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Call Me Gramps


“Watch out, you’re starting to drool.”


“You just bounced a guy with your pecs and sent him through the wall.”


“Hot as hell, wasn’t it? He’ll be fine, by the way.  I know him.  Strong as an ox.  He’s probably got a few broken bones, but that’s all.  He’s tougher than the concrete.”


“But why?  Why did you do it?”


“You walked in.”


“What does that mean?”


“We both crushed on you right away and he said we should fight for you.  I made it a quick fight.  When I really want something I give it my all.  What’s your name, young ‘un.”


“Um . . . Michael.”


“Call me Gramps.”




“It turns me on.  I love the idea that I’m older than everyone else and bigger.”


“But you are bigger than everyone else . . . put together.”


“Aw, you say the nicest thing, kiddo.  Measured my chest at 140 inches today – that’s about 355 centimeters if you’re not from the States, Michael.”


“Holy hell!  How can it be that huge?  No, I’m from here, but I also know that’s fucking enormous in inches or centimeters.”


“Again with the compliments. What a nice kid you are.  The arms are tapping out at about 100 inches.  I’d flex ‘em for you, but we just met.  A guy should save some thrills for later on, don’t you think?”


“Yes sir.”


“Yes sir, what, Michael.”


“Yes sir, Gramps.”


“Attaboy.  Nothing hotter than thinking you’re the grown up son of some guy I sired a long time ago.  I’m your old man’s old man and I’m a mountain compared to you, the little molehill.  I get to take care of you as if you were a toddler still in diapers – taking care of your every need with my massive body.  Turns you on, too, doesn’t it.”


“You have no idea, Gramps.”


“Well, those tenting gym shorts give me a pretty good picture, little man.”


“Gonna twist one of these bars into a big old teething ring for you, kid.  There you go, easy as twisting paper.”


“You just bent a steel bar into a circle three times – as if it were nothing.”


“Twas nothing, squirt. I can twist an SUV later on if it’ll make you happy.  Whoa, don’t keel over, boy.  Didn’t mean to make you pass out.  Here, let Gramps one hand lift you over to the bench.  My arm is like a big crane easily lifting a little stone.  You weigh less than one of my biceps, dude.  Little men get me harder faster than anything. Look how I can bounce you up and down in one palm.  Well that turned you green.  Sorry, didn’t know you had motion sickness.”


“What are you?”


“Just a big old man with the strength of twenty Hulks put together.  Wanna see me push an entire building over about a hundred yards?  Foundation and all?  It’s pretty hot to see all the people come out and not recognize everything at first. Or we could go down to the beach and you could see me hold back the tide with my breath.  That’s always a cock pleaser, too.”


“I think I need to lay down, Gramps.  You’re wrecking me.”


“That’s my intention, little Mikey.  The elder monster of a man overwhelming the youngster with his tales about feats of strength – that’s what its all about.  We could also go find a group of guys foolish enough to challenge me and watch as I freak them out with what I can do.  It’s especially fun if they have weapons.  And don’t worry.  I’d make sure not one little gorgeous hair on your head was harmed.  That’s what Gramps should do for his boy – protect him and take care of him.  Gotta rip a plate apart for you, kid.  See, I just grab the little thing on either side – what’s this, oh a 25 kilogram plate – and pull.  See how the iron plate rips apart as if it were just cardboard.  Then I crumble up the pieces in each hand – turning the thing into two little round balls.  I’ll let you play with these later on.  You can throw them as hard as you can at my chest.  We’ll need to get you behind something though so they can’t hurt you when they bounce off.   Pouncing my pecs with a sledgehammer can be fun, too, but the handle kind of stings when the big tool is stopped by my unyielding chest.”


“You can’t be real.”


“Oh, come here, baby. Let’s bury your face between Gramps’ chest beef and that will help you see I’m real.  I can’t squeeze too hard or I’ll crush your fragile little bones, but I can make sure you know all of this giganticness is genuine.  If I slide your waist between my pecs I can hold you there like you’re in muscle prison.  Go ahead, try to escape.”


“I . . . unh . . . can’t . . . breathe.”


