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Flynn watched his tumblr account. Suddenly a message popped up. “We’re updating the site. Please wait a second.”, it read. Indeed the side reloaded a moment later. Though the new site didn’t look any different. 

Out of nowhere an anonymous message appeared. ‘That’s weird’, Flynn thought, since his lifestyle blog only had about a dozen followers. “Hey, i love your stories. really hot muscle growth porn. Some of the best on tumblr.”, the message said. “Thank you very much, anon.”, Flynn replied. He was very proud of his captions, the anonymous reader not being the first one to tell him that.

Instantly another message appeared: “I like the regular photos of yourself. But you never answer the messages.” Of course he didn’t. He got far too many, to answer all of them so he just didn’t do it at all.

The next message read: “You’re quite a hunk. i bet you’re the biggest guy in your gym.” ‘Of course I am. It’s obvious from the regular photos.”, he said in an arrogant tone. That’s why he only wore briefs in all pictures. He had to show this masterpiece of a body off.  

“And from the look of your struggling briefs, you are quite hung too.”, the next one showed. Palming his bulge Flynn thought back to the countless women that had been satisfied by his python of a cock. “I guess you are quite popular with the guys.”, the following message came in. ‘Yeah, this python has tasted quite a few twinks’ asses and mouths.”, he thought to himself, still holding the obscene bump in his briefs.

“But you seem to dumb to write yourself. Who does it for you?” Flynn’s brother read out for him. He was simply not smart enough to read or write, having droppedd out of middle school. That’s why he had such an amazing body at the age of 19, he had lots of freetime. “Uhuhu, you do Dan.”, Flynn replied. His broher Dan helped him with virtually evrything he did. He made his workout plan, regulated his nutrition and even wrote the porn blog the two had together, mostly using photos of Flynn for his captions. Skinny Dan just had the brain and dumb Flynn had the brawn.

“I love your cam shows. Really hot stuff.”, Dan read. “Oh speaking of it, Flynn, it’s about time.”, Dan mentioned and clicked a button. A picture of Flynn’s room popped up. “Okay, I’ll let you do your task now. I’ll be back in an hour.”, Dan slowly told Flynn, hoping that the big guy could follow him. “Ok.”, Flynn replied, watching his brother leave the room.

“Come on, big dude, flex a little bit, like you always do.”, a comment read. Only understanding the word  ‘flex’ Flynn got to work. He hit pose after pose, mostly flexing his biceps, but also standig up to show off his entire adonis body.

“Where is the lifting?”, an indignant message showed up. Flynn only understood the essential ‘lift’. For lack of alternatives he decided to lift his desk chair. 

Another comment popped up: “Your nude cam shows are the best.”

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