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The New Guy.




The New Guy.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the latest towering piece of meat to strut into the campus locker rooms. His breathing was low and heavy as he walked in sweaty and fulfilled after a workout. 

While I changed my own lithe body into my gymnastics gear I made sure to steal as many careful glances as I could. Something about the way how this filled manly muscles sat under his skin made him irresistible. 

It was probably just that he had the most massive set of arms I could see winning any wrestling match easily. They rather easily stole my attention. 

He stripped down till nothing but his boxers remained. Of course, this man was looking as virile as he was looking powerful. I’d say the bulge he in his sweat stained briefs was but only proportionate to his height and muscularity, but that’d be doing a disservice to the meaty salami that looked ready to tear apart to strained garment.

The stallion, who seemed made for lifting and fucking, swaggered over to the mirror, bouncing his muscles with an expression of sincere glee. He gave a scratch at his meaty outward jutting pecs, they weren’t the most ripped in the world, but he didn’t need them to be to exclaim power and sex.

My feet moved on their own. I simply had to get a closer look. Luckily for me this powerful stud was to obsessed with looking at his own gains to notice my ogling. 

Under his breath I could hear him mumble names of guys he’d make clean out his musky armpits with their tongue as a  form of retribution. Considering all those names were just from lowlife bully’s barely half this behemoths weight I wondered how they would have been ever been able to make this hunk upset.

It was only after I audibly moaned and gasped seeing him do a most muscular flex that he finally became aware of my presence.

He looked a bit shy. I found that a bit odd, I doubted I was the first guy to pop a boner to seeing his magnificent body in nothing but an ill fitting boxer.

“Hi.” He said meekly, his voice clapping like a deep rumbling thunder across the empty changing room.

If that manly beard of his wasn’t covering up as much of his square jawline, I might have been able to see his cheeks burn an embarrassed scarlet. 

“Fuck man…” I said, slightly winded and out of breath from the intense salty musk radiating from this stud.

I placed my small hands on one of his warm muscles. They still felt wet and coated with sweat.

“Don’t stop your show.” I mumbled

The stud didn’t need to be told twice. He was back to flexing and showing off in no time. I loved the way sinews hardened and bulged wherever I placed my hands. The way I could feel the already marble like muscles turn into steel whenever he flexed them.

Clearly having a set of hands to worship him was increasing his own enjoyment. 

I recognised the glinstering in his eyes too. It was the sparkle of realisation within a man becoming aware now occupies the upper epsilons of the tower of masculinity. He tried to hide his surprise at just how gargantuan he was, but his awed expression was doing a pretty bad job at covering it up. 

I was no idiot. I had heard the rumours about coach testing out some new stuff he planned on using the football team on a few forgettable nerds. I had also seen the new massive bodies throwing around a few hundred pounds of weights in the gym each week, each one more massive than the last.

It wouldn’t take long for this latest towering stud to settle into his rhythm. He’d be having a permanent cocky smirk as he’d strut around campus in no time.

As I heard the sounds of sounds of underwear ripping, and saw the studs meaty manhood slowly fighting for freedom, I thought I may have the honour of draining his overflowing balls yet.

Someone was gonna have to teach these new super studs how to facefuck their twinks into submission, and I wouldn’t mind if it was me for the third time this month.

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