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Pizza Night





“You didn’t have to make me dinner” Yuri said

His boyfriend Drake appeared in the living room with a tray, a homemade pizza glistened on it. The fat and grease bouncing the light from the overhead lamp in the most delicious way possible. Drake was shirtless again, showing off his toned stomach and chest. The red cap that Yuri had brought him for christmas was turned back on his silky smooth hair and dark sweats hung low on his trim hips. 

Drake smiled lightly, eye twinkling. Everything about him glowed now, his glossy hair, his tanned skin, his sparkling white teeth. He was just perfect. 

“No, I did” Drake explained as Yuri sat down on the sofa to watch TV

The sofa creaked under Yuri’s bulk, unlike Drake he was lump of a man, and none of it muscle. Drake joined him on the sofa, placing the tray on Yuri’s substantial belly. Yuri started to eat and Drake snuggled close to him, the boy’s model like face pressed against Yuri’s flabby shoulder. 

Between mouthfuls of pizza Yuri muttered “This is really good”

Drake smirked, his eyes on the TV though “I know, it is my third attempt though”

Yuri chuckled, Drake had always been a bad cook.

“I just wanted to make it up to you after…..” he paused 

Yuri finished the sentence “After you changed”

The couple went quiet, only the sound of Yuri chewing and the TV could be heard. Three days ago Yuri returned from work to find his unemployed boyfriend wasn’t a greasy lard ass anymore, he was a walking wet dream. Drake had used some special words and a mix of household items to create a magic potion which had changed every physical detail about him. Seems you can find anything on the internet these days.

Yuri was furious, Drake wasn’t the nerdy guy he fell in love with, he was like the gorgeous guys who never looked at Yuri twice. Drake though settled Yuri’s worries, Drake said he didn’t care how Yuri looked. Drake had changed his entire body for himself, he wasn’t like Yuri, he wasn’t confident in how he looked. Yuri understood that, it had taken him years to come to terms with how he looked, but he still was worried that Drake would leave him. 

Drake broke the silence “You know I’m not going to leave you”

Yuri nodded, his mouth full of another slice of pizza, he’d already eaten half of it. 

“Though are you sure you don’t want to change yourself” he asked hopefully

Yuri shook his head, he and Drake had already had this conversation. 

“Ok……” Drake bit his lip, rubbing his hand down Yuri’s flabby legs “Well don’t be angry”

Yuri almost choked on the pizza, Drake hadn’t made the pizza to make up with him, Drake had made it to change him. Yuri threw the tray off his stomach, Drake slipped back to the far side of the sofa.

“You fucking tricked me” Yuri shouted

Drake just looked at him with puppy dog eyes. He made himself so damn cute, Yuri could feel his anger dying down. 

Yuri sighed “Ok, what did you do” 

Drake smiled widely and started to explain in quick sentences.

“So…I added a shit tonne of beef, for muscle” Drake even flexed his own nicely toned arm for effect “The cheese is a mix of various European cheeses, should give you a good mixed look”

Yuri while listening rested his hand on his bloated stomach, he noticed his shirt wasn’t as strained as it normally was. The change had already started.

Drake was still explaining “Ohhhhhhh and extra salami for…. well, your salami” 

Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle. 

Drake shrugged “You know I’m a size queen”

Yuri looked at the tray on the floor, luckily what was left of the pizza hadn’t landed on the carpet, a carpet which the unemployed Drake hadn’t vacuumed yet. Drake saw where he was looking. 

“Yea, you probably should finish eating it” Drake nodded “What you ate would make you about my size, but I would like to have to look up at you again” 

Yuri smiled, Drake had been a few inches shorter then him before, now the gorgeous boy looked his chubby boyfriend in the eye. 

“How big” Yuri asked getting up to grab the pizza

Drake bit his lip again, Yuri just waited for a reply while he ate the last of the magic pizza.

“Well…. I brought you some size 22 sneakers if that gives you any hint to your new height” Drake smirked 

Yuri just gulped the last bite of the crust a little worried about what was about to happen to him. 

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