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Wizard Tales - A Different Kind of Convention

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My name is Ron and I am a wizard. I have been alive for several centuries. I have seen empires rise and fall, people making terrible mistakes and experiencing the highest of joys. But most of all, I have had my fair share of fun with mankind. You see, my special kind of magic allows me to alter people’s bodies, minds, all kinds of places and of course reality to avoid suspicion.


I was out to have fun again and which place would be more fit for a reality warping wizard and muscle growth enthusiast than a comic convention. I saw endless possibilities for mischief, using quite a lot of them. I blew a meager He-Man cosplayer up with brawn and emptied his mind, leaving him nothing more than a breathing block of muscle. To upgrade his costume further he transformed the guy’s dog, who was dressed up as Cringer into a real tiger. The next ‘victim’ was a guy in a baggy Captain America costume. I expanded his muscles until the costume was straining against his new bodybuilder physique.

I decided to take the fun to a new level and sat down. The spell I wanted to use consumed a tremendous amount of magic energy, so I had to gather some more first. 

An hour later I had gathered all the power I needed and cast the spell, transforming this comic expo into a bodybuilding convention.


I watched the nerds around me blow up into musclebound hunks of various shapes and sizes, the themes of the booths shifting from comics and nerdy movies to nutrition and working out. The costumes most of the visitors wore shifted into revealing tank tops and spandex shorts, though I spotted a lot of shirtless hunks or studs who were only wearing a speedo or poser.

That’s when I saw a pair of nerds, eyeing the muscular bodies around them with awe. They were obviously turned on by display of sheer manliness and the smell of testosterone, that filled the air.

‘Now that’s interesting, so I get to play a little more.’, I thought an decided to follow them. They stopped in front of the booth, which belonged to the National Physique Committee, which was about to announce the best person who had won the most bodybuilding contests this year and that’s how I got an idea.

“Ned Plinburg, please come to the stage.”, the announcer declared and a spotlight aimed at one of the nerds. The crowd cleared a path towards the stage and hesitantly the skinny boy walked towards the platform. As I watched him entering it, I made his clothes disappear, leaving him in nothing more than a tight black speedo. It was obvious for everybody that the covered dick wasn’t so big, since only a small bulge was visible at the front pouch. Almost everyone was laughing at him now, since his short, twiggy body was on full display. 

Of course I couldn’t leave him this way, so I began with increasing his height well past 6′. He ended up at a towering size of 6′10. He looked even more comical now, but I gave him a body more fitting the convention. His muscles grew and grew until it had definitely pro bodybuilding qualities. Additionally I altered reality so everyone now remembered him winning the Mr. Olympia contest three years in a row. Next I made his glasses disappear and transformed his face and hair in the process. He ended up with a model like visage and a nice brown buzz cut. As a special a trait I added little studs to both of his ears.

So now a pale, shy bodybuilder stood on the stage. A man came onto the stage, holding a giant golden trophy and handed it to Ned. I decided to alter his name as well making him Ned Muscleburg. “I am very proud to give this trophy to the man, who has won it the last three years as well: Ned Muscleburg!”, he announced. As he took the trophy a tan started to spread from it until his whole body was dyed in a caramel brown colour.

“Um, thank you…”, he said softly. Though I had deepened his voice significantly, he was still very shy. That had to change and so I made a few corrections on his mind. “I would like to thank my husband and long time supporter, Dean. Come to the stage, honey.”, Ned boomed and pointed at his former friend, who was still a nerd.

When Dean had reached the platform I had another idea. With a devilish grin I lengthened and fattened the dick in his jeans, as well as growing his balls. Though he was still as skinny as a girl he was now as hung as a bull. “Without him regularly pleasuring my hungry muscle ass I could have never won this many contests.”, the giant, musclebound bottom exclaimed and kissed his horsehung twig of a husband.

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