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The MASSage


“Yes sir, that voucher is still valid” the smiling receptionist explained ripping the tatty voucher into two pieces

“Thank you, sorry about that, I forgot I’d been gifted it” Jay said

Jay felt really out of place in the Spa. It was bright friendly environment, but all the staff and most of the customers were either gorgeous model types or hunky athletic types. Jay was a short and skinny guy, with messy dark hair and a youthful face that still had outbreaks of spots.

The receptionist was a hulking brute who look like he’d been poured into the bright blue spa uniform. His face was a squared brick, yet his smile and eyes were very friendly and kind. His chest was heaving out of the uniform, a mass of hairy pec muscle on show, only the outer edges of his pec shelf being held back by the struggling uniform top.

Jay was watching his thick hairy forearms twitching as he typed in the voucher information.

“So you want to use the voucher today, or can I book you in for a later date” the receptionist asked

“I’ll go for today please… if you have a free session” Jay quickly added politely

The receptionist smiled even wider “Sure we do, I can book you in right now”

There was a couple seconds of silence between them, only the receptionists heavy tapping on his key board.

“There we go sir, I have you down for a full body massage, all expenses covered” The receptionist said, a thick arm pointing to a doorway “Just go through there, you are in room 7, you have Stanley as your masseur today”

Jay nodded and thanked the receptionist. The doorway he was told to head through was opened by a tall model like blond who smiled down at Jay just as brightly as every other member of staff.

Jay counted out the doors, seeing the big gold numbers on each. He opened the door to room 7. It was just like every other room in the spa. It was bright, airy and calming. A small water fountain splashed down a cliff of rocks at the far side of room, a few potted plants and the quiet sound of flute music completed the rooms look.

A large massage table dominated the room, the only other furniture was a single chair next to a small table. It was were Jay would have to leave his clothes, a couple hooks on the wall were ready for Jay to hang his clothes.

The door opened again and a tall slender man came in. He was gorgeous with lush dark hair and beautiful bright eyes. His skin smooth and his body very lightly muscled. His forearms look very strong, with thick veins running up them and his hands looked a little too large for his body.

“Hello sir, I’m Stanley, your masseur” He explained

He shook Jay’s hand, Jay winced at the strong grip.

“Please make yourself comfortable” he pointed to the hooks and the chair “Shoes off please, you can keep your shirt and underwear on, but its easier without pants”

Jay started to do as he was told, leaving his shoes by the chair and beginning to pull off his jeans.

“You can be naked if you wish” Stanley stated matter of factly as he prepared the massage table

Jay replied too quickly, he answered with a stern “NO”

He was sure Stanley was chuckling under his breath at the speed of his reply, but he ignored it and climbed onto the table and tried to relax. He was face down, his body stiff and uneasy.

“Ok, so we’ll do back first them” Stanley said politely

Jay was shocked by how sudden he was relaxed. Within seconds of Stanley’s big hands kneading the fibres of Jay’s shoulders he let out a sigh of relief.

His body went slack and the tension was pouring out of him.

“You have such big shoulders, so firm” Stanley said in all seriousness

His big hands were struggling with the suddenly immense cannon ball sized shoulders he was massaging. Jay didn’t answer, he was too involved with the bliss he was feeling as Stanley’s hands moved down his right arm. The muscled inflating as Stanley’s fingers flowed over the boney twigs Jay had for arms.

Stanley moved across the table to massage Jay’s left arm, the right arm fell down over the table’s edge. The hand slapping the floor, Jay’s right arm now much too long for his short body. Within seconds the left arm was the same, a long gorilla sized limb stacked with muscle.

Stanley moved onto Jay’s back, the lats flaring out to match the wideness of Jay’s boulder like shoulders. The tabled front legs creaked a little as Jay’s weight started to rise with all the muscle his upper body was packing on.

Jay’s shirt was skin tight over his back, the shoulder bulging out and the sleeves filled to near bursting. Jay’s neck was laced with thick cords of muscle, leading to a squaring off jawline.

“Amazingly wide back” Stanley cooed “Must of taken a lot of work”

Stanley moved down Jay’s body, his hands bending one of Jay’s legs so he could massage Jay’s small foot. Stanley was soon struggling to hold the foot, it was growing in his hand. When he let it go so he could massage the other foot it was hulking size 17.

Jay just groaned with pleasure at Stanley moved on from his massive sock clad feet to the thin stick Jay called legs. Stanley hands caused the lean calf muscles to explode outwards, Jay’s thighs following suit. The bones stretching and growing, pushing Jay’s feet towards the end of the table.

“Meaty legs too” Stanley chuckled, his hands working over the inflating thighs

Stanley’s strong hands began to knead at Jay’s flat boney ass, his fingers tracing along the flat surface. Each cheek began to inflate, pulling at Jay’s loose grey briefs. Jay didn’t react, still knocked dumb from the relaxing massage.

Stanley chuckled as the underwear started to vanish between the two boulder like ass checks.

He gave one cheek a heavy slap “That it big man, time to massage the front”

Jay did as he was told without a single word. The table creaked as he rolled over, his big hands thudding onto the floor again as he laid limply on the table.

Stanley let out a whistle of appreciation. Jay’s chest had inflated into two massive slabs of muscle, the poor grey shirt was being pulled thread bare over his pecs. The buttons on the shirts collar could pop up to the ceiling at any second. Stanley could even count the cinder block sized abs beneath the shirt, all eight of them. The bottom of Jay’s shirt was ridding up his toned and chiselled midriff, giving Stanley the full view of the arm sized root of Jay’s still growing cock.

“Damn…” Stanley muttered quietly at his own handy work.

Jay had really taken to the Mass Massage. His underwear was tenting upwards, a growing wet patch spreading from the apple sized tip. It was completely normal for these session to end with the massage having to jerk off the newly grown muscle man, but rarely did Stanley wonder if his big strong hands were enough for the improved cock of his client.

Stanley knew that Jay wouldn’t be going anywhere till he shot a load, and he couldn’t have the big lug waiting all day Stanley had over clients to see.

“Lets get this over with” Stanley said slapping his strong hands together

Suddenly Jay’s peanut sized balls exploded into orange sized bull nuts, both full to the brim with scolding hot cum. Jay let out a grunt and his grey briefs tore apart. The pouch shot off his swollen horse cock and landed with a wet splat at Stanley’s feet.

“Thats new” Stanley said looking at the impossibly big cock

He stepped pass Jay, leaving the huge cock to lube itself with the faucet of pre-cum it was leaking. Stanley opened the door and leaned his head out into the hallway.

“I’m gonna need another pair of hands in room 7” he looked back over to the hulking man on the table “Actually, make that two pairs of hands”

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