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Girdle of Masculinity - Team Player



Girdle of Masculinity - Team Player

“I-I don’t know Coach… There’s too much riding on this. I’ve done okay for the year but I feel like I’m barely keeping it together.”

James “Jimmy” Conroy was confiding his anxieties to Coach Felix Saunders.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re a fantastic quarterback Jimmy… You’re fast, agile, and clever as anything, more than making up for any size difference you have with other players.”

“Thanks Coach… I-I just… I should have never come out to the team… I thought since it was senior year and we’d been together for so long, it’d work out… but…”

Felix winced and patted Jimmy on the shoulder, he’d advised the young man earlier this year to trust his team mates and go for it. But for the most part they had… disappointed him.

“It’s alright son, it just surprised some of them is all. You knew… a couple would be bothered by it… … …At least the water boy seemed pretty excited to accept you.” Coach Saunders tried to add a bit of levity to their conversation and Jimmy offered him a small smile but resumed hanging his head all the same.

“Just… this is the last game of the main season. Scouts will be there, my… family will be there. Between this, my grades, coming out… it’s all too much.”

Jimmy’s words broke Felix up inside… He didn’t ever plan on becoming a PE Teacher and Coach when he was younger but he turned out to be one of the great ones. He cared about the kids, and seeing Jimmy like this tore him up inside. The boy was an incredible player, one of the best the school had seen… but his confidence and self-esteem were shattered. And he wasn’t wrong, if he blew this game it was going to affect his future big time… If only he could get his confidence back…–

“Jimmy– James… There is something…” Felix slowly breathed in, choosing his words carefully. “…Something we can do to get you through this game and off on the right track again.”

Jimmy looked up, confused and red eyed.

“…But just this once… Just for this game.”

“…What coach?”

Felix gripped his belt buckle and paused a moment before undoing it. Jimmy flinched a moment as the wrestling muscle god that was Coach Saunders shifted back to the man that he was, gut, graying hair, and all.

“C-Coach… W-what?”

“Calm down Jimmy… Let me explain.”

And Felix told him all about the belt and how it worked and what it did (leaving out the circumstances of it coming to him of course…) Jimmy’s eyes slowly widened as he took in what Coach Saunders was proposing.,..

“…S-So noone will notice the difference?”

“Put it on right here and now before you go back to the locker room and yes, only you and I will know.”

“O-Okay…” He reached out and took the simple looking belt from his Coach. 

“Here goes…”


The game was INCREDIBLE. Felix was right, all that boy needed was an injection of confidence and he was unstoppable. Not only did they win, not only did he carry the team, but when the score hit 49 - 0 the other team just gave up, forfeiting the game.

All his team mates, his friends, were cheering and hugging him; none of the tension, none of the discomfort was there as the Coach watched them carry him off the field. The young man had had a big day and a big night ahead of him. Felix decided he’d leave the belt with him for the night, let him enjoy himself, he had definitely earned it.


…But when Jimmy didn’t show up the next day at school however, Felix grew a bit concerned. Fun is fun, but there are limits. He drove to Jimmy’s house that evening after practice and knocked on the door. It took several moments but a sheepish looking Jimmy, normal Jimmy, finally opened the door.

“Uh… Hey Coach…”

“Hi Jimmy… I think you know why I’m here.”

He turned a bit red in the face, nodding quickly. “Yeah, come in, come in.”

Felix stepped inside, looking about.

“Oh- My parents left this morning on a trip, its just me. Sorry the place is a bit of a mess. They’re not very neat even on the best of days and we don’t have company a lot so there wouldn’t be any reason for them to usually clean up before they g–

“Jimmy…” Felix said flatly.

“Right right. Sorry, it was just such a rush with the game and everything after, I was just kind of riding high…”

Felix chuckled and nodded. “I know, I know. Believe me I know the feeling. But you still need to go to school and finish out the year. Why don’t you go grab it?”

“…Y-Yeah. I’ll get it.” Jimmy quickly moved out of the living room into the house. Felix took a moment to look around… pill bottles, garbage everywhere… Jeez its a good thing he’s getting out of here, going off to a good state school to play while he gets his degre——

“…Hey Coach. What’d you need to talk about again?” A deep voice filled Felix’s ears as he turned around and sucked in his breath. James had removed his shirt, of course he had… it looked so uncomfortable… God some days Felix worried he was going to do something that would get him fired. 


The QBs body was built like a brick house. Powerful tree trunk legs, thick torso, ripped biceps… But most of all… James’ most distinguishing figure that got him all the attention… His enormous pectorals and perfect angled quarter sized nipples. Felix had to actively keep himself from drooling as well as shift the way he was standing. James just gave that awkward smile of his.

“Uh… James… I needed to talk to you about something important…” What the devil was it?! It was… something about… James’….muscles… …? Felix shook his head, no it wouldn’t be that.

James just gave a rich laugh. “If you were going to try to talk me out of skipping school and just going straight into the NFL, I told you I made up my mind. The team is going out on a limb and waiving a lot of rules to scoop me up. I’ll keep doing games with you for the rest of the year, but there’s no point in going to class anymore.” 

Felix opened his mouth to protest but James just offered him that same awkward apologetic smile and his heart melted. He knew it wasn’t a great choice, but the boy was talented… There’s a reason he is being given this opportunity… 

Before he could say anything the larger man stepped up and wrapped the coach in an enormous embrace. The coach could feel those powerful slabs of muscle on James’ chest pressing into his own and felt faint.

“Thank you Coach… For everything, you’ve done more for me than you know.”

Felix gave a small smile and just patted James on the back lightly.

“Alright alright… Why don’t you get some rest. Now that you’re out I know guys’ll be keeping you up after your performance the other night at the game.” Felix smiled and James actually blushed a little! 

“I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.”

James released him and gave him a grin and a meaty thumbs up. “I’ll be there!”

And Felix left, got in his car, and raced home… only stopping to pick up a bottle of lube on the way…

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