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Settling a Score

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“I’ll be at your place at 5 o’clock. Be prepared to get fucked.”, Dan texted his longtime crush and best friend Vanessa. “Yeah sure, I’m waiting for you.”, she replied rather unimpressed. “The bitch is gonna be surprised.”, his deep baritone voice making his mammoth cock harden. Naturally it would be a surprise. Vanessa awaited her nerdy best friend Daniel and not the muscular stallion Dan.

Daniel and Vanessa had been best friends since kindergarten. They were very close throughout elementary and junior high. It was around this time when he realized that he had a rush on Vanessa. Why shouldn’t he? she was sweet, intelligent and smoking hot. Though she was a cheerleader and he was a geek, they kept their close relationship.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried confessing his love to her. He had, numerous times. But each time she turned him down with sentence like “I like you as a friend.” or “You’re like a brother to me.”. Daniel had always brushed those sentences aside saying that he was cool with it, but then he got the Chronivac.


First he decided to do something about his body. While puberty had gifted Vanessa with amazing C-cup boobs, a growth spurt to a height of 5′10″ and an angelic face framed by chocolate brown hair, it had given Daniel acne, a tiny 2″ penis and unrequited feelings for Vanessa. So he ended up with a childlike 5′6″ skinny as fuck body and thick rimmed glasses. Still he was a kind and caring person, who always thought about himself in second place.

After he had scanned various pictures of himself into his computer he studied the program intensively. Finally he found the ‘body’ window. Curiously he clicked on a button labeled ‘body types’. He found out, that his current body was unsurprisingly categorized as ‘nerd’. He looked through the options and decided to settle for the ‘jock’ body. As he watched the model on the screen spin, it changed into a more muscular version of himself. 

Unsatisfied with the model, he added another 20 pounds of muscle manually, until he was pleased with the result. He furthermore increased his height to a nice 6′4″ and his mass adjusted itself correspondingly.

The next thug on his to-change-list was his genitalia. He increased quintupled the size of his cock, making it an even 10″ hard and 8.5″ soft. Deciding that his grape sized balls were far too tiny to supply his new body with testosterone and especially they were looking comically in comparison to his new penis. He upped their size to kiwi dimensions.

He decided not to make to many changes to his face, after all she had to recognize him, when he fucked her. He squared it a little bit, sharpened his jaw, straightened his teeth. He also gave himself an unruly mop of jet black hair. ‘This will look hot.’, he thought and decided to give his little project the finishing touches. He added a tattoo to each of his arms and gave himself expert knowledge with sex. Daniel also made it so that reality wouldn’t change, but his wardrobe would, so everyone would notice Daniel’s sudden change from wimp to sexgod. 

Then he hit ‘Enter’.


There was a flash and nerdy Daniel was replaced by hunky Dan. His clothes had disappeared in the process, leaving his built, beautiful body on full display. His legs were powerful granitelike pillars of brawn and he had a firm, sexy sixpack, that was on the verge to an eightpack. His former pigeon chest had been replaced by a nice hard pair of pecs, that would be a perfect pillow for Vanessa to rest her head on. His arms were solid and connected to a pair of broad cannonball shoulders. But best of all was the gargantuan cock and bullnuts. He could already feel them pumping testosterone through his body, making his voice drop at least an octave. Simultaneously his personality from kind and caring to egoistical and cocky.

He decided to put on a tank top and  pair of black sweatpants. Before Dan went out to take a photo of his new body and planned to post it after he had penetrated Vanessa’s pussy tonight.

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