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The Blue Pants - The Blind Date

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The evening wasn’t going too well for Yasin. In hope of finding a girlfriend, he had signed up at a dating website. Of course he had used wrong data, claiming that he was a muscular tower of manliness, who worked as a professional football player. His profile picture was the face of some unknown Arabian model.

The reality though looked different. He had the same weight he had stated in his profile, but it wasn’t muscle mass, it was pure fat. And though he was 6′4″, he looked much shorter, because of his build. And his face was totally unable to compare to the profile picture he had used. He had a double chin, where the model’s looked like it was carved out of marble. The model’s glass cutting jaw made him want to cry when he looked at his own practically nonexistent one in comparison. Yasin’s meek beard paled in comparison to the model’s manly forest of facial hair, and his alias’ black locks made him want to rip his own wiry, greasy hair out.

So it was no surprise, when the girl looked like she wanted to puke, when she took place opposite of him. After half an hour of a miserable date, he excused himself and went to the restaurant’s restroom. He started to sob when he had entered it, hoping that nobody would hear or see him. That’s when he noted a pair of underpants lying on the rim of the sink. He curiously approached the unknown piece of clothing and as he touched it, a bright flash of light blinded Yasin.


When he had regained sight, Yasin saw himself in the mirror, quickly realizing that he was nude except for the blue briefs that had been lying on the sink only a second ago. It was a pathetic sight, his large belly barely contained by the skimpy blue underwear.

Suddenly he felt a pulling all over his body. He watched as his gut pulled inwards and revealed a flat stomach. The event was followed by what seemed like 4 powerful punches in his midsection as each row of powerful ab muscles popped into existence. The growth spread upwards, reaching his moobs. They hardened and plumped up, creating two beautiful rounded pecs. His narrow shoulders widened and beefed up, as his lats expanded into a pair of gorgeous, almost angelic wings. The arms that were connected to his new cannonball shoulders were the next thing to transform. Though they kept their circumference. The soft fat on his arms, shifted and changed into hard muscles, his blob like arms transforming into a powerful display of manliness. ‘They are ideal for throwing and receiving wide passes.’, Yasin thought, a little surprised were this thought had come from.

While his upper body had gotten muscular, his lower body hadn’t been left out either. His legs, that were previously nothing more than a gathering of fat, jiggled and started to compress, until all the fat had been changed into stonehard muscle, even making his thighs touch. ‘The are perfect for running past the opponent’s defense.’, he thought, confused by the sudden new memories that were flooding his head.

He now remembered being a member of his high school’s football since freshman year and getting into college on a scholarship. He had gone professional after having graduated with a master diploma of advanced physics. He constantly got underestimated, people thinking he was an idiot because he was a great sportsman.

He watched his face change in the mirror. He saw his jaw square and becoming like cut marble. His face overall began to look like the face of the model he had used in his profile. But then he witnessed as it got even more manly looking than the already beautiful model. His beard got thicker and bushier, coating his gorgeous face with thick black hair.

Suddenly he felt a strange sensation in his pubic area, it was like someone was pulling at his dick and balls. He lost himself in nearly orgasmic bliss as the briefs got tighter and tighter, being stretched by a giant set of genitals.

He pulled up the shorts, that had suddenly materialized on the floor. They were tight around his thighs and his cock mad an obvious bulge in the front. He headed out of the restroom again and returned to his date. “So,…Daisy, was it? Shall we go to your place?”, he asked her with his deep bedroom voice cupping his bulge and watching her stare at his bare upper body with lust in her eyes. “Sure.”, she replied, moving her thighs together, going wet at the thought of the best quarterback in the state fucking her raw.

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