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Nerdy Retribution.




Nerdy Retribution.

Silas felt the blood drain from his face when the door of the door on the campus bathroom smacked open and Jeff strutted in.

Silas knew he should have heard Big Jeff coming, the loud thudding of his large feet was a noise hard to miss. Silas had done his best to avoid the towering hunk after he heard the rumours Jeff’s late growth spurt had taken him from a small meek nerd Silas had loved to torment to an titan of size and strength.

Going by the grin on Jeff’s face as he spotted the terrified former bully, it seemed his dance of avoidance had to end here. 

“Sil! Long time no see.” The new stud said with a smirk.

Silas felt his mouth go dry. 

The rumours of Jeff’s new size had not been overstated in the slightest. His superman shirt, that last week had been hanging over his frame, now hugged into his muscularity incredibly tightly, hiding little off the all the muscles that were cramped underneath.

The outward jutting pecs, the ripped set of abs, the beefy arms. Silas knew his own football jock build was nothing compared to the behemoth of power and size that was now Jeff. 

“H-hi... J-J-Jeff.” Silas mumbled, looking with slight terror at the fur coated biceps that were bursting out of Jeff’s shirt.

Silas felt his heartbeat jump through the roof as the former geek took a few steps forward, bumping into what had been the big man on campus just a few days ago. The jock got barely a millisecond to relish in the feeling of the oversized steel like muscles pressing into his before he lost his balance and fell to the floor. 

“Sorry.” Jeff said, in the most insincere tone Silas could imagine. “You are awfully hard to keep track off, with that smaller body and all.” He added, with a widening grin.

Silas knew his place. It was best not to upset someone with pecs the size of your head. 

“It’s no problem.” Silas mumbled, shuffling back on to his feet. 

Jeff took a few more strides to one of the urinals. 

Silas couldn’t help but watch on in envy as another new campus rumour was proven right in front of his eyes. The cock Jeff grabbed out of his pants was an enormous tool, hanging thick and heavy halfway down his thighs, with orange sized balls to boot. Even the steam of piss coming out of it seemed mightier than that of a normal man. 

Silas briefly wondered how a dick he had ridiculed just last month in the gym locker rooms for it’s small size had grown into one of the largest manhoods he had ever seen seemingly overnight before Jeff’s deep vibrato pulled away his attention again. 

“You know, I’ve been meaning to find and have a chat with you for a while.”

Jeff grinned.

“Cheerleading and gymnastic team pulled away my attention for the last few weeks, they’re a needy bunch.” The big man continued, shaking his oversized tool with a soft chuckle.

“But now that I’ve caught you, I should probably thank you.”

Silas’ eyebrow rose. Thank him? Not beat him to pulp?

“If it weren’t for your constant bullying I wouldn’t have had any motivation to perfect my serum.” Jeff said with a grin.

The big man shook his mammoth cock a few more times, either to get out the last few drips or to show off to Silas just how meaty and thick it was, before stuffing it back in his trousers, making a prominent bulge.

Jeff stepped up to the sink, washing the thick digits that probably rivaled the size of lesser men’s cocks. 

“As you can see, what I ended up cooking up after you gave me little your speech about how my runty body was never gonna please anyone in the bedroom, it was quite the success.” 

The big man used his still wet hands to fix his hair a little, it did not take much work to make his square and stubbled face look handsome. He then balled up his bicep in a flex, something Silas at first took as another way to show just how much bigger he was than his former tormenter, but then Silas spotted the phone, he was just taking a picture for his already viral going Instagram.

Jeff turned to the dethroned jock. Silas was sure it was coming now, he was finally gonna be beat into the floor... 

Instead Jeff gave him a gentle pat on the head.

“So, thank for the motivation, little guy.”

The new alpha of the campus was nearly out of the bathroom before he halted one final time.

“Oh, and Sil?” Jeff asked, not even bothering turning around.

“Next time I run into you in the campus bathroom’s I expect you to be on your knees, ready to drain my overflowing balls, within seconds. Alright?”

The big man closed the door behind him. He didn’t need a reply, the cute hard-on Silvas had been sporting the moment he had laid eyes on the muscle stud had given a louder reply than the jock himself ever could have.

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