countless times… But everyone knew James could (and usually did) have anyone he wanted… He was practically perfect, why would he date the equipment manager…

Billy removed most of the padding, dropping it to the floor softly as if he were worried about waking the unconscious player. He paused a moment and looked around the empty room before gently running his hand through James’ hair…

He flushed and looked down at James’ uniform pants… He reached out his hand then stopped… embarrassed at his own behavior, he looked around the room again before turning a deeper shade of red and undoing the QB’s pants and belt.

A wave of dizziness came over Billy but he steadied himself on the gurney… He looked down at Jam– at Jimmy, his eyes widening… He then looked at the weird belt he held in his hand…


“Alright the medics should be here any second.” Coach stepped back into the locker room right as Jimmy began to stir. “Oh good, you got all his gear off… Hey you with us buddy?”

Jimmy winced, looking around then flushing as he saw their equipment manager standing beside them before nodding slowly… 

Coach Saunders looked Jimmy over again. “You’re fast as anything but man… there ain’t enough padding in the world for a quarterback your size…” He sighed then stepped back. “So… when’re /you/ gonna finally get in the game rather than wasting your time playing equipment manager?” The coach smiled, and looked at his ridiculously over qualified water boy.


William just smiled. “Sorry coach, I’m happy where I am…”

The older man laughed at that. “You’re the biggest guy on the field when we practice. Half the guys hit the weight room just to try to get guns as big as yours, not to mention how many enjoy just watching you work out…”

The coaches eyes flitted to Jimmy then back to William. Jimmy turned bright red and tilted his head to stare at the blank wall beside them.

“Oh?” William asked coyly. He leaned in close over the prone quarterback, his large frame warming the air between them. Jimmy turned back and started to stammer something before William closed the distance and pressed his mouth softly to Jimmy’s… The smaller form gasped then let out a low moan before William pulled back and smiled.

“An incentive for you to get better… There’s much more where that came from…” He smiled and Jimmy somehow managed to turn an even deeper scarlet.

Just then the paramedics burst through the door, they expertly shifted Jimmy onto their stretcher and headed for the door. William reached out, his fingertips gently brushing Jimmy’s as they left… The room was silent for a moment more before William turned back to the coach.

“I’m gonna head back out there with the team… You can hang back for a few if you need to.” Will smiled, gesturing to the coach’s obvious wood which the older man quickly tried to cover with his clipboard. 

Will just gave another charming smile and raised his arm, flexing his meaty bicep and giving a thumbs up before heading out to the field.

The coach sighed… “Looks like I’ll need another bottle of lube tonight…”

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