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Super Geek




“Yeah, you fellas weren’t expecting the geek to have all this going on inside his shirt, were you? Let’s mug the little college boy since he’s strayed from campus and there’s no one to protect him.  Calling me derogatory names gave you extra pleasure, too, didn’t it?  Well, I think it’s time you three learned a lesson and you’ll soon see why I’m the one that’s going to teach you.  Come and show me what you’ve got jock boys.”


By this point I had folded up my shirt and laid it on my backpack.  I also put my glasses on top – feeling more like Clark Kent transitioning to Superman than ever before.  I knew my hard chiseled body had shocked the guys.  I could see it in their eyes.  But they had no idea the greater shock that was about to be revealed.  My taunting had clearly riled them up and the largest one of the three – having silently volunteered to be the one to destroy me – stepped up and threw his fist full force into my stomach.  The thwack against my abs was loud.  The dude’s yell of pain was even louder.  


“Aw, dude, did you expect me to double over and fall to the ground in pain?  Did you think all these ridges of muscle were just for show?  I bet a few of your fingers are even broken. But the best part was that I didn’t feel a thing.  Yeah, the little geek took your he-man punch like it had been nothing but a feather. Felt like you were punching steel, didn’t it, big man?  Here, let me show you how to make a guy double over.”


My fist flew so quickly that the dude didn’t even have time to blink.  He was a well-built guy and I’m sure he had pretty solid abs, but they were not prepared for a punch from me.  I didn’t even use all of my strength but the guy’s body went a little into the air and he folded over as if a sledgehammer had pounded him.  I heard all the air in his big body get forced out by the punch.  He immediately fell to his knees, clutched his gut with a loud scream, and then fell over. He writhed in pain on the sidewalk. 


“Now that’s what you thought your punch would do, right?  Felt like you were hit by a bullet train, didn’t it, dude.  And here’s what’s really cray-cray – I didn’t use all of my strength.  Nope, didn’t want to do any permanent damage to you, dude, so I just gave you a light tap. Here’s what this fist is really capable of.”


I turned toward the beige concrete wall behind me and sent the same fist flying.  Debris shot out everywhere as my knuckles easily blasted into the wall, creating a hole about as big as a basketball.  The dude on the ground was covered in dust and fragments of demolished concrete.  I looked down at my bulging biceps - appreciative of the power those muscles gave me.  


“Yeah, pretty impressive for a geek boy, isn’t it dudes – plowing through concrete like it’s wet paper. Who’s next?”


Most intelligent people would have skedaddled immediately if some dude had sent his fist through the wall, but not our trio of would-be muggers.  It was like they thought everything I had done up to now was just some kind of freak accident.  It didn’t dawn on them that the geek could just be freaking powerful.  That didn’t compute in any way.  I was still to be taught a lesson.  On the ground in the alley nearby lay the remnants of a wooden pallet.  One of the other big guys grabbed it and ran at me with a loud yell.  He swung it hard, like when wrestlers swung metal chairs at each other, intending to send me flying backwards into the wall.  I had time to puff out my muscled pecs and I could feel my nipples getting hard from the anticipation.  Wood splintered, nails broke, and the pallet disintegrated as it met the immovable object that was my muscled torso.  My attacker was left with two little twigs of what used to be a solid pallet for storing and moving heavy things.  


“Well that did nothing but make me madder, big guy.  And look at that – my muscles are so hard that I don’t even have any splinters of wood sticking to me.”


My smooth muscled chest was unblemished – only a light coating of dust was left from being hit with a dirty pallet.  I reached up and tweaked both of my nipples to give myself a little pleasure. Feeling my pecs obliterating hard wood was a turn on.


“I’m getting a little excited here, fellas.  It’s not that often I get the chance to show off.  My power tends to freak people out so I kind of have to stay in the muscle closet, so to speak.  I’m going to be slightly disappointed when we’re through here since it’s fun to see what my body is capable of.  Now, about that pallet you thought would hurt me.”


I shot my arm out and grabbed the guy in front of me around the neck with the V of my hand.  I knew not to squeeze to hard.  Years of squeezing rocks, bricks, metal, and the like had helped me to figure out exactly how much pressure to use on anything – even a guy’s thick neck.


