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Big Wes Gets Shrunk




Wes pulled at the skin tight fabric of his blueish speedo, it was riding up again, pulling close to his overdeveloped muscle ass. Not to mention the farm animal sized bulge hanging low between his meaty thighs.

He rolled his shoulders and pulled his lips up into a cocky smirk. With one more tug of his speedo he stepped out of the hut and onto the beach.

Wes jogged down the beach front, all eyes on him and his heavily built hairy chest as the two pec muscles bounced, though a number of eyes stared with drool on their lips as his speedo strained with each thudding step down the sandy shore.

He knew how beastly he was, a hair under 7ft8 and over 300lbs of pure muscle. Wes had always been a prime piece of eye candy, and he knew it.

Wes had spent around half an hour just moving up and down the beach, stopping to stretch out his huge arms and to bend down and touch his toes so his meaty ass was flexed to the delight of a peering beachgoer.
It was during one of these stops when he felt a sharp sting shoot up his ankle, it caused his hefty calf muscle to seize up and Wes fell to one knee. 
Wrapped around his size 22 foot was a brightly coloured jelly fish, it’s long tendrils had wrapped around his ankle and the main body sat atop his wide foot. The gentle lapping of the waves cooled the pain slightly, but the jelly fish seemed to pulse and the pain was throbbing in time with the pulsating jiggling body latched onto his foot.

“Fuck” Wes bellowed, a few gulls jumped into fight as his voice travelled down the beach

He gingerly pulled at the tendrils, the jellyfish stinging each of his thick fingers as he did. Once his ankle and foot were free he rose quickly and kicked the pulsing jellyfish into the ocean. It flew far and Wes could barely see it or its splash as it landed into the churning sea.

Wes gave his foot a once over. It wasn’t inflamed, or red, and the pain had even subsided. He just shook it off as an oddity, something to tell his roommates. Wes was slightly shaken though, the incident had knocked him off his cocky stride. 
Wes stood tall, rolled his shoulders and gave his swollen bull balls a heft before starting back to the beach hut to change and head home.

Around half way back to the hut Wes noticed the bouncing of his meaty chest muscles wasn’t as buoyant as normal, looking down he gasped. His forest of richly coloured chest hair was gone and he could see his feet for the first time since he was 17. 
He stood still, his hand feeling up the softer, flatter plains of this chest. Then tracing the ridges of his abs, they too were different. Not as deeply cut as before, and they’d lost the forest of hair that had coated them to perfection.

He looked around, no eyes on him anymore. Not even an odd stare, no one had noticed Wes’ magnificent hard earned muscles deflate. 
Two teenagers jogged pass him, both heading towards the water. They were lean, spotty and like looked like most teenagers, but they towered above Wes. 
He almost gasped he was over 7ft tall, these boys must be both at least 8ft. Then another beachgoer passed, they where much taller then Wes as well.

“I’m smaller” he gasped in realisation

Then he gasped again, his voice was soft and chimed like a bell, not the fog horn boom it had been. 
He looked around worried, pulling his arms close, trying to hide his lean chest from view. He started to run back to the hut. 
His feet weren’t making thuds any more, his weight having dropped over 200lbs. His speedos which should of been slipping down his diminishing thighs weren’t. His massive meaty ass and hefty horsecock kept them from falling to his ankles.

Wes was still running, his change of stature having knocked his sense of distance off. He had no idea how far the huts were anymore, his shorter lean legs having run for what felt like miles.
His short styled brown hair was now longer and bouncing in front of his eyes as he ran, so he never saw the body board on the sand ahead of him.

Wes tripped and landed on the board, his hard muscle ass softened and even plumped up as he fell. It cushioned his fall and caused the now boyish Wes to bounce a little as he landed.
Before Wes could pull himself up a shadow fell over him, a tall, broad dark skinned man stood over him. His massive hands on his hips and a red speedo bulging immensely before Wes’ eyes.

“You ok little man” the man boomed

Wes swallowed nervously, his own oversized bulge deflating, which it seemed to do as the huge man spoke. The speedo now tight against his flat crotch, though at the back his heavy ass cheeks peeked out the top of blueish speedo.

“I’m ok” Wes answered his voice musical

As Wes spoke the huge black could of swore that the boys lips plumped up. His eyes widened and one of his huge hands gave his heavy black nuts a scratch through his speedo. Wes swallowed nervously again as the huge man offered a hand, Wes knew it wouldn’t be the last time he swallowed today.


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