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Girdle of Masculinity - Wrested Control



Girdle of Masculinity - Wrested Control

“We uhh… we… really should focus on Cody’s uhh… truancy… This.. -NGH! –is unprofessional… Oh Dan, FUCK!”

Felix Saunders, professional gym teacher, former professional top, and now seemingly amateur bottom, moaned as Dan gripped him by his hair and pressed his face hard into the front of Dan’s jeans, filling the man’s nostrils with his musky scent.

Dan smirked “Mmhmm… Like I thought, you talk a big game and like to act like a tough guy…” 

He picked up a photo of Felix off the man’s desk, it showed the coach in probably his late 20′s prominently displaying a wrestling trophy. Dan smiled vindictively and locked the office door.

“But those days are long gone. Now when you come face to… “ Dan’s grin widened. “…face… with a real man, you remember you’re just a washed up athlete turned gym teacher.”

Dan reached behind Felix, ripping the other man’s shirt off, exposing his slightly pudgy gut. Felix winced and tried to cover himself, especially the painful erection Dan was causing in him; Dan just laughed. 

“You’re a ridiculous tired stereotype, the kids don’t even respect you. I can’t believe I was ever attracted to you much less that you turned me down!” Dan stripped off his own shirt revealing a sturdy pectoral shelf hovering over a deeply cut six pack, all with a light dusting of dark hair. 

Felix blinked at that. …When did Dan proposition him? If he had (Felix flushed deeper at this thought) he would never have turned him down…

Dan gripped him by the hair once more, pulling him up into a hungry kiss. His mouth and tongue pressing against the other mans’ and dominating them fully. The coach whimpered softly, his resistances crumbling. Dan grinned and pulled his face away before gently tugging Felix’s face and mouth towards his own prominent arousal. “That’s right… You know you want it…”

Felix could no longer argue, with hungry abandon he reached out, quickly undoing Dan’s fly, unbuckling his belt, and unbuttoning his jea– 

“Hey! Wait–!” 

NGGHHH! Felix blinked the sudden migraine away before looking up at Dan… Dan…. ………….Dan.

The suddenly shorter man yanked himself away quickly, Felix stood up and his eyes narrowed. Dan swiftly rebuckled his belt and his form shifted and shimmered before it returned back to the stud oozing sex appeal that had walked into the Coach’s office… …He rebuckled the belt…

Dan coughed lightly… “A-Anyway… “ He stammered in a deep baritone. “Back to–HEY!”

Felix was on him in a flash; Dan was tackled to the ground and throwing wild punches beneath him. It had been years, decades since Felix had seriously wrestled, but in that moment it may as well have been yesterday.

Dan was bigger, stronger, but he lacked all technique. Felix got his legs around the larger man’s waist and his arms crossed around the muscular neck in a tight sleeper hold.

“F-Fuuuuckinghh ahsshole–! LET ME GOOoooo—” Dan slumped gently down, out cold… 

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“…Coach? Are you okay in there…?” It sounded like Steve from the baseball team.


#knock knock knock# 

“Coach…? It sounded like something fell–

The door clicked and opened wide and out stepped Coach Saunders… in all his shirtless glory. Steve sucked in a breath as the older man closed the door behind himself then turned to Steve and grinned.

“Something wrong son?”

“N-No sir, are you alright?” Felix grinned widely at the word “sir.” 

“Where’s your shirt.. and is that a new bel–”

“Eh, decided who needs it! Especially when you look like this am I right?” Coach Saunders laughed in his deep rich voice, flexing his massive pectorals while resting his hands on his hips and giving the belt a slight adjustment.


Steve’s blush deepened and he gave a weak shrug.

Coach’s eyes narrowed and his voice bellowed. “Good! Then get back to practice boy!”

Steve visibly jumped “Y-Yessir!” And he ran back down the hall to the gym.

Felix’s grin returned instantly as he flexed his right bicep to its impressive peak. 

“..Damn right, sir."

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