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Uncommon Cold





Being a warlock is no fun, sure there is having magical powers, getting birthday presents that make you 6ft tall instead of the 5ft nothing your genetics dictate, or getting your own back at any bully with a magical swipe of your hand, but no one mentions that when you get sick, even if it’s just a cough or a sore throat it’s a magical ailment.

I came down with a cold only three days ago. Most people wouldn’t think anything of it and would just power through it, but I couldn’t. 
Not because I’m weak, thanks to the four times a week gym sessions my witch mother forced me to do so that I was physically strong enough to control my powers I’m in the top percentage fitness wise at my high school.
The reason I can’t power through this normal, rather tame cold is because whenever I sneeze I lose control of my magic for a split second in a very embarrassing way.

It first happened during one of my gym sessions after school. Greg my trainer was spotting me while I tried to break my record on the bench. I’d only just started feeling the symptoms of the cold, a slight stuffiness in my nose and the general feeling of being run down. 
Greg was leaning over me, his hands lightly holding the bar just incase my arms gave way. He was giving encouragement, while I was turning red trying to push out one more rep.

I just made the rep and Greg was just about to crouch down a little to pull the bar up for me when I sneezed, just a short simple sneeze. 
The next thing I know was the sight of a long tube of flaccid cock running down the leg of Greg’s gym shorts, and the lowering bulge of two swollen nuts straining against the crotch of the gym shorts. For a few second Greg’s bull like balls rested on my forehead, I could feel the heat coming off them, I could feel the soft length of his cock running done the side of my face.
I knew Greg wasn’t the most well endowed of men, I’d seen him in the gym showers. This piece of farm animal sized meat was new, and I’d gifted it to him with a sneeze.

On the bus back from the gym my symptoms were popping up thick and fast, I’d already sneezed a few times between giving Greg a horsecock and climbing onto the bus. I’m sure at least 6 guys were now swinging some very impressive meat.

I was sitting feeling my body overheating a little. I wiped some sweat from my forehead, my arm hitting the leg of a suited man standing right next to me. I apologised quickly and he nodded, smiling nicely, obviously he could see I coming down with something. I leaned back in my seat, the suited man being pushed by the packed bus into my personal space. Like most people I didn’t like being cramped like a sardine, but it got worse when I covered my nose and sneezed. 

My vision was suddenly half blocked by the pin striped bulge of the suited man. It hung out from his crotch and he even scratched the hefty bulge absentmindedly, like he’d been born with what looked like a beer can fat 8 inch softie and two very fat balls straining against his expensive suit pants. I spent the entire trip staring at it and holding back another sneeze. Once I was home, I got myself dosed on every drug I could find and hoped my cold was gone before school tomorrow. 

It wasn’t gone and it had only gotten worse. Thankfully I’d been able to hold off sneezing all day, till gym class came around. Being one of the more physically fit students I was placed in a group with nearly every jock in my year. Which was the worse possible mix of people, imagine being surrounded by some of most arrogant, most athletic and most beautiful people you know only for a magical sneezing fit to happen and giving some of the least deserving people around massive fat bull dicks. 

I told my mother about turning the football, wrestling and swim teams into human salami machines and she agreed I needed to stay at home till I was better, she gave me a mix of magical remedies to speed up my recovery and told my numerous sisters not to bring their boyfriends home, no matter how much they wanted too. 

So here we are in the present, my cold in full swing. At least two dozen men with changed lives going around like they have always been swinging goliath sex meat. It was only my first day off school and I was already bored, my best friend Matias had been texting me all day. I’d talked him off coming to visit. 

Or I thought I had, he just suddenly appeared at my bedroom window. He would climb through my window sometimes late at night and we would hang out. 

“Hey” he greeted, taking his normal seat on my desk chair

“You shouldn’t be here” I told him, my voice nasally 

He waved me off “No, its cool, I have an amazing immune system”

Matias smiled and leaned back on my chair, pushing out the crotch of his red pants. My eyes narrowed a little, my nose tickled slightly. An overpowering smell of cologne wafted off Matias and he never wore cologne. 

“Matias….” I went to question 

He stopped me “You know since you got sick I’ve noticed something”

I stopped dead and he smiled wider.

“Every time I see one of the jocks walking around like they have an elephant trunk in there pants I get this headache, and I think its because they didn’t have bulges like that a few days ago” he mused 

He smirked, pushing his crotch out further. 

“And I think its linked to all the other weird thing that happen around you and your family”

I gulped, I’d been warned that the longer I hung around people, the closer I got to them the more likely they were that they’d become immune to the glamour effects of magic. 

Before I could say anything the tickling in my nose became to much and I sneezed. 

Mathias sighed “There it is” he scratched at the now immense bulge in his pants

He stood up and stepped over to me. The bulge rolling around with each step. I just stared, and sneezed a few more times, the cologne setting my nose off. 

“I knew something was up with you” He smiled, climbing onto my bed

He straddled me, one lean red pant leg either side of me. His bulge inches from my face. He slowly unzipped his pants and with one hand heaved out a soft but mouthwatering fat cock.

“So if a cold makes you give guys big dicks, I wonder what other illnesses will make you do”

I looked up with worried, betrayed, but hungry eyes. 

“Like maybe a bruised sore throat will make me taller or something” he laughed pushing his new monster cock between my lips

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This is an incredible story!!  Would love to see in what other trouble the poor warlock’s illnesses might land him!   Great writing!!

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