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Uncle Buck's Chest

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“Geez, Uncle Buck, can’t you cover yourself up.  It’s too early in the morning for all that.”


“What’s the matter, little Will, this chest too much for you?  Are your Uncle Bucky’s big man-tits turning you on?”


I knew not to let my mouth drop open in shock.  He was teasing me, but he had no idea how ‘spot on’ he really was.  I was eating breakfast at the kitchen table and he had gotten himself some coffee and stepped up to the spot across from me. His had his big robe on, but his massive pecs were blasting out through the opening like two huge whales emerging from the ocean.  He also didn’t even realize he was playing with himself through the pocket of his super thin pajama bottoms.  His big paw was groping his man-log as if he were trying to make his morning wood last as long as he could.  


“These big fuckers are on fire today, Willie.  I finally topped a thousand press ups last night.  A new record.  It’s only been six months of nightly exercise focused on my beastlike chest and the benefits are pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say?”


I couldn’t help myself, so I stared directly at his powerful upper body – directly at that jutting muscle shelf spreading his robe apart like a huge stage curtain opening before a play.  His mammoth pecs were glorious.  I’d been living with him for about five months, so I had seen his once sagging elder man-boobs skyrocket into hard pillows of muscled beef.  As he took a sip of coffee he made the right side of his chest roll upward like some kind of muscled shade rising on a window.  He did the same thing on the left side a few seconds later and then he did both of the thick masses at the same time.  The bald headed behemoth was staring at his own pecs – just as I was.


“I was trying to exit an elevator yesterday, but this big jerk wasn’t getting out of the way to let me leave – even after I politely said ‘excuse me’ a couple of times, so I simply nudged him with my big bazookas and sent him flying to the ground on floor number eleven.  As I stepped over him I looked down and said ‘sorry dude, these big things get in the way some of the time.’  You should have seen the look on his face.  I didn’t lean over so I’m sure he couldn’t see up past my chest popping out my black polo in almost an obscene fashion.  Sometimes, I feel like these big puppies have a mind of their own.”


There was another loud slurp of coffee, a tensing of the mega mounds of hard flesh, and the continued stroking of what was clearly the thickest and longest tool I’d ever encountered. I had never seen it fully hard – or unclothed – but his nightclothes left nothing to the imagination.  He sat down across from me and I swear his chest stuck out halfway across the table.  I could have easily reached up and massaged the enormous thing.   


“Gonna need you to sit on my back as I do press-ups tonight, William.  You can bring your iPad so you won’t get bored.  I was pretty sweaty and freaking tight when I got done last night, but a thousand press-ups didn’t wreck me like I thought it might.  Adding some weight will help me to get these giant babies to pop out even more.”


Uncle Buck ran his hand across his hairy pecs and let his thick fingers slide down into the deep furry ravine between the muscled rocks.  I suddenly had the unquenchable desire to bury my face in that same spot and have him squeeze the hell out of my nose as it poked down into that gulley. My cock was tenting my own pajama bottoms under the table and I was super-happy the Formica top prevented my lust from being revealed.


“Only cranked out seven hundred crunches last night, though.  I think I’m just destined to have this tank-like mid-section forever. It’s hard as stone and you can count my chiseled abs beneath the hair, but it’s still thick like a keg.  My trainer says that’s just the way some big guys are built.  He punches my gut constantly to show me just how solid it is, but I don’t think I’ll be getting down to a size thirty waist any time soon.”


The elder monster of a man pounded on his own stomach to let the deep solid sound reiterate what he was saying.  I almost impulsively reached out and punched it, too  – catching myself at the last moment and sticking my hands under the table. I absent-mindedly started stroking my hard cock through my pajamas – a motion that I’m sure was pretty obvious to my huge uncle.  


“Ralphie, my trainer, has also started requesting that I use his body when I’m doing my bench pressing. I think the big dude gets off on my massive chest.  He says he’s never seen a dude balloon out as quickly as I have.  I don’t tell him about all the press-ups I do at home – I want him to think all this growth is just from the gym – so he feels good about his training.  Yesterday, he followed me into the locker room and asked if he could grope my pectoralis major muscle and I quickly told him only if that meant my chest, because I didn’t want to get kicked out for doing anything nasty.”


