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Short Captions- Batch Four


“So…. who do I text first”


“Parents…god no”

“The longer I get to settle in before I meet his family the better”

“Oh…Slut One… Slut Seven”

“I wonder what happened to the ones in-between”

“Well… I have the rest of his life to find out”

*The phone buzzes*

“Shit… who the fuck is Andy”

*You answer the phone*

“Yo…Bro…whats up”



“Finally got the FaceTime to work”

“Hey dick heads”

*Two spotty faces appear on the screen, one is your old face*

“Yep, it’s us, those little nerds”

“Just not so little anymore”

*Both you and your buddy flex your new muscles*

“We had no idea it would be so easy”

*You inhale your cigarette deeply*

“And smoking is bad for you”

“But this body is addicted”

“Gonna have to break that habit”

“But back to the issue”

“We stole your bodies”

“Because you are both cunts and don’t deserve to be hunks”

“So we stole your bodies…”

*You lean back to show off your chest for the camera*

“And now we are gonna steal your girls”

*You hang up the call and start the car*

*Such a dork you mock yourself mentally, you’ll have to practice being Leon some more before making anymore social contact*

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