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Movie Night





Movie Night
“Man that Shazam guy looked like a twig. I’m leagues above that punk and I barely qualify as a superhero.” Amir said, softly chuckling as he and his best friend walked out of the movie theatre.

People quickly moved out of the way for the towering hunk and his lithe companion. Leo would have enjoyed the attention he and Amir got but his own eyes were firmly fixed on the way the stallion’s outward jutting gigantic pecs bounced and twitched with every word that came out of his mouth. 

“I’m surprised you paid attention to the film. Thought the girl choking on your cock would keep you occupied.” Leo mumbled, wistfully thinking he had been the one that got to have the massive meaty shaft down his throat for two hours straight. 

“I can multitask.” The lumbering giant said with a grin, rearranging his formidable bulge at the memory of the hot girl who had gone from making out with her wimpy boyfriend to servicing matt’s throbbing member within a few minutes. 

“Besides, I’ve been this big for what, six months now? Once you’ve had one bimbo wrapped around your monstercock, moaning about the immensity of your muscle mass, it loses some of the fun.” Amir said with a shrug, people having to move out of the way because of the width of his cascading shoulders. 

Leo, in awe that his 6’0 frame barely got him at eyehight with Amir’s steel like pecs, didn’t think anyone in the world would have adjusted so well to growing into peak male perfection as well as Amir had. He had done it with such a casual demeanor, it was like his formerly sickly friend was always meant to be a dominating super stud who fought crime in his spare time.  

The way he always threw cocky grins to even the biggest bodybuilders as they goggled with jealousy at the way those oversized muscles moved under Amir’s paper thin skin, Leo would almost forget this was the guy that had been afraid to undress in the city gym in fear of his wimpy body being mocked just last year. 

“Oh. And besides the hero looking like a runt, they got quite a few other things wrong about the superhero lifestyle too.” Amir said thoughtfully, scratching an itch on his back, making his t-shirt ride up his chest and reveal the first few rows of his shredded ten pack to the world.

Leo quietly hoped Amir would give him an exact account again of how he would have had the villian down his knees, begging for Amir’s supersized superhero body before the start of the second act, like he had done when they had rewatched some Marvel flicks and Amir had aired his balls shortly after his transformation into a godly hero.

“Like, where we are the girls and guys throwing themselves at him while he was trying to save the city? Fuck, these days people show up to bank robberies of all places because they know I get horny as fuck after smothering baddies into my crotch.” Amir said with a smirk.

Leo felt himself bone up at the mention of Amir’s ‘heroic’ exploits. He had jerked off countless of times to the footage of BeefBull’s valiant fight against MuscleManiac while the later tried to blow up the city for the third time that week. The way Bull thoroughly put the MuscleManiac in his place by showing off just how little his size compared to Bull’s manliness, on every front, always made for the best jerk off fuel. 

He was a bit surprised no one else had been able to draw a connection between some skinny twerp blowing up to godly proportions and the emergence of BeefBull, fighter of justice. It was a small town with a big new inhabitant but putting two and two together seemed to be impossible.

“Ah shit.” Amir groaned, grabbing his ringing ‘work’ phone out of his pocket. 

“BeefBull here. Hmh. I see. Yes, Mr. Mayor, I’ll be right there.” 

Amir tried putting up his best disappointed expression, but Leo knew the stud loved being whisked away because his divine body was needed some place.

“Emergency?” Leo asked.

Amir nodded. “College cheerleading team who is dangerously horny. Gonna make sure they get their hormones back in check.”

Amir grabbed the sausage his jeans was trying so hard to contain and give it a slight squeeze for emphasis. As if Leo hadn’t been ogling the oversized salami with a watering mouth already. 

Leo watched as Amir jumped and shoot a few hundred feet into the air, flying away to his next source of pleasure. It was if he had never been there, well besides his big size 17 feet deeply marked into the pavement, as well as his reeking smell of course. 

Leo walked on home, letting out two quiet prayers. 

For the first, he hoped that the video’s of Amir’s upcoming fuck fest would find their way onto pornhub sooner rather than later. 

And for the second, Leo hoped that whatever force had given Amir the body that oozed masculinity out of every orifice, would soon relent and make the still small nerd the god’s sidekick. He couldn’t imagine a greater honour than fighting side by side and refreshing the condoms during the marathon fuck sessions of BeefBull.

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