It was taking all of my strength not to moan out loud.  The way he was rubbing his own massive pecs and his hard abs – on top of him telling me his adventures at the gym with his more-than-average-hot trainer was pushing me close to the orgasmic point of no return.  I had the sudden distinct feeling that Uncle Buck knew exactly what his motions and his talk were doing to me.  It was almost like he was testing a theory or something.  


“Willie, my boy, I can’t see my feet anymore when I stand straight up – my chest pokes out too far. And I’ve got really big feet – if you hadn’t noticed.”


I had noticed.  One day, while he took a nap, I had put my foot and sneaker inside of his loafer that was by the front door.  It hadn’t even been a tight fit.  He wrapped his big hands around gallon jugs, across the tops of big cans, and even mostly covered the softball when we went out in the yard to pitch.  He often reached out to shake my hand when I came in from a weekend away or other random times and recently I had begun to think he did it just to show off how huge he was compared to me.  He also always squeezed until I said ‘uncle’ – one of his favorite ‘older man’ jokes. 


“Yeah, these big things feel like they’ve always got the most awesome pump.  None of my shirts fit anymore.  I have to leave three or four buttons undone, just so I don’t pop them off when I inhale.  There are dudes at work that never look me in the face when they’re talking to me. They’re too mesmerized by the two monstrous blobs of muscle stretching out the material of my shirt.  And, just yesterday, one of these huge mothers ripped through my polo.  I kid you not.  I was sitting at my desk trying to crunch some numbers for a report and it just wasn’t coming out right.  I took a deep breath to release some of the tension and suddenly that blue polo I love so much burst at the seams and my right pec exploded into the air.  It was kind of like 3-D porn.  I instantly got major wood sitting at my desk and looking down at my hard gigantic pec popping out from the torn material of my shirt.  I swear I beat off now more from looking at my own chest than looking at hot pics in magazines.”


We had now entered into a completely surreal conversation.  It felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone.  My huge elder uncle had never talked like this before.  He had certainly teased in the past – referencing how sore he was from a workout or something like that, but this, right now, was borderline sex talk.  It was like Uncle Buck was trying to make me ejaculate.  I had moved beyond a place of embarrassment – or any kind of fear.  My arm was clearly jacking my cock under the table – there was no mistaking that.  I was also breathing heavy and moaning every now and then at something the elder man shared.  I looked him in the eye – my confidence obvious and intoxicating.  


“And Big Buck, are those magazine pics of women or men?”


“Which would make you happy, William?”


“Men, but you knew that, didn’t you?”




“So which makes you happy, Uncle Buck?”


“The same as you, Will.”


“For the record, I beat off now more from thinking about your chest than anything else, too.”


“And I think about your cute twenty-nine year old lips pressed into these heaving monsters constantly.”


I instantly stood up and walked around the table.  At the same time he pushed back his chair and turned it toward the middle of the room. I slid onto his thick-as-hell thighs and was only stopped when my crotch slammed into the tree trunk sticking up under his pajamas.  It was like putting on a warm tight glove or a well-worn jacket – we fit perfectly together. Buck’s magnificent monstrous chest was heaving up and down – clearly, he was overwhelmed from having me this close. The big dude was actually shaking a little.  Aw, Big Buck was nervous.  He didn’t move at all – only his whale-like pecs bobbed up and down.  He was staring at me with so much need it was almost unbearable.  I could see in his eyes he was begging me to only move forward if it was what I wanted. I saw, in his gaze, that I had the most power at that moment – even though his big body was twice the size of mine. He obviously knew the next few moments were going to send his hugeness into a flaming pit of unending desire and he didn’t want to submit himself to me unless I was ‘all in’ as well.  This made me the happiest little munchkin in all the land of Oz.  I looked down at his bulging mega twin muscled zeppelins and then back up to his teary eyes.




I raised my hands and pressed into the tough as stone meat protruding menacingly towards my face.  I ran my open palms along the fur-covered hardness and purred like a kitten.  No matter how hard I pressed, the skin didn’t give at all.  I looked back into his eyes.


“In 3-D pec-orama.”


