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Little Brother

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“You like that, don’t you, Gregory?”, Joe asked his brother , who he had at the moment in a vice like grip. “You don’t have to answer, I see the little tent your shorts your pencil dick is making. Nothing like your old or my new cock.”, he kept talking, thinking of his elephantine tool. Of course it was easy for Joe to pin Gregory down now.

 It would have been a little more complicated a week earlier. Because only a week ago Joe had not only been the younger brother by age, as he still was, but in body as well. While Joey had been petite and effeminate at the age of 18, his older brother Greg had been the star quarterback of their highschool and definitely one of the biggest guys around. Furthermore he had not only ruled school but the bedroom as well, and every hot girl in their highschool knew the reason first-hand. Greg had been well aware of this fact and damn did he brag about it. He was the most arrogant asshole in school and at home he tormented his little brother. 

Even Joey’s personality had been the exact opposite of his brother’s, he had always been kind, gentle and intelligent were Greg had been arrogant, mean and pretty dumb.

But everything changed when Joey bought a magic lamp, thinking it would be a nice piece of decoration.


When he tried to improve the look of the old oil lamp by polishing it, suddenly the lamp started emitting a mysterious blue smoke, which started to whirl and solidify. Only moments later the smoke had become a thin boy with azure skin stared at Joey. “What’s the matter?”, he said in an annoyed tone. Joey, on the verge of pissing himself, replied: “W-W-Who are you?” “My name is Abris, I am the almighty ghost of this lamp and to prevent you from asking: No, you don’t get three wishes, you just get one. Think carefully and rub my lamp again when you’re ready to make your wish.” 

He was about to vanish into smoke again, when he heard the meek voice of Joey: “I already have my wish.” The genie just looked at him with curious eyes, urging him to keep talking. “I wish to be stronger than my older brother Greg. But no reality changes, no age changes and I want him to become gay and hot for me.”, he said excitedly. “Wow, aren’t we concrete.  Damn, I won’t have any room to play now, but I appreciate a master who knows what he wants.”

“Your wish is my command.”, he said and clapped his hands. Suddenly Joey’s body started to grow and his face started to twitch, as he shot up a foot in height and gained nearly 200 pounds of muscle. The look was completed by a face worthy of a model and a cock worthy of a porn star. 

Excitedly he stormed into his brother’s room next door, only to find a wimpy 18-year old jacking off his petite dick.

“So, Gregory, do you want to wrestle? I bet 5 bucks, that I’ll be winning.”, Joe said in a deep baritone voice.

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