“Need a lift, fella?”


The guy had his hands up at his neck – desperately trying to pry my fingers away from his skin.  My steel-like grip freaked him out, I could tell – but when I lifted him easily into the air, the dude went into panic mode. He was clearly grasping just how powerful I truly was by this point.  He started pounding away at my arm, but I didn’t feel a thing and he couldn’t even make it move a little.  The guy was also kicking my stomach and upper legs wildly – but the outcome was the same. I’m sure it felt like he was kicking a boulder.  Making another guy’s feet leave the ground – especially with only one hand – is so freaking hot.  I held him in the air as easily as it was to lift a wine glass during a toast.  Again, I took a long look at my bulging biceps and marveled at its power.  I wished I could have a video of me holding this guy in the air.  I wanted to know what it looked like to other people.  The dude was turning a little purple from struggling so much and to taunt him on a little more I flexed my other gun and the guy was temporarily distracted by the softball muscle mound that popped hard.  


“You’re as light as a feather, dude.  And speaking of feathers, let’s teach you how to fly like a little bird.  Lifting you in the air is one thing, bro, but tossing you into that dumpster halfway down this alley is going to be a whole different kind of fun.  This little geek is going to toss a big boy about forty yards away – with just one hand. You look like you work out, big guy, so I bet you realize the freakish power I have in just one arm – tossing you as easy as I would a baseball.  I was always told to put my trash in the bin, so here’s a little tidying up the alley. Enjoy the ride, dude.”


The guy’s eyes shot wide with more panic.  I barely lowered my arm before I sent his body soaring into the air with a powerful flick of my wrist.  I swear he looked like he had been shot out of one of those cannons they used to have at the circus.  He screamed the entire time he made an arc through the air and then landed with a loud thud, spot-on in the open dumpster.  I could tell he was pretty out of it when his head started to come up. The lid coming down and smacking him definitely did the job of putting him out.  I was proud of how good my aim had gotten.


“He flew through the air with the greatest of ease.  Damn, all of this exercise is really turning me on.”


I first checked on my first attacker who was still curled up in the fetal position on the ground.  I then looked up for my third friend and that’s when I heard the engine of a car start up.  I smiled at the fact that the last attacker had gotten some brains and was attempting to escape.  I let out a slight chuckle; however, because the dude foolishly thought he could get away. And the fact that he thought a car would help him made it even funnier.  I was pleased he had chosen to try and escape this way – for it had been a while since my body had taken on machine.  This was going to be fun.  My muscled powerful legs had me in front of the bright red Chevy Camaro so fast the driver hadn’t even gotten the car out of park.  I knew I had messed up the tread on my sneakers taking off so quickly since I could smell burning rubber.  Locking eyes with my third tormentor in the car was fun.  I had appeared out of nowhere – shocking him, but he quickly became a little cocky because he now had his powerful machine to do me in.  I bounced my pecs a little and gave him a big geeky grin.


“Bring it on, stud. Let’s see what this little wimpy machine has got.”


He was clearly a guy that loved his car and me calling it a ‘little wimpy machine’ was like giving him a big old bitch slap.  Those were fighting words and he figured he was going to win because he had a V8 engine with 650 horsepower.  He had no idea that was nothing compared to super geek power.  I placed my hands at the front edge of the hood.  The guy gunned the engine, intending to run me over as he quickly got away.  As soon as his foot was off the clutch wheels squealed loudly but the mighty red machine went nowhere.  My arms immediately became freakishly hard and covered in veins.  And the car didn’t move even a hair.  


“You sure you got your foot on the gas, there, bud?  Your wimpy ride isn’t going anywhere.  Oh, maybe it’s because of these.”