I moved my hands to each nipple and trapped the jutting hard nubs between my forefingers and thumbs. I squeezed hard and twisted at the same time.  My big uncle clenched his jaw and grunted in joy.  I squeezed harder and I saw veins tighten in his neck.  I stopped my abuse and let my thumbs brush against the plugs as the tips of my fingers rested against what felt like metal of some kind.




The big older man had still not moved a limb.  He was simply watching me act like a small boy on his first trip to an amusement park. Every now and then his tree trunk cock would twitch against mine and it was like someone whacking my rod with the back of his big hand.  It only brought pleasure, though.  The heaving of his chest intensified as I brought my puckered lips toward his magnanimous beefy right pec.  The anticipation was so palpable I was nervous one of us was going to have a heart attack.  It was like a bolt of lightning zapped his body when my lips lightly touched his steel-like skin.  The two pecs ballooned thicker and a hell-of-a-lot bigger as he sucked in enough air to fill the hull of an ocean liner.  My face was brusquely pushed back just by the force of his enlarging mound of muscle.  His hands shot out and he roughly grabbed my thighs – his big hands reaching more than halfway around them.  His cock found the opening of his pajamas and shot straight out like a rocket shooting through some clouds.  I let out a little yelp from the grip of his big hands, but I did not move my lips.  I kept them plastered against his mammoth pec. It took him a good twenty seconds to recover from the blast of orgasmic electricity caused by my kiss.  When he finally un-tensed, he released a large burst of air.




I let my tongue slide out and take a big swipe at his bulging pec muscle.  I tasted sweat, but mostly I tasted man.  And it tasted better than anything I had ever licked before.




“It’s taking every ounce of my strength not to squeeze the hell out of you right now.  I’ve never ever been so turned on.”


“Nor have I, Big Buck.”


“I can’t lie, I built these things in hopes you’d like them, Will.  Whenever I wanted to quit while I was doing press-ups I’d fantasize that you were lying on my back – enjoying the ride.  That helped me to never quit.  I’ve got super pecs mainly because of your inspiration.  The dream that one-day you’d want to feel them kept me going.  I’ve wanted you for so long, William.”


“And I’ve wanted to have my face squeezed between those big slabs of beef ever since you started that deep crevice, Buck.”


“There’s no time like the present, sweet little man.”


It was hard for me to imagine anything comparing to what I felt next.  The first time a bear tasted honey.  The first time a man topped Mount Everest.  The first time the first man orgasmed.  The first Christmas being celebrated.  Nothing I could think of even seemed to come close.  Having Uncle Buck’s big paw pulling my face in between his bulging muscle mattresses was in a league all its own.  Wild horses, stampeding bulls, charging rhinos, or an army of tanks could not have prevented the ejaculation that celebrated my face being compressed between two hard walls of sweaty muscled elder man-meat.  I imploded mentally and exploded sexually.  It took me a few seconds to realize the same thing was happening to the monstrous man underneath me.  We didn’t just spew, we gushed like broken fire hydrants.  I didn’t think it was possible, but Buck’s body turned even more steel-like as he shot volumes of stinging hot forceful cum against my body and his.  The man emitted a sound that could only be compared to the rumble of a huge building being destroyed by dynamite.  I was quickly covered in so much muscleman hot spunk it felt like I was wearing a thick winter coat.  


“God, I haven’t cum since you got here.  I wanted to wait for this moment.”


The idea of this elder behemoth not having any kind of sexual release for six months because of me actually made my worn out cock spurt a few more gobs of nectar into my pajama bottoms.  I was caked in Buck juice and I could tell it was going to feel like I had on a suit of armor when it dried.  My face was still trapped between the bulging mountains that were his pecs.  My cheeks ached and it felt like someone was trying to rearrange the bone structure of my head.  I actually had to wait for Buck to release me.  I pulled away and looked down at my sopping bare upper torso.  I was in a cocoon of cum.  Buck wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me into him – so the jism would be like glue that kept us together.  I could still feel his heart pounding through his giant chest – the man still hadn’t calmed down.  He caressed my back as he held me.


“I promise to make you so happy, Will.  And I promise to keep on growing.”


Sweeter words had never been spoken.

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