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Chronivac Presents a Nerd/Jock Redux- Part Two




Glenn thought that a salad place being considered fast food was weird, but he did find it cool that obesity seemed to mean killer abs now. But while everything had been weird so far, from the fat guy on the Calvin Klein billboard to the Big Bang Theory now having a cast of bodybuilders, the changes to high school were scary. 
It was just like it had always been, there were cliques, there was bullying, there was popularity. But it was just plain scary, a guy like Eugene at 7ft tall and a couple hundred pounds of muscle shied away from the crowds and almost climbed into his locker when king jock Kevin passed him in the corridor. 

Glenn though realised he was the scary one, he was a 6ft6 nerd that didn’t act like a nerd. He was acting cocky, he was acting like a jock would. But he wasn’t a jock, he was a nerd, and nerds were hunks in this world. It terrified him, he really needed to fix this mess.


Eugene was worried about Glenn, the confusion this morning could of just been him still being tired. The clothes though couldn’t be, Eugene hadn’t noticed it before because of the jacket Glenn was wearing, but when Glenn took it off in class the sleeveless vest was obvious. Glenn had never worn a vest, only jocks did. It highlighted Glenn’s pecs and shoulders, it clung around his abs. No nerd had any business wearing clothes that revealed that much, but then again Eugene’s clothes were just as tight.
But Glenn didn’t seem to care, he seemed to love it. He was flexing when people looked, throwing cocky grins and sneers at any jock that looked at him the wrong way. He was gonna get hit, but he didn’t seem to care.

“So…..” Glenn started quietly, from their perch at the back of class “I think I should try for a girlfriend” 

Eugene tried not to laugh “What Sarah” 

Glenn spluttered his eyes on Sarah, she was nice, but plain. Completely in Glenn’s league.

“No, not Sarah” Glenn whispered “Courtney” 

Eugene’s worries were confirmed. Courtney was Kevin’s girlfriend. She was tall, slim, big titted and gorgeous. She would never go for a built hunky nerd like Glenn. Before Eugene could start on Glenn about how stupid he sounded Glenn butted in.

“You should get a guy too, what about Kevin, you making him suck your dick on a regular basis would make breaking him and Courtney up much easier” Glenn offered

“No, I don’t like Kevin, plus he’s straight” Eugene answered

“No one is straight when your 7ft tall and built like a bull” Glenn smirked slapping Eugene’s thick thigh for effect

“He’s not my type, too arrogant, and again he’s straight” Eugene replied, deciding to play along with what ever had come over Glenn “So you’re gonna break Kevin and Courtney up and then get the hottest girl in school to date you a big hunky nerd” 

Glenn’s eyebrow cocked “You say that like its a bad thing” 

Glenn got up from his seat, Eugene hadn’t noticed that the bell had gone for lunch and the class was emptying. Glenn jogged off to follow Courtney, so Eugene was left alone.

Rhodes the math teacher called after Eugene in the emptying corridor “Eugene, how’s the college hunt going” 

Rhodes was a little shorter then Eugene, but was just as thick with muscle. His suit looked painted on and dangerously close to bursting. 

“Good, had an interview with CalTech, MIT and Cambridge” Eugene smiled

“Cambridge” Rhodes nodded “Didn’t know you were thinking about going abroad, you know their systems are different to ours”

“Yea I know” Eugene explained “They had me do the push up, pull up and sprint tests “ 

“I’m sure you will get in” Rhodes grinned “You study more then any student I’ve had, and it shows, your very smart and very big” 

“So are you” Eugene joked back

Rhodes bounced his pecs and regretted it as the shirt popped open.

“Fuck…… that’s what I get for trying to be funny” Rhode scolded himself “And forget I swore”

“Done” Eugene smirked “I’m gonna get lunch, but we should talk about my other applications”

“Yea we should, Harvard and Princeton have you on a weight bench while you’re interviewed” Rhodes answered while trying to pull his shirt  back over his pecs “We should practice, tomorrow meet in the library at lunch, we’ll start then”

“Sure thing” Eugene nodded as he jogged off towards the canteen

Eugene’s mates were no where to be seen when he got to the canteen, they’d probably already gone to the library to burn off some energy before gym next period. 

“Hey, Eugene” A soft voice asked soon after Eugene had sat down to eat

It was Leon, a cute blond boy from the drama club. He was the odd mix of nerd and jock, he had the height and natural build of a jock, 5ft4 with slender shoulders. But he studied a lot, Eugene had even seen him in the library a few times, so he had a tight ripped body, one that Eugene had stared at a lot in the locker room.

“Hey…” Eugene greeted the nerves obvious in his voice 

Leon rocked a little on his toes, like he was nervous too. What did he have to worry about, a few BurgerKings and he’d be an Abercrombie model in no time flat Eugene thought. He wore enough of their stuff, the baggy shirts and loose fitting jeans. Just Leon’s jeans hugged his ass too well, just like how Eugene wore his jeans, jus like how a nerd wore their jeans.

“I was wondering if you could help me with my interview for Cambridge, I know you’re already had yours” Leon asked

“Yea sure, they see how fast you run 100 meters, how long it takes to do 100 pull ups and push ups” Eugene explained “And the normal questions throughout” 

“Cool, what did you wear” Leon asked “I wore suits for my other interviews, but academics weren’t that big with them”

“Oh, I’ve worn study shorts too all of I’m” Eugene nodded

“No shirt” Leon questioned

Eugene shook his head “Why would I need one, do you study with a shirt on”

Leon’s eyes widened a little, Eugene couldn’t tell why, he was probably shocked at how big a nerd Eugene was.

“Me and Rhodes are practicing for my other interviews tomorrow in the library at lunch, I can help you then” Eugene said stuffing a mouthful of chicken breast into his mouth

“OK, but I’m wearing a shirt” Leon smiled as he walked away


Eugene was just finishing lunch as Glenn slid into the seat next to him. His vest was sweating and he had a massive smirk on his face.

“I just jogged home and back” Glenn stated

“Ok” Eugene looked at the clock “You’re slower then normal” 

“Really, I thought I was fast, it felt great though” Glenn smirked pulling out his phone

Eugene downed the last of his lunch as Glenn started tapping away on his phone.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Glenn shouted, the lunch ladies jumped

“What” Eugene asked calming Glenn down

Glenn looked deep in thought for a moment “I’ve been playing this game, like SIMS, it lets me control THE…. I mean A world, and I did some big changes and now my game can’t undo them” Glenn explained

“Just reset the game, or change things back” Eugene offered

“I can’t, the game saved my changes as the default” Glenn sighed

“What game does that” Eugene asked getting up to head to gym

“This one apparently, but I can work around it, just need to make some more changes” Glenn smiled



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Re the picture - I would half expect him to have a large S on his chest!

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