I watched the guy’s eyes become as big as dinner plates when I raised my right arm into a powerful flex. I was this muscled geek holding back his adored Camaro with just one hand.  Granted, that one arm was now bulging insanely and the veins popped as thick as extension cords, but it was still impossible, righ?  I had a few seconds free of distraction to notice that I now had a raging hard-on.  Holding back this muscle machine with one arm was just too wild for words – my engorged crotch was my natural response.  I contemplated using only a forefinger to hold back the car, but that’s when the dude decided to throw the machine into reverse.  I liked how he still thought he could move faster than me.  I quickly grabbed the front bumper and lifted. Picking up a guy with one hand was always thrilling, but lifting the front end of a car was just a much fun. My pecs ballooned out harder and my bulging biceps did the same as I easily raised the front of the machine even with my nipples.  Again, I held the car in place as the guy gunned the motor intending to go the other way. Smoke was now billowing out from the tires as they spun helplessly on the asphalt.  


“It’s just as wimpy in reverse, dude.  Here, man, let me help you be able to park in spots reserved for compact cars.”


I simply started walking. Tires were spinning and the motor was roaring.  And I was holding the front of the car in the air, preventing it from going in either direction, as I maneuvered the back of the red beast against the wall of an abandoned building.  The guy kept throwing the car into drive and reverse, but I simply made the machine do my bidding.  There was a slight bump when the back of his ride smacked against the wall.  I was hoping I had gauged the strength of the wall correctly.  As the motor started whining from not being able to do what it was made to do, I started pushing.  I pressed my chest against the front of the car and spread my hands wider so it looked like I was doing chest presses with the Camaro.  The guy’s foot slipped off the gas pedal as soon as he heard metal being compressed.  At first he didn’t know where the sound was coming from, but then he noticed my pecs making a big human indention at the front and then turned to see the back being compacted against the wall.  In the midst of crunching metal sounds I heard the fabric of my pants split as my quads thickened from the exertion.  It had been a long time since I had burst out of some clothes.  That gave my hard-on a little more juice, which – in turn – made me push harder.  The entire front of the car – bumper, hood, and insides were terribly disfigured where my chest had basically plowed throw metal.  The back end no longer existed.  I had squished the back of the car in on itself and compressed it all the way to the back seat.  The rear window was now shattered ina spider web design.  I gave two more powerful blasts from my legs and sent my body thrusting forward, plowing a huge V shape into the front of the car.  It looked like someone had hit a cement pole going a hundred miles per hour.  


“Gonna make your V8 a V0, dude.”


Suddenly, all noise stopped. I had plowed my body into the engine and smashed it into a non-working mass of useless junk.  The car looked nothing like a Camaro.  It actually didn’t look like a car.  I pulled my pumped body back from the front end and let it drop to the pavement.  The doors were now bent in a way that prevented the guy from opening them.  He was watching me with much fear in his eyes. I glanced down at my ripped pants and got a thrill when I saw my jacked quads bulging nicely.   I waddled over to the side of the car – my legs were still so pumped.  The dude started trying to scramble over to the passenger seat.  I lifted my fist into the air and then brought it down – easily punching a hole through the roof.  I then grabbed the ripped metal on both sides and pulled, making the opening big enough for me to reach in and grab the dude by the front of his shirt. I easily pulled him into the air – his legs still in the car.  I brought his body forward so his face was in front of mine. 


“Nighty night, dude.”


I then head butted him – lightly, but strong enough to probably put him out for a few hours.  I dropped his limp body back into the destroyed car.  I didn’t want the fun to be over.  I wanted to take on some more guys or even stronger machinery.  I saw the end of a metal pipe, about as thick as a baseball bat sticking out of the wall nearby.  I walked over, grabbed it, and then I pulled.  The thick thing was ripped from the wall.  Huge chunks of the cement fell to the ground as I pulled the pipe out.  It ended up being about as long as I was tall.  As I walked back over to get my backpack, shirt, and glasses I casually twisted the thing into the shape of a pretzel.  It seemed like a fun thing to do.  When I looked down at my first attacker he was sound asleep, still holding his gut.  I placed the twisted pipe beside him – a present to remember me by, as if any of them would ever be able to forget.  I then put on my glasses, looked back to see the demolished car with better vision as I put on my shirt, and then slung my backpack over my shoulder.  I started walking away and smiled.    


“That was a lot of fun.”

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