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Her Ideal Boyfriend

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As Han slid in the pool he was in a foul mood. At the age of 25 he had never had a real girlfriend, which was brought to his mind once again as he watched the many happy couples around him. ‘This sucks.’, he thought. He wasn’t even a that bad looking. Since he was asian he had been spared by acne and he wasn’t that skinny either. Sure he was no bodybuilder, but he was cut and rather athletic. The occasional one-night-stands didn’t complain about his 6″ dick either. He supposed he just wasn’t the type of guy girls wanted to have as her boyfriend. He had gotten friendzones more often than he could count.

Just then he saw a beautiful girl at the side of the pool. Though she seemed to be sobbing. “Oh, how I wish that she could be my girlfriend.”


Meanwhile Julia was just depressed. She had left her boyfriend George last week, after she had caught him in bed first with her best friend and two days later even with her sister. But she still loved him. It was as if there were only assholes out there, since she had lost the boyfriend before almost exactly the same way. The display of so many happy couples at the pool didn’t help highering her spirits.

“I wish I could have an ideal boyfriend, who wouldn’t cheat on me.”

Some higher power must have been in a good mood, because both of their wishes were about to come true.


A godlike asian figure emerged the pool. All the muscle and manliness barely held back by a tiny baby blue speedo, that struggled against a seemingly heavy set of cock and balls. 

The figure ignored the dropped jaws of everybody and headed straight for a beautiful woman, who head a rather depressed look on her face. “Hey, babe.”, he addressed Julia, who looked irritated being spoken to by this fine specimen of a man. “What, no kiss for your fiance?” Now it was his turn to look disappointed.

“Fiance? I don’t even know you!”, she replied.

“You want to tell me you forget this..” he flexed his biceps “… or this…” he bounced his pecs “.. or THIS.”, he said and cupped his generous bulge.

Suddenly memories of her new life  started to flood into Juli’s head, her new life at the side of the hunky sex god called Han.

“Han-eybear. There you are.” She jumped out of her deck chair and into the arms of her magnificient fiance. “I need you.”, she whispered in his ear.

“I know. Let’s go up to our room.”, he replied, rubbing her crotch to underline his point.

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