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Before the Match




Before the Match. 
“Stop whining.” Brian said rather coldly after hearing the latest set of groans of pain from his friend. 

“It just… hurts.” Tom mumbled, rubbing his red and throbbing muscles through the wrestling singlet. 

Brian rolled his eyes, displeased with the spineless behavior coming from Tom.

“You transformed from a skinny twig into an over 300 pound muscle hunk. What did you expect it’d feel like?” The nerd said while pushing his glasses back on the ridge of his nose.

Tom shrugged his wide, mountainous shoulders. His new calloused mitten moved on to gently rub his big overdeveloped traps. The wrestling singlet dug into the hard lat meat in a way Tom found strangely pleasant.

“I don’t know.” Tom mumbled, looking at his new size 15 feet. Although Tom had a few chess championships under his belt, Bran had a knack for making him feel like an idiot.

“I guess I just thought it’d be more pleasu… Augh!” Tom’s new baritone was interrupted by another high-pitched scream of agony.

“I thought you said I was done growing!” Tom managed to murmur out while doubling over, grabbing his new 8-pack with his bulging biceps like his life depended on it. The way his new thick pecs pressed into his arms while doing so felt alien, but sexy.

“I said you were done growing in height and muscle mass.” Brian corrected with a smug smile.

Tom was lucky that despite being nearly on his knees, his new towering height could still look in the mirror to see what exactly was changing this time. He could see the fabric being stretched out right at his crotch as the formerly flat area suddenly ballooned outward to accommodate a growing anaconda. 

“Are you gonna complain about how terrible it is your pathetic dick is growing to a piece of manhood porn stars are gonna jelly off too?” Brian said with a snide smile. 

Tom took a deep quavering breath while he slowly felt his balls sink lower and lower down his legs. He could understand now why Brian had insisted on wearing nothing at all beneath the singlet, this did feel… Good.

Finally, the growth tapered off again. It left Tom slightly winded, and with singlet that looked like he had two oranges and an oversized cucumber stuffed into it, besides all the muscular beef spilling out of it of course.

“It… It worked…?” Tom asked with a tone of disbelief, carefully bouncing his new massive pecs and letting his paw rub over his meaty sausage. He could get used this. Being a stud.

The comment earned him another roll of Brian’s eyes.

“Of course. Did you think I’d bet with the wrestling captain you’d have him on his back, smelling the fumes of your cum factory, within minutes otherwise? You can be such an idiot sometimes...”

Tom thought making a singlet out of magic cloth that transformed the wearer permanently into a perfect wrestler mega hunk was perhaps going a bit too far for a single bet, but he knew Brian could be a bit excessive.

Besides, if he won the match they both got to have wrestling team captain as their personal cock sucker for the next year. The guy was about to really regret saying that a twerp like Tom would never in a million years win a match from the top jock’s thick form. 

Tom thought winning would be rather easy with over eight extra pounds of solid beef he now had on the wrestling captain. His new horny body was really looking forward to turning the cocky jock into his personal cum dump, might need his services more than a few times each day. 

Tom felt his steel like rod grow even harder as images shot through new stud’s mind off coating the jock who had mercilessly bullied everyone he considered beneath him in layers of cum while showing just how little his puny muscles were next to Tom...

Tom’s eyes blinked. He hadn’t really been an aggressive or horned up person before, but he considered it a side effect of his testosterone growing tenfold. He scratched his low hanging balls with a grin.  

Brian looked at the hard as steel cock planted nicely inside the ripped eight pack, barely covered through the thin fabric of the singlet with a smile.

“Yeah you’re ready. Go win me a guy to suck my cock, Lil’ TomTom” The still small nerd said with a smirk. 

Tom grimaced. He hated that nickname. Then he remembered he now he the body to do stuff about things he didn’t like. So he tilted his head for a moment, looking at Brian with his deep gaze and subtly flexing his new insane muscularity with a grin.

“I’m not gonna win you jack shit.” The new hunk said, bouncing his thick pecs till he heard Brian audibly swallow. 

“I’m gonna win it for me. And you best come up with a reason for me to not start treating you like the annoyingly bratty nerd you are before I’m back.” Tom’s new deep voice ordered. 

The stud closed the distance between them, making sure the twiggy nerd got a good smell of the deep testosterone like musk and pheromones emanating from his every orifice. 

And then, without any further warning, Tom grabbed his former friend by his hair and pushed him right into his new supersized crotch, looking at the hardon Brian was quickly sporting with a smile.

“Just testing out my moves for later.” Tom said with a sly grin before strutting out the room.

Brian laid there, coughing for a moment, trying his best to process the last hour’s events. He carried himself from the bathroom to his bedroom, anger boiling up.

What right did Tom think he’d have to slap back after years of abuse? Did the dumb guy think he got to boss around his intellectual superior just because Brain had decided to bless him with a body that’d put many gods of masculinity to shame?

Brian’s face pulled into a cruel grin. He still had just a small piece of the magical cloth the singlet had been made out of left. The cloth that had been the cause of Tom’s transformation into a super stud.

“Probably just enough to make the bodybuilding poser.” Brian thought with a smile.

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