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Archive: Overexcited.




Short thing I originally posted on my tumblr, before it was decided those thick pecs were too lewd to keep around.

 “Sorry coach, might have gotten a little too enthusiastic with that muscle boosting powder you let me test.” Jason's deep voice rumbled.

Jason, who was the team’s scrawny water boy two days ago, now struggles to get the team’s Jersey over his newly grown muscular chest. His outward jutting pecs are just too meaty to be constrained. 

“Are you sure the uniform you gave me is the largest size available? My back is too wide for the jersey, and that crotch cup you gave me… Well, let’s just say that the powder is fixing every part of me that was small before.” The jock continued with a chuckle, he didn't even need to grab his bulging crotch for the coach's eyes to be drawn to it.

The coach blushes at the mention of Jason's already legendary thick cock. He softly mumbles he can order an XXXL uniform online and pay out of his own pocket, Jason will just have to take it slow with growing any bigger if he doesn’t also want to outgrow that one. 

“Haha, glad you still got your sense of humour, coach.” Jason said with a smirk while he gives a slap on his coaches back, nearly knocking all air out of the big man.

"Because you and I both know I’m not gonna stop taking any of that muscle growing powder till I have made the entire campus into my bitch.”

As Jason downs his 5th protein shake filled with the powder that morning, the coach began to wonder if giving the schools loser the body of a god had been his brightest idea. Thoughts interrupted by Jason’s moaning as his muscles swelled and became rounder, thicker, denser, and impossibly more powerful. He was already the biggest man on the team, biggest  player in the state was next if he continued ballooning with mass.

Well, whether he had created a growth obsessed, narcissistic, sex craving, giant or not, it didn’t really matter. Wining the cup this year mattered, and any team with Jason on it was going to be hard to oppose. 



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