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“Fuck” Marty exclaimed as his forehead slammed into the top of the doorframe  

Luckily no one noticed, the hall was too noisy. He took a deep breath and stepped through the threshold and into his high school, ducking his head a little as he did so. The noise died, eyes watching him, he smiled and puffed out his chest. He could actually hear the treads of the gold’s gym tank he wore strain. Maybe he’d gotten too big, he thought. 

Then he chuckled to himself, his laugh deep and oozing dominance, no such thing as too big he corrected himself.
His fellow students were silent as he passed, his wide size 18 sneakers thudding with each step. There was even the sound of flesh slapping flesh, Marty was free balling. He thanked his mom for putting out some clean black basketball shorts this morning, any other colour and his soft arm sized meat would be plainly visible bounced against his tree trunk thighs. At least it could be mistaken for a trick of the light.

He stopped at his locker, his insanely wide shoulders forcing the students either side of him to take a step back. Their eyes wide with realisation at who he was. 
Yea, that’s right, I’m Midget Marty, he thought to himself, his internal voice still his old nasally one and not the Barry White like bellow he now boasted. 
He knew it would be hard to see any of the old Marty in his new body. No glasses, no zits, no terrible nerdy clothes. He only wore tanks and shorts now, he’d hadn’t had time to order new everyday clothes, only the couple sets of workout gear he’d gotten after his growth.
He scratched at his chiselled jaw, stuffing his bag into the locker, he’d get it before class, he had something to do first.
Closing the locker with a light flick of his wrist, caused his bicep to swell. He heard a girl gasp, he smirked. Then noticed the entire wall of lockers shake when he accidentally slammed his locker closed.

“Still gotta get used to that” he muttered to himself, the strength took some getting used too

He continued past the silent students, some took a couple pictures. He tried to flex his arm or bounce his heavy pecs in time with the flashes of their cell phones. 
Heading towards the school gym thinned the crowd of students. He let out a sign, it was hard for Marty to return to school. He’d spent most of the Christmas break flexing and working out, making YouTube videos about his epic body. He’d been a cocky beast for the last couple weeks, but now he was having to deal with people who knew the old him.
His phone buzzed, a couple reblogs from his tumblr, it had changed a lot in recent days. No anime reblogs, just flexing pics. And his PayPal had noticed the difference.

Catching sight of a mirror on a wall of the hallway set his new show off mentality off. He pulled his phone out of the skin tight pocket of his shorts, his shorts were so tight at the back, you could probably read the serial number off his phone, not to mention count the hairs on his muscle ass.
Completely relaxed, without flexing or having any sort of pump, he snapped a selfie. Then another and then another. 
Marty looked over them and picked the best one.

“First day of school after Christmas, looking swole, hope sophomore year sees more gains” he typed and posted the selfie onto his tumblr.
Instantly there was a burst of reblogs.

He smiled and pushed the door to the gym open and headed in, not hitting his head this time.
Marty was looking for the coach, he’d made a promise to Marty before Christmas and with all this growth he couldn’t refuse him now.
Marty had wanted to be on the team for ages, always asking for a tryout. But he was refused, he just wasn’t good enough, or tall enough, or fit enough.
He was all of those things now. His fist thudded heavily against coaches door.

“Come in” Coach called

Marty opened the door and ducked into the room.

“Holy fuck” Coach said a smile on his face “Sorry… Shouldn’t of cursed”

Marty shrugged his huge shoulders.

“It’s ok coach” he said

“Coach…” The teacher questioned “Did I train you when you were here at highschool”

Marty laughed “No it’s me Marty, I’m here about that tryout you promised if I…well… Got bigger”

Coach nodded, barely any shock on his face, he must of heard the rumours about Marty’s growth. Coach gestured for Marty to take a seat.

Marty lowered his meaty muscle ass down onto the office chair in front of Coach’s desk. His big hand having to pull his salami like cock out from between his thick legs. He’d learned the hard way not to sit on it. 
The chair creaked, but it didn’t break, Marty breathed a sigh of relief. His pecs heaving with the breath.

“So about that tryout coach” Marty asked expectantly

Coach laughed “Kid…” He shook his head at Marty “Don’t you think your a little big for the swim team”

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4 hours ago, Kinnikunonaku said:

Great story, and I've always loved the twist

Same, I've always wondered what he would do when he got to hear he was too big. Join some other team better suited for his big body, or make the coach his bitch till he relented, allowing the behemoth to go out in a speedo and drown the competition in the waves caused by his massive body. ;)

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