“Well damn, I was barely squeezing those big puppies.  Sorry about that, Mikey.  Hell, puny men turn me on so much.  Flex that toothpick you call an arm, for me.  Seeing how small that bump is compared to my freaking giant thing makes my balls ache with excitement.  Oh fuck, your arm looks like that of a ninety-year old skeleton, son.  It’s so hot that I’m the old man and I dwarf you in every way.  You’re entire body isn’t as thick as my arm.  Yeah, flex it harder – try to make that tiny thing grow.  My forefinger can make a bigger bulge than that, dude. Your tininess makes you so freaking cute.”


“Have you always been big, Gramps.”


“Hell no, son.  I was a dweeb like you for most of my life, but when I hit fifty years old I decided I needed a change in perspective.  I decided I wanted to be the man that caused the fear instead of living in it.  I started going crazy with the weights, little dude.  And then I started to grow.  Man, it became my drug of choice – getting huge.  I guess this enormous bod shows I became quite addicted. And my strength just kept increasing, too.  I was soon lifting more than most guys half my age.  Now, I’m seventy-one, Mikey, and I’m the most jacked Gramps you’re ever going to meet.  I lift more than all the guys in this place . . . put together.  I make them call me Super Gramps.”


“I would love to see how powerful you really are, Super Gramps!”


“Well hell, son, why didn’t you just say so.  Showing off for a cute little man is my middle name.  I’ll have you squirting so much you’ll beg me to stop doing things. Let’s get the hell out of here and go do some damage.”


“Um, the door is that way, Gramps.”


“You think a man as big and powerful as me wastes his time with doors?  Hell, son, one punch of this supersized fist makes the only door I need. Concrete, steel, iron – it doesn’t matter.  Shield your eyes a little, boy, because of the flying debris, but make sure you can still watch.  Pow! Yeah, that’s a nice sized chunk of the wall gone.  I’ll fit through that nicely.”


“But this is the sixth floor, Gramps!”


“That’s like a skip for this giant man, dude.  It’s time for you to get used to my unlimited powers.  I’ll try to make the landing as soft for you as I can, but stepping from this high up tends to be a little jarring.  Oh fuck, look at that, Mikey.  When I land the asphalt shoots out large cracks like there’s been an earthquake or something.  Let’s put your little body up on one of my shoulders so you can get a good view as we travel home.”


“What about my car?”


“Hey, I forgot about that. I tend to not need a vehicle of any kind now, son.  I can travel a lot faster on foot and, besides, I can’t really fit comfortably in any kind of automobile anymore.  Which little thing is yours?”


“That Jeep over there in the corner.”


“Nice ride, little man. It would be a good choice for me if I did fit in it – cause I could show off all my muscles as we tooled down the freeway.  It would be fun to look back and see all the guys bobbing up and down as they beat off because of the freaking muscled monster they just saw pass by in a Jeep. Hang on, son, I’m going to just tilt this tiny thing sideways so I can get a good grip underneath . . . and there we go.  We’re all ready for traveling.  You on one shoulder and the Jeep in the air lifted easily by one of my major daddy arms. That’ll certainly freak people out as I jog by.  This flimsy piece of metal is so light, dude.  They don’t make ‘em like they used too – or maybe they’re just not used to having a man as big and strong as I am.  A few pumps with my arm, just to show you that the Jeep isn’t even giving my gun enough resistance to count as warming up.  I could toss it a few blocks and then run with super speed to easily catch it, but that would tend to mess up your pretty-boy hair, not to mention flatten some of those gorgeous features because of the force.  We’ll just jog so you can get the benefit of watching other people react to this huge Gramps.”


“I . . . uh . . . I . . . can’t . . .”


“It’s alright, boy. Don’t try to speak.  I know your lust mode is on overload right now. Seeing your little Jeep up in the air is almost too much for you - isn’t it?  You poor thing, you just weren’t prepared to meet a super strong mega-sized daddy today, were you?  That’s okay, boy.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Gramps is going to take care of you like you were my own.  We’ll have you thinking about me every waking hour and dreaming about me as you sleep during the night in no time.  Let this gargantuan old man rock your world like it’s never been rocked before.  I can tell you’ve already started looking at other men as tiny . . . inferior, since you’ve gotten to know me.  And I can feel you starting to view yourself as a youngster – ready to have this big man take care of you.  Hell, that get’s my juices flowing, son.  Let me provide for you.  Let this big Gramps take care of your every need.  Just give into the muscle, dude